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  1. there is no chance we'd aggressively pursue him if we didn't know how we'd get the deal done, so i've got no doubt we'll be able to get it over the line if he nominates us How? NFI
  2. Apparently he gave the players a huge spray about being timmid and not taking the game on, and that change defintiely turned the game, the dogs couldn't go with us.
  3. I'd love to see the number 2 get handed over, so Nathan jones has a presentation with the new number 2 and hands the jumper over. Personally i'd love to see it go to Angus Brayshaw, the selfless and couragous game he played, IMO he turned the game, i'll never forget it
  4. Adam Cerra would be weighing up being a first string midfielder vs for us being second string/maybe playing wing/half back. in terms of his career it's a pretty big deal
  5. Love Petracca, but for me the next captain has to be Jake Lever.
  6. Love hearing this Daz! i reckon it hasn't quite sunk in for me yet, but i was neck deep in Gin by the time the siren went, so might be coming out the other side of a drunken haze
  7. From what i've seen/heard, the club has a plan B in place if he does decided to leave, but it's a conversation between him and Pert that has to happen there. Dan McPherson sounds like he'll be leaving though, so not sure if we will promote within to that position, or if we'll bring someone in from the outside.
  8. It's so weird because of the buildup it feels more like a prelim than an actual grand final. hopefully the boys can go out and put on a good show and bring us back the cup
  9. Hit me about 7pm i wasn't going to be able to cope sober so i've cracked into the Gin, expect some great commentary this evening.
  10. I don't think LJ wants out, nor do i think we'd trade him even if he did, but yeah i'd want a really good pick and a player at least. i'm sure Freo would like him, and will chat to him, but i reckon he's a long term demon
  12. IF Freo are making a significant play for Jackson, it likely means they feel Cerra is going to nominate the Dees rather than Carlton
  13. Geez this is the most fit looking MFC team i've ever seen. 1 game in 28 days. a hot night in Perth. Dogs are going to have to work bloody hard to even be in this game. Jack Viney just has this look about him, that tells me he has set himself bigtime for this game. the boys overall look really really calm, feeling very confident
  14. Any chance it's either on Kayo or someone can post it on here? UPDATE: it's appearing on Kayo
  15. I can't really see a way we don't have significantly more run in the second half. dogs had a week off, but the 5-6 weeks leading up have been as hard and emotionally draining as they're likely to get. they've certainly done it the hard way. they'll be setting themselves to throw a big punch early, and hope we're a little bit off like Port. i've said it a few times, if this is close at 1/4 and 1/2 time, it's a Demons premiership. they need to be minimum 5 goals clear and then hang on for dear life
  16. I see this game playing out very similar to our game with the Lions, i don't think we'll mind if Macrae gets it a bit as long as our pressure is up. IF we tag anyone, i'd say it'll be Libba and i think Langdon will apply a soft tag to Smith, make him accountable defensively, this is an area Smith has been exposed before.
  17. Will be interested to see weightman factor in this game, it's obviously something that will have been mentioned to the umpires, so it could backfire hard on him. I also think they'll be on the look out for anything dodgey towards Gawn, so in the confusion i'd love to see us do the same thing to Bont, the Giants did it
  18. really wanna see Jack Viney charge through the first bounce and take a dogs player with him, ideally bont or libba
  19. I think Subs will be used strategically and i'd be opting for Hunt, as i expect they'll be opting for JJ, i reckon the extra speed when everyone is tired offers a real weapon. Bring Hunt in at 3/4 time and let him buzz around the forward half could kick 2-3 and be the difference
  20. Would we listen to offers for Tommlinson? given Petty imo has overtaken him, he'd have some currancy to potentially get one of these deals done
  21. I'm with Red, i'd prefer Hunt to Hibberd, especially minding Weightman, and i'd keep James Jordan as Sub. I think there is a live possibility of Subs being strategically used in this game so we need someone who can come on and really impact. I suspect this is the reason Jones wasn't considered for Sub not being so much of an impact player.
  22. we're either going to be incredibly cheeky with picks to get 1-2 really good picks somehow, or we may have 1-2 players we think may be willing to go to Freo
  23. Interesting to see if they change their approach with Sam, potentially look to improve his running potentially?
  24. I'd be really interested to know what the proposed role is for Cerra? you'd suspect it'd be on the wing using his class, and then Brayshaw moves back into the midfield rotation. but not 100% sure. i think what it ultimately means is that 21-22 player gets an upgrade, Tom Sparrow to Angus Brayshaw for example
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