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  1. 18 minutes ago, demonstone said:

    I have no issue with either Cameron or Geelong here, but the Free Agency thing clearly isn't doing as intended.


    15 minutes ago, Lord Travis said:

    Free agency is broken and there is no equality. It’s something that used to set AFL a part from rubbish sports like EPL, but now it’s broken and footy has never been worse.

    Cats will win flag next year with Cameron up forward.

    They still need to fit him into a salary cap and usually you have to pay a FA overs to bring them in. Other players will need to go out. I really don’t see what the problem is.

  2. Record against teams above us: 1 win, 5 losses

    Record against teams below us: 5 wins, 0 losses

    Games remaining against teams above us: 1 

    Games remaining against teams below us: 5

    We’ll win 10+ and finish 5th.

  3. 2 hours ago, 640MD said:

    Just a question. How many times, while Goodwin has coached us, have we kicked one goal or less in a half of football. 

    Again, some perspective is needed. In this round alone we’ve seen the following:

    Collingwood 1 goal in three quarters

    Hawthorn 1 goal in the second half

    Fremantle 3 goals in the second half

    Carlton 2 goals in the first half

    Adelaide, Richmond, Collingwood 5 goals all game

    West Coast 1 goal in the second half

    Are all of those clubs senior coaches [censored] like a Goody supposedly is?

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  4. Unpopular opinion. In round 1, Weitering kept Tom Lynch to no goals, no marks and 9 touches in a Richmond win.

    Maybe the narrative should be a little more about how good Weitering’s start to the season is, rather than how poor TMac was.

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  5. 1 hour ago, nosoupforme said:

    Joel Smith  he won us the game what a great be player better than Oscar .......................I have come to my senses. 

    Joel Smith PLEASEEEEEEE  go back to Basketball because you have no clue.. ............And the the one's that rate him you are only stirring that he can play.    I GET YOU NOW. You only sucked in yourselves.   WON'T PLAY NEXT WEEK  I AM CONFIDENT OF THAT OR ANY OTHER WEEK. I AM HOPING.

    So help me G        d.     

    I don't need to elaborate if you watched the game.



    You edited this post and it still reads like this? Are you okay?

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Swooper Northey said:

    Although I'd love to see us with a training base near the MCG, I feel there won't be the land required in that area to cater for our growing needs over time. Going outside the 3000 post code to locations such as Elsternwick Park or even Dendy Park could present better options. Neither are far from the city and could open the door for public/private partnership with either local council, schools and sporting clubs.


  7. On 5/27/2020 at 2:16 AM, Pates said:

    I reckon it would be great to have a cafe/pub/function area that overlooks the oval and perhaps the interior of the center for people to look into the fitness and training zones. Sort of a way of it being interactive with the fans.

    I would really love it to be at Gosches paddock (and then rename it to Stynes Park), I just wonder if it too ambitious for a small zone.

    Name it after Stynes? After he nearly destroyed the club though  mismanagement... you’ve got to be kidding me.

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  8. 1994 Best 22
    H&A 12 wins 10 losses, 116%, 7th
    Finals 2 wins, 1 loss, PF, 4th

    FB - S Febey, Wight, Yeats
    HB - B Lovett, Neitz, Rhode
    C - Tingay, G Lovett, Obst
    HF - Lovell, Schwarz, Lyon
    FF - Pike, Jakovich, Charles
    R - Stynes, Viney, Dyson
    INT - M Febey, Hilton, Norrish, Kowal, Grinter
    Coach - Balme

    Most goals - Lyon (79), Schwarz (60), Jakovich (51)
    Most disposals - Viney (546), Tingay (539), B Lovett (537)
    B&F - Lyon (355), Tingay (319), Schwarz (316), B Lovett (237), M Febey (201)


    2000 Best 22
    H&A 14 wins 8 losses, 118%, 3rd
    Finals 2 wins, 1 loss, GF, 2nd

    FB - Walsh, Nicholson, Whelan
    HB - S Febey, Ingerson, Wheatley
    C - Yze, Powell, Woewodin
    HF - Bruce, Schwarz, Green
    FF - Robertson, Neitz, Farmer
    R - White, Leoncelli, J McDonald
    INT - Johnstone, Simmonds, A McDonald, Rigoni, Ward, N Brown
    Coach - Daniher

    Most goals - Farmer (76), Robertson (44), Yze (37)
    Most disposals - Powell (579), Woewodin (554), Rigoni (541)
    B&F - Neitz (336), Bruce (295), Johnstone (232), Brown (224), White (223)


    2018 Best 22
    H&A 14 wins 8 losses, 131%, 5th
    Finals 2 wins, 1 loss, PF, 4th

    FB - Jetta, O McDonald, Hibberd
    HB - Salem, Lever, Vince
    C - Harmes, Jones, Brayshaw
    HF - Neal-Bullen, Hogan, Petracca
    FF - Hannan, T McDoanld, Melksham
    R - Gawn, Oliver, Viney
    INT - Lewis, Spargo, Tyson, Garlett, Weidman, Fritsch, Frost
    Coach - Goodwin

    Most goals - T McDonald (53), Hogan (46), Melksham (32)
    Most disposals - Oliver (734), Jones (614), Brayshaw (574)
    B&F - Gawn (657), Oliver (595), Harmes (468), Jones (449), McDonald (433)

  9. On 2/28/2020 at 3:55 PM, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Do we ignore the Essendon scratch match because it doesn't suit the upbeat narrative?

    You’re absolutely right. And we should start referencing Casey games when measuring the success of Melbourne’s senior team...  ??‍♂️

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  10. 3 hours ago, Demonland said:

    I keep going back to this but check out his marking stats once he was moved back into the forward line.

    Screenshot_2019-11-14 AFL Tables - Bayley Fritsch - Stats - Statistics.png

    For a guy with stick arms he can sure take a grab.

    Based on his last 7 rounds, he’s a 50 goal a year forward if played there permanently. That would have been good enough for 7th in the Coleman this year.

    Must play 22 games forward in 2020.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Lord Nev said:

    Whelan was drafted in 1999.

    Davey in 2004.

    Aussie 2007.

    Jurrah 2008.

    You've listed 4 players drafted over a 10 year span seemingly as an example of how 'often' we recruited Indigenous players.

    We had 5 Indigenous players on our list this year.


    And two of them were busts!

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