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  1. For those of us who adopt and follow the 'KISS Principle', surely the clearest/simplest way for the AFL to look at this issue is to recognise and acknowledge that we have lost, (or are about to lose), in one fell swoop, our Full Forward and our Full Back - 2 of the 4 key positions that every club (and their Coach) structure their teams around. Clearly that is a profound and potentially devastating result for any club, let alone one that has finished 17th in an 18 team competition in 2014 on the back of 7 years' worth of similarly dismal results. If Free Agency compensation for Frawley results in Pick 3, then surely the unusual circumstances relating to Clark are "exceptional" and therefore deserving of compensation in the form of a replacement pick (whether it must be compulsorily on-traded or not).
  2. Truly astonishing. To produce this sort of result given the woeful nature of our on-field performances is the football equivalent of defying gravity. The calm, measured approach of PJ is wonderfully refreshing. How reassuring it is for our club to not be leaking like a sieve - congratulations to PJ, Roos and the coaching/administrative staff. Fingers crossed for a productive Trade Period.
  3. If Clark is truly bound for the Westpac Centre, let's hope we get their 1st round pick
  4. Roos clearly will need a lot of convincing to ask Mitch Clark to sign on again. At the moment, Roos would prefer to trade him, especially as it is very uncertain as to what, (if any), compensation we would get. No doubt that Roos knows exactly how he wants to play this one out.
  5. Putting to one side the various comments regarding HL's personality profile, it would seem that as a footballer, the 2 concerns are: 1. Is he past his prime? 2. Even in his prime, he was basically a '2 trick pony' I.e. Runs fast & kicks long If (and yes, it is a big if,) we were blessed by the Football Gods and could line up with Hogan, Dawes and Clark up front, then getting someone who can pump the ball forward quickly to guys in one-on-one contests might be of some appeal. The indirect and glacial-like forward progress we displayed this season would have frustrated the living suitcase out of any key forward. In any event, "in Roos we trust"
  6. Pity those of us who have attended today......why, why, why?
  7. Fantastic result for Nev - shows what a bit of dedication & commitment, (garnished with encouragement from a Coach who is clearly a good 'people person'), can achieve. Let's hope that a few more do the 'hard yards' and generate the well-deserved rewards.
  8. Watching AFL360 tonight, it was illuminating to see the way Roos jumped in to save Bomber before he went too far when responding to probing from Mark Robinson about the 'Saint James' situation. Bomber was clearly starting to get a bit uncomfortable & agitated but Roos gave him an escape route. Those posters who have commented upon the obvious 'symmetry' between Roos and Thomson May well be 'on the money'.
  9. Predictable mid-season slump. All the excitement, energy and passion of "new Coach","new Game Plan", "new recruits" etc., etc. has well & truly evaporated by July. In fact, been apparent since the Essendon game (possibly the season high point). We are struggling because our 'bottom 6' are not AFL standard. Compounding that problem is the atrocious performance of the Casey Scorpions which, as other posters have commented, would hardly seem to be assisting player development. The trick now is for Roos & Co to show their coaching skills and build/restore that famed '120 minute competitiveness' that all coaches ( and supporters) go to see each week. The acid is also on the players to see which ( if any) of them is up for the challenge. By the sounds of it, there would be quite a few guys who played last night who should feel guilty when they get (handsomely) paid this week.
  10. Three things seem blindingly obvious: 1. We have far too many 'ordinary' footballers on our list - Terlich, Bail, Nicholson etc.); 2. Despite his 2nd effort heroics, Dawes is, at best, a 2nd string forward - (let us hope/pray that Hogan gets on the park,this year or next); 3. Frawley should be encouraged to seek opportunities elsewhere, (but only after offering him a tempting $650k+ contract to ensure that whoever courts him pays sufficient to ensure that we get a 1st round compensatory pick immediately after the one that we are destined to receive )
  11. As other posters have commented, some of Grimes' critics need to get a grip. This is a guy who was drafted in 2007 but only plays the one game (final round) in his initial year due to a persistent back injury. His subsequent seasons are blighted IIRC by shocking luck with various broken bones and repeated concussions. Overall, of a possible 132-odd games since he was eligible, he has played 78 (i.e. @ 60% of total possible). His courage and ability to read the play (especially with intercept marks) is very good. Having said that, his decision making does undo a lot of his good work in the back half. It did also seem that he was carrying an injury yesterday - as someone noted, the way Neade waltzed away from Grimes in the 1st qtr was worrying. I just hope that Jack, having had a wretched run with injuries early on in his career, is not trying to be 'heroically stoic' ATM. The responsibility/burden of co-captaincy may also be compelling him to think he should keep playing. Presumably Roos would 'see through' a player trying to play when he should be rested?
  12. Embarrassed to discover that my annual sub expired a couple of months ago. Now rectified. Many thanks to the Administrators for maintaining the site. Been a bit difficult to justify supporting the Dees over the past few years (especially to those ever so sceptical Gen Y types). Demonland always manages to keep the 'flame of hope' burning for the true believers.
  13. Most, if not everybody, seems to applaud Terlich's courage and attack on the ball. The only 'knocks' are his occasional poor decision making and the unfortunately more-than-occasional poor disposal. Whilst those failings are an undoubted liability in the back half, the consequences would not be so dire if he was playing high half-forward. Just imagine how much 1st year players like JKH and Salem would benefit from having Terlich barging into (and through) packs creating spillages to benefit from. Shifting him up field would also create a spot for Clisby who is crying out for a game in the senior team.
  14. Best part was undoubtedly experiencing 1st hand the visceral rollercoaster of emotions that the Crows supporters went through - initially, the expectation of an easy 'kill', followed by a growing sense of doubt that gradually grew into fear of the unthinkable - not merely losing at home but losing to a lowly team like Melbourne! Topping it all off was the hope/belief that unfolded over the course of the last 1/4 that they would just get up, only to fall 3 points short. The confidence that we will get from holding on and triumphing in such a hostile environment must surely hold us in good stead in coming weeks.
  15. As we are all too familiar with, going to a game and then having to endure the Four Stages of Despair & Disappointment, namely: 1. Will we score; 2. Will we score a goal; 3. Will we score more than 1 goal; and; 4. Will we lose by less than 100 points; is hardly a recipe for optimism. At the same time, Roos has the reputation and sufficient 'credits in the bank' to be able to play a 'long game' and ensure that the team develops in the fashion that he wants over the timespan that he has committed to. Last Sunday undoubtedly shocked him and I suspect that we will see a fundamentally different approach in the rounds to come, starting with GWS this week. The harsh realities of critical injuries to a playing list of limited talent and depth handicaps the pace of development but should never be allowed to distract or derail that development. Post-bye is the time to properly evaluate and assess what improvements are discernible. P.S. I would still dearly love to see 4 points come our way this week!
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