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  1. If they get a PP good luck to them however it's not that long ago, in the scheme of things, that they were winning three flags in a row. I've been on this earth almost 52 years and have never seen my club win one flag let alone a hat trick of them. Leppa crying about how unjust the AFL has been rings hollow to me.
  2. Surely Salem and Dunne are better options than any of the current backs, particularly Wagner and Oscar MacDonald. Very ordinary half of football.
  3. We defend terribly. MacDonald brothers may be good athletes but lack footy smarts.
  4. Understand where Ascobar is coming from. I can take defeat by a side more talented and well drilled than us but to be beaten by a side on work rate, desperation and a want for the contest which are something we should be bringing in spades after where we have been for a decade is damning. Losing games like yesterday's hit me harder than some of the spankings we have copped by the top sides over the past seasons. Just being AFL players seem to be enough for too many of our squad, and the want to continually improve is just not present.
  5. Here's an idea, try reading and digesting the entire article before making a half-arsed statement. There is more in the piece about him wanting to stay than him wanting to go. Just when it would appear they have found a position his skillset suits you would see him go, and after he says he is looking to string some decent games together rather than worry about contract negotiations. As Jesus said to the cured leper in Life of Brian " There's no pleasing some people ".
  6. T-34

    Garry Lyon

    Garry got involved against his better judgement to help out the club and his mate. After Flower he is the best player this club has had in the past 30 years, often playing under duress, but never shirked his duty or a contest. He was a great leader who willed himself and his team to greater efforts. He made 2 bad decisions however that is 2 of what is a litany of poor decisions made by this club for over 50 years. He is and should always be seen as someone who left nothing in the shed and has always attempted to do what he felt was right for the club. Can only think those old enough to have seen him play have forgotten what he produced regularly and those who are younger base their opinions on the media persona and not his outstanding record as a player and captain of our club.
  7. My missus was working at the RACE from 9 - 2.30 and while not knowing any players by name said she saw about 20 different players cycle through there during the day. She was outside most of the time so didn't know whether they were in the gym or using the pools.
  8. Totally agree SWYL. Actually know someone with inside knowledge of this investigation and the only reason it didn't go further was the victim not wanting it to. Her refusing to provide a signed statement stopped this in it's tracks.
  9. Suffered reasonably bad damage to ankle ligaments and tendons as a young bloke ( 30 odd years ago ) and recovery was a slow process. 3 - 4 months before it was able to be comfortably weight bearing and able to resume any sport and all this time later it still gives me trouble. Hoping for a quicker recovery for his sake.
  10. Free agency has altered the landscape in regards to teams dropping off. Add Dangerfield, Henderson and whoever else they pick up outside of the draft and Geelong are actually far from done or finished. Hawthorn will also pick up someone decent in the free agency pool which helps perpetuate these teams run at the top. Yes we have done ourselves no favors through ineptitude but the system will ensure that rising up to a bona fide contender is very difficult, and is becoming more so every season.
  11. I just want this bunch of [email protected] clow#s to show the type of commitment and resilience that we supporters have shown for most of our sorry football watching lives. Apologies and empty rhetoric mean nothing and is what we get fed on a regular basis and until that gets replaced with effort and commitment on field we are doomed to footballing ignominy. Norm Smith himself would struggle with this passionless, talentless group of prima donnas.
  12. I'm not sure it's all Roos fault, however players making the same skill errors and poor decision making as when he first arrived is damning as erasing these is surely part of a coaches job. I would have laughed this off a month ago, however these past games have shown us as one of the worst two sides in the comp. with Carlton, and on the past weeks form I have doubts about our ability to beat them. I have come to peace with the fact that I will never get to see a premiership in my lifetime, being born 2 weeks after our last one, but I did hope my kids would get the opportunity to see one. I'm seriously questioning whether that will ever happen either. The hope was for Roos to develop the right culture and put the building blocks in place for future success but it would seem the hole we were in was deeper than he thought and his game plan is no longer relevant and to difficult for these players to implement well enough.
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