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  1. I suspect that the views of many posters have been influenced by his admittedly underwhelming contribution in 2016. However, his 'run & carry' styl, (whilst resembling a 'headless chook'at times), does seem to be relevant to the modern game. Jason Johanissen may have won the Norm Smith Medal last Saturday but his efficiency wasn't exactly stellar up to 1/2 time. H possibly still has a bit to offer whether that be off the HBF or the wing.
  2. Ditto to all of the above. Notwithstanding the most horrendous loss (read Essendrug & Carlscum), or the most elevating victory (read GWS and Hawthorn), the endlessly entertaining, (and occasionally informative), posts on Demonland never fail to entertain, infuriate, exasperate and inspire all "true believers", (at the risk of channeling Paul Keating), and thereby elevate them above the overwhelming mundanity of the vast majority of AFL followers who have never experienced the inimitable feelings of despair/dedication that only those who bleed red & blue truly feel. Thank you to all of those who moderate, contribute and proselytize on Demonland.
  3. Excellent tribute IWS. Max was my 1st hero at the MFC - the No.1 lovingly stitched by my late Mum on to the back of my rather prickly Demons guernsey was my favourite clobber for many years. (Segued seamlessly into Gary Baker after Max gave it away). IIRC debuted in the Boxing Day Test against Pakistan with Thommo - significantly different outcomes.
  4. As a player sponsor for the past 3 years, it has been rather difficult to watch the slow-motion train wreck that the Dolphins' performances have offered over that time - (shades of following the Dee's in 2012 - 2014). Just seems to be ludicrous that a region as populous and diverse as the Mornington Peninsula will not have a representative team in the VFL in 2017 and beyond.
  5. Lack of AFL affiliation meant the Dolphins died a slow, predictable death - agonising to watch. If only Frankston Council had accepted the gilt-edged opportunity presented to it just few years ago when it had the chance to have St.Kilda playing out of Frankston Park.
  6. Spot on TPF39 - surely most posters would acknowledge by now that the FD do actually know what they are doing. As McQueen noted, Trenners return was unexpectedly early (and possibly premature). At the same time, his form clearly warranted it and when he nailed his 1st goal, the 'feel good vibes' running around the 'G' were as good as I have felt in 46 years of being slavishly devoted. Although some recruiters had him labelled as a 'jet' when drafted, my recollection in his first couple of years before the injury curse struck was that breakaway speed was not in his skill set, rather, he was clearly a 'smart' footballer who was better than Voldemort with his limited skills (but admittedly relentless running ability). No doubt 2017 will be the litmus test for Jack as he will need to demonstrate that his propensities for 'playing tall' and making smart decisions with ball in hand translate into him being part of our best 22. Like everyone else, I wish him all the best in fulfilling the FD's faith - no question he has deserved it.
  7. Very true BST but if we gave them a 'good old fashioned rogering', it would be twice as sweet.
  8. Been out of the country for a couple of weeks so am VERY keen to see some fair dinkum AFL when I get back on the weekend. This NFL circus stuff where they take 3 & 1/2 hours to play 4 x 15 minutes of (alleged) action does my head in - (altho' the cheerleaders provide an interesting distraction in the dull moments). Hoping like crazy that the 'Shitihad Curse' doesn't afflict the Scorps! After the Carlscum debacle and the slaughter at the Cattery, anything which provides the Club with a sense of momentum would be extremely welcome.
  9. Very true - the loss of Franklin simply meant the goal-scoring burden got shared between Roughead, Gunston, Breust and Bruce's "love children", Cyril & Poppy. If it is possible to extract, say Shuey + 1st rounder from WCE or Neale + 1st rounder from Freo, we would salvage something from the wreckage. (Having said that, I suspect I will be inconsolable for weeks after Jesse goes and will remain curled up in the foetal position until the season proper begins next year).
  10. .......or Clarko must be working overtime covering for their stuff-ups
  11. So composed & measured. Luke Beveridge has done a wonderful job - if the Dogs get thru to the Prelim, he should get 'Coach of the Year' regardless of who ultimately wins the Premiership. Boyd may just have announced his arrival (and in doing so, started to justify his $1million + salary)
  12. "Dominant all year" - except for that appalling display against The Filth.......
  13. This. May be a sub for a mid who goes down at some stage but surely the primary role earmarked by Goodwin will be the hard tackling, close to goal, scrapping forward who makes smart decisions and converts well at up to 40 metres
  14. Clearly the answer is for Roos to approach Bolton and ask him (nicely of course) not to double-team Hogan. That way, if he spends the day one-out against a defender, we can all find out if he is genuinely out of form or just overwhelmed by the opposition. (Just saw that Weideman is in so maybe Hogan will be playing CHF)
  15. Wouldn't surprise - I recall going to a St.Kilda v Collingwood practice game at Victoria Park in 1974 and recall the younger (and some older) filth supporters lining up on both sides of the umpires race and spitting on them thru the wire mesh at 1/2 time - (and yes, it was only a practice game...)
  16. Worth a rookie spot. Former No. 4 pick and Rising Star nominee in 2010. Turns 25 in October. Maybe a 'change of scenery' = 'change of luck'?
  17. Daniel Currie is a true 'journeyman' ruckman. Went to Gold Coast after stints at the Swans and North but has found himself behind Tom Nicholls with Brooksby as the young backup and an untried rookie in Loersch. Will be 28 at the start of next year but would be ready made insurance. Nankervis and Naismith at the Swans appeal as younger alternatives who would seem to have limited prospects given Tippet and Sinclair are ahead of them both.
  18. In comparison to other years and other clubs, we have had a relatively dream run with injuries. If (heaven forbid) we have 2 of our starting inside mids struck down with injury/illness, (and bearing in mind Chunk and Bernie are not getting any younger), I suspect ANB will be the '1st cab off the rank' with Trenners as '2nd cab'. Terlich, Grimes, Michie, and probably Newton are gone.
  19. Agree - disposal by foot is already superior to his big brother's
  20. Paul Roos - perhaps his legacy will now truly be that of a Messiah - (or possibly Moses, leading his people out of the wilderness). Anyway, for Roos, today has been the long awaited validation & vindication prior to his valediction.
  21. Spot on bmfc - the prospect of seeing Weideman being monstered by Chip worries me greatly - hope it doesn't bugger the Weeds development. Would have preferred to see us go in with a team of older, harder, types - Grimes playing defensive 1/2 forward against Mitchell etc. Just hope & pray that Roos/Goodwin have made the right call in playing the babies against possibly the most disciplined, well-drilled team of the modern era........
  22. Given the accepted inevitability regarding the result, is this a good week to decisively 'rest' the younger guys who have started to look a bit fatigued (Hunt, Harmes, Hogan, Wagner, OMac, Brayshaw, Pettacca, Stretch) regardless of current form and replace them with the 'old hands' (Trengove, BKen, Grimes, Michie, Newton, Pedersen, Garland, Dunn) so that they can have one last crack at defeating Goliath? Sure, they will predictably fail but then we can replace them with the younger, freshened up, guys to have a red hot go against Port at Adelaide Oval (where, for some inexplicable reason, we seem to go OK).
  23. Trenners might be behind the first 4 you mention but surely he is ahead of Bugg. ANB might, in time, be better but right now, Jack offers more. As others have noted, he is not a jet but he is a smart footballer with very tidy skills who is strong overhead for his size.
  24. IIRC, at one stage in Jacko's tenure with us, we had possibly the most entertaining, zaniest FF line in football history: 'Tiger' Crosswell Jacko 'Crackers' Keenan (Ego & antics probably just shaded ability & results)
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