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  1. End of story from Ricky Nixon as he sums up the past coupla weeks - Well done Western Bulldogs not only the big winners yesterday but also traded in an honest respectful manner unlike others .:..big flag chance Whilst everyone will bag Collingwood let’s let the ladder decide who’s right & wrong next season Geelong ridiculous deal which could haunt them for a long time Essendon tick Melbourne tick tick Carlton tick Nth Melb tick Bris tick tick Port tick Adelaide tick StK tick & 1/2 WCE Freo GCS GWS Syd backed their lists hence time will t
  2. I was wondering about the left wing as well but it now looks like they’re going to win the electoral college despite Trump’s legal challenges.
  3. With 2 days to go in the trade period Melbourne has picks 26, 31, 33, 43, 50, 68 and 69 to play around with.
  4. Ricky Nixon came out of hiding after a few days without any scoops to bring us these rippers:- * Adam Treloar looks set to nominate Western Bulldogs talks believed he told the club he’s 100% interested in singing with the club talks Western Bulldogs have put five year deal on the table for him. * Jack Higgins after nominating St Kilda from Richmond talks that deal will be done tomorrow. * Jeremy Cameron talks that deal will go ahead Thursday afternoon on the last day with Geelong soon as that deal is done believed that’s when Shaun Higgins will sign straight afterwards with Gee
  5. Even the great man Nixon can’t find a thing out of today ...
  6. There are no scoops from Ricky Nixon tonight because he simply doesn’t have any. His focus this week is what he thinks the likes of Carlton need to do to get Saad and maybe Merrett etc across the line ... what Geelong need to do for Cameron ... where Treloar is headed and can Collingwood trade Stephenson and Cox or dreaming. He will run through where every club is at tomorrow night starting with the clubs doing the least amount of trading and putting faith in the young players who got 10-20 games in to them this year...and they are Fremantle, Sydney & Hawthorn ... whilst ot
  7. People, let’s not forget that this thread is for rumours so you can’t get bagged for anything you post that doesn’t turn out. For instance, nothing frightens Ricky Nixon who tells us that - • Tom Phillips from Collingwood just been linked to a three year deal at Hawthorn talks going around he will nominate Hawthorn. • Stefan Martin from Brisbane after nominating Bulldogs talks two year deal for him. • Nathan Vardy talks he will stay at West Coast despite trade talks. • St Kilda have officially ruled out Adam Treloar leaves it for three club race for him Bulldogs stro
  8. Ricky Nixon has dumped more rumours tonight than the Democrats have dumped random votes for Biden in the American presidential race. Here they are - • Jeremy Cameron – Talks between the Cats and Giants have come to a grinding halt, with GWS insisting on receiving players – not picks – which makes sense given the mass exodus from there. This is the usual stand off around a player such as Cameron. GWS have said they want two players in return for Cameron believed to be Esava Ratugolea and Sam Menegola ... GWS have put four year deal on table to Sam Menegola. • Three Victorian clubs a
  9. Anyone looking for more Ricky Nixon rumours?
  10. More from Ricky Nixon - • Adam Saad was spotted having lunch with David Teague Carlton coach and football director of the club - talks that deal is most likely be done either today or tomorrow ... looks like it will cost Carlton an early pick and/or a player such as McGovern • Josh Dunkley believed to be spotted this morning with Essendon officials at a cafe near Tullamarine ... he wants to go there but how many coffees with Essendon staff can you have - get in with it Adam Treloar talks going nowhere fast at the moment with two clubs in the race - the Bulldogs and Gold Coast w
  11. Our friend Ricky Nixon has become prolific with his prognostications. He’s issued another list and there’s a lot to digest - • Jaidyn Stephenson. With news coming in the last few days that he would be gettable at the trade table, North Melbourne and Hawthorn have both registered interest. Watch this space after his management was at North Melbourne’s club yesterday • Bulldogs set to make nice little run home for Adam Treloar they shown huge interest to him the last 48hrs as well as well as Mason Cox • Max Lynch the young ruckman from Collingwood linked to Richmond and Sydney.
  12. More from the ever-reliable Ricky Nixon’s AFL Trade Scoops on Facebook — • Cedric Cox from Brisbane has requested trade back to WA home Fremantle set to offer him three years and West Coast has offered him two years. • Alex Witherden been linked to a three year deal at Essendon talks depends on trade deals him to consider it as part of a Daniher swap but most likely Brisbane did say they would ideally prefer to keep after Grant Birchall announced next year will be his last year at Brisbane. • Tom Phillips from Collingwood linked to a three year deal at Fremantle. • Jaidyn
  13. The AFL Trade Period is often fueled by rumours and guesswork and it can be fun discerning whether or not they have any substance. One person who purports to have the inside knowledge and calls himself Ricky Nixon has posted a long list of AFL Trade Scoops on Facebook but they sound less like scoops and more like a mixture of stories that are already out there, rumour and malarkey — • Geelong now having second thoughts on what to offer Tom Hawkins who is out of contact and coming off another below average finals series and with Jeremy Cameron on the move do they need both ??? •
  14. Yes but we should point blank refuse to play another game in Cairns. We’ve done our duty to the AFL there at great cost to the management.
  15. There but for the grace of god ...
  16. Busting to find out what happened on Saturday 19 September, 1964.
  17. Donald Trump isn’t being secretive. He’s tweeting that GWS Giants were robbed by the fake umpires.
  18. 6. Jack Viney 5. Steven May 4. Jake Lever 3. Christian Petracca 2. Jake Melksham 1. Max Gawn
  19. Well, seeing that North Melbourne’s hub facility is on the Gold Coast at the Mercure Resort, Metricon Stadium would be even closer. If the game’s played at the Gabba, both clubs have at least an hour’s travel by road which would be fair in the circumstances.
  20. GWS get their revenge for last year’s grand final and Tigers in a bit of a post premiership slump not helped by having some injuries and players missing from their hub.
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