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  1. I walked past him post game outside the MCG and his arm was in a sling
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/mitchjoness_/status/1402448150472785925?s=08 Some of Robbo’s best work today
  3. https://audioboom.com/posts/7296162-pre-match-gary-pert-melbourne-ceo
  4. May & Kolodjashnij playing well. Following the seniors by bombing it long into the forward line to nobody in particular Lewis in the coaches box Lever, Neal-Bullen & vandenBurg in the crowd
  5. No surprise that Ablett has been let off 2 weeks in a row by a Christian ?
  6. Or just go here http://www.liveladders.com/AFL/
  7. Great report DD. Don't have much to add besides BenKen was missing lots of targets in the kicking drills and Big Max copped a stray boot in the family jewels from Hogan in a marking contest which everyone thought was pretty funny (besides Max of course) Is it you or your brother that looks a bit like R.Flower??
  8. Try this place, they have heaps of old jumpers http://www.memorabiliaonsmith.com.au
  9. Apologies DD36, must have been seeing things!
  10. Also Alastair Clarkson and Darren Jolly playing for us. Both McDonald brothers playing along with both Febey brothers.
  11. He had light taping on his right knee when I got there. Kicked a low and hard punt kick and grabbed his knee, physio came over to pinpoint where the pain was and re-strapped the knee with a lot more tape in a criss-cross fashion. He tried to run it off on the sidelines for about 5 minutes and then joined in the match simulation training afterwards. Maybe he has a mild medial ligament strain they are trying to manage? I'm sure they wouldn't have allowed him to continue to train if there was a possibility of injuring it further.
  12. This is the perfect post-match theme song for both players and supporters (language warning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao5Kq0hJwzY
  13. Pretty much the way I thought it went TDI. Toump got heaps of it but had plenty of turnovers Grimes was a class above Pedo did pretty well considering the delivery into the forward line wasn't great The team missed too many getable goals, especially with the strong breeze The bulldogs got lots of soft free kicks The outer wing of Whitten oval is as cold a place to watch the game as Casey!
  14. LH, not a practical joke unfortunately. The "keep frozen" box looks like it is just a flattened box amongst the rest of the rubbish. The scarfs were 2014 member scarfs so aren't current. Had it confirmed it was at the MCG.
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