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  1. With the NAB League cancelled and little prospect of the national competition games taking place, our Victorian prospects are going to be at a distinct disadvantage. They can’t even train together and might not even have the combine to show what they’ve got. I think this means that there are going to be some very good players attainable outside the top 20. Victorian draft hopefuls miss on-field chance to impress AFL recruiters
  2. If you follow the current generation of Sudanese footballers, especially those who spent their early years in Africa, one of the things that’s clear, apart from their athleticism, is that our game isn’t first nature for them. Therefore, they are often at a huge disadvantage in their development years as they adapt to our sport. This might change in future years with the next generation but I believe that most Sudanese youngsters coming through the system need extra time to be able to reach their peak. Majak Daw has been in the AFL for 11 years. This is Aliir Aliir’s 8th year in the system and Mabior Chol just finished 6 with the Tigers. Daw never really made it. Aliir is now an All Australian but spent his first two seasons in the NEAFL and only started getting a regular game at the Swans late in his third and even after that he had a patchy career till he was traded. Chol is still not a regular at Richmond. None of the above were top 20 picks but history shows that the development curve for these players is long and slow.
  3. Toby: "I wasn’t swearing at him. I used a swear word. It’s part of my speak I guess, especially in a game. I use a lot of swear words when talking." Another wonderful example for the junior sporting fraternity. Perhaps, I’m out of date but surely this is not indicative of a player coming from a good culture or wanting to set an example to others in the community!
  4. Nobody in Melbourne had a tv in 1955. It came to Melbourne in 1956 for the Olympics.
  5. Of course, the Cats will simply call Gil and demand an upgrade of pick 27 to 8 in order for them to land a 200cm 70kg young ruckman from another club’s NGA region. Sounds fair to me.
  6. They're delaying the decision out of an abundance of caution,
  7. The club is in a great spot with the Casey team undefeated and so many players on the cusp of selection in the senior team. We have a number of players developing well with good prospects for the future which partially cancels out the fact that we won't be well placed for the draft. We just need to get our kicking boots on.
  8. 6. Bayley Fritsch 5. Luke Jackson 4. Christian Salem 3. Steven May 2. Kysaiah Pickett 1. Christian Petracca
  9. Which month will May miss? The month of May of course?
  10. This is from a Collingwood fan on their Extreme Black 'n' White: EBnW BULLET IN BOARD site - END OF EMPIRE There is a saying in the stock market world - 'The trend is your friend'. For those not acquainted with the stock market it basically implies when you can clearly see a trend developing it becomes easier to predict the future. Sadly, at Collingwood, the trend is not our friend. But it is, nonetheless, just as predictable. This is clearly a side in its death roll. Regardless of last night's result, we are no closer to winning a flag than we were last year. If anything we are further away. What we are currently witnessing is a coach who probably knows he is marking time. What little coaching daring there was is gone. At this stage of the trend we find ourselves in self preservation mode. Hence, the reason the current side is still filled with players we know are just not good enough - JT, the Browns, Mayne, Hoskin -Elliott. You will never win a flag in 2021 with those guys. I'm sure Buckley knows it. But at this stage of the trend he has not conceded defeat and is still trying to scrape together wins rather than a better future for a new coach by playing kids. The trend usually sees clinging to game winning hope continuing until it becomes blatantly obvious that a proper rebuild is more important than hanging on to the dream of playing finals. It is also why we currently cling steadfastly to a game plan and structure week in week out. Case in point - Brisbane constantly flooded our forward 50 filling up space leaving Collingwood players free to build a defensive wall across the centre of the ground. Yet only ONCE did Collingwood try to go over the top (Howe). Instead, we kept chipping away in the belief that our sub standard forwards and wingers would do the job only to eventually turn the ball over & see Brisbane score on the counter attack time after time by running in to an open forward 50. It was classic Rope-A-Dope. Yet Howe, Crisp & Maynard can all tonk goals from just outside 50. Isn't that why we employ a team of coaches? All Empires have a lifespan and this one is clearly coming to a slow and possibly ugly end. The good news is so far Cox, Quayner and Daicos continue to improve. But we are still 6 good players + depth short of being a good team.
  11. And it’s two weeks since then. Happy to see them back in the VFL within the next 2 weeks.
  12. End of story from Ricky Nixon as he sums up the past coupla weeks - Well done Western Bulldogs not only the big winners yesterday but also traded in an honest respectful manner unlike others .:..big flag chance Whilst everyone will bag Collingwood let’s let the ladder decide who’s right & wrong next season Geelong ridiculous deal which could haunt them for a long time Essendon tick Melbourne tick tick Carlton tick Nth Melb tick Bris tick tick Port tick Adelaide tick StK tick & 1/2 WCE Freo GCS GWS Syd backed their lists hence time will tell
  13. I was wondering about the left wing as well but it now looks like they’re going to win the electoral college despite Trump’s legal challenges.
  14. With 2 days to go in the trade period Melbourne has picks 26, 31, 33, 43, 50, 68 and 69 to play around with.
  15. Ricky Nixon came out of hiding after a few days without any scoops to bring us these rippers:- * Adam Treloar looks set to nominate Western Bulldogs talks believed he told the club he’s 100% interested in singing with the club talks Western Bulldogs have put five year deal on the table for him. * Jack Higgins after nominating St Kilda from Richmond talks that deal will be done tomorrow. * Jeremy Cameron talks that deal will go ahead Thursday afternoon on the last day with Geelong soon as that deal is done believed that’s when Shaun Higgins will sign straight afterwards with Geelong. * Andrew Phillips from Essendon talks he has had a Meeting with Melbourne this afternoon about heading to the dees. * Daniel Talia despite being strongly linked to Essendon he looks set to stay at Adelaide next year. * Riley Knight has been delisted by Adelaide talks his management has spoken to three clubs about him talks Hawthorn North Melbourne GWS have expressed interest in him. * Jaidyn Stephenson talks Western Bulldogs and Hawthorn have pulled out on interest of Stephenson only one club has asked about him in the last 24hrs was North Melbourne but talks he will most likely be set to stay at Collingwood after clubs don’t have huge interest in him. * Brandon Matera ex Fremantle player has been asked by two clubs to do a medical for them talks West Coast North Melbourne have asked for him to have a chat and a medical. * Nakia Cockatoo from Geelong likely to end up at Brisbane that deal will get done once the Cameron deal is done. * Lachie Fogarty looks set to leave Geelong and be heading to Carlton talks they are strongly interested and asked to meet with him. * Esava Ratugolea Is reportedly a player the Giants are demanding in return for Jeremy Cameron. Contracted until 2021 at Geelong talks GWS said they would like him as big forward in return for Cameron with two first rd picks as well. * Neville Jetta Had his 2020 campaign cruelled by injuries and could seek a fresh start. Collingwood are understood to be trying to lure him over with the promise of a longer deal than what Melbourne are prepared to offer. Contracted until 2021 at Melbourne talks Collingwood have put on a two-three year deal on table to lure him over. * Jack Lonie talks Western Bulldogs and Collingwood have pulled of interest around him in the last 48hrs leaves Carlton now as front runners for him to try and lure him over. * Paddy McCartin talks going around Sydney have shown huge interest in him talk is two year deal on the table for him to play with his brother.
  16. Even the great man Nixon can’t find a thing out of today ...
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