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  1. Anyone know of any top fitness gurus that can rebuild bodies quick and keep bulk of our list on the park.....??
  2. On the assumption we will hopefully have a shake up of some coaching staff, this guy has seemingly done good things at the Hawks and would be a big upgrade on our current skills coach. Is he in charge of their forward line?
  3. I think he was on 3AW pre game last night can’t find link or what he said?
  4. Going super early but who can we target realistically, that will help fix the holes on our last, could start with some good kicking mids, quick pressure goal sneak forwards, trade Wied, for a Jono Patton type ohh and another ruckman wouldn’t go astray for 2020
  5. Well Lever, every bit helps, but wasn’t Lever due to be back by round 5? And May supposed to be back, all we get fed from Misson’s injury report is all are out for longer than expected (4-6 weeks).?? Not to mention the poor handling of the dreaded foot injuries and the handling of Joel Smiths quad in the JLT.
  6. Can’t find Misson thread, but another welcome exit at seasons end, hopefully we can land at top replacement who can fix players quick ala Hawthorn. In 2017/2018 Richmond barely had an Injury, so the side begins to gel properly which then has = 2017 Premiership, Both Hawks and Cats in their dominant years hardly had injuries, so their core group gelled = Premiership We since 2017, haven’t been able to get any continual, team consistency......
  7. I know they play at opposite ends of the ground but, I would love to see Pruess clean up the 7 ft yank Mason Cox ?
  8. Oscar MacDonald has had a few poor/soft moments in the last 3 games Friday was his worst, Forst just does dumb things which like Oscar are one massive part of the problem. ANB must be dropped too many butter fingers fumbles moments
  9. I feel like some we will lose this again at the selection table. Wagners don’t excite me even though we have slim pickings, Pruess, Garlett and Strecth would have been the best available for tonight, I think the season is just about a rite off more work on the list at seasons end please!
  10. Totally agree with your points, the impending addition to May to our defence and Lever I believe once the had sometime to gel will pay dived ends, Frost and Oscar are only really Insurance defenders. im actually excited by Kolodjashnij a class ball user and decision maker which we need. Underdone players is really hurting/injuries. If the boot was on the other foot underdone/ Injured Port players they would have lost yesterday.
  11. I agree he passed a few shots off didn’t want to go for a long kick, looked propy
  12. Let’s face It Today a underdone Viney, Jones and Melksham did help what so ever, Nor did May being suspended. Ok every team has injuries, Richmond are only beginning to get them after a dream 2 year run. But we haven’t got a hell of a lot to choose from atm With Lewis, Vandenberg, J.Smith, Pruess, Lever, Garlett, Kolodjashnij and Hannan all unavailable, We no doubt are wounded, hopefully we gradually get them back and kick into gear
  13. Saw on Facebook an article on one of the Demons fans pages... can’t remember which one but apparently there was an article predicting Jaguar going to go bankrupt as only a matter of time?? Can’t find link but seems very odd??
  14. I just don’t think it’s fair to the draftees and their families to drag it out. Well done Dilliton/Gill
  15. Get a small feeling that Pruess could play a forward role next season, like Cox? If Gawn could kick straight he would be a fantastic forward/ruck.
  16. Why are we still talking about this guy he has signed with Brisbane close Thread end of story
  17. The Age reporting Sydney are seriously considering Townsend....?
  18. Agree with that totally Townsend atleast can be somewhat damaging
  19. Wasn’t Townsend the 2017 hero of the finals series and Grand Final? Defs an upgrade on Bugg, yes please!
  20. Ok, this guy has been discussed in the past and I know some aren’t his biggest fans but at 27, this guy can snag a few and would be rather handy in our forward line an opportunist goal kicker?
  21. Like the rest of us here’s to hoping that May, can help curb big forwards like Hawkins, Brown, Kennedy/ Darling kicking big bags against us
  22. Just Catching up on it all, why is everything so quiet on the Pruess and Kolodjashnij front?? Not a word? Let alone Hogan/May?
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