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  1. I reckon McQualter had quite a bit to do with Richmonds success and would be an asset.
  2. You could see in both our game and the prelim the umpires were clearly intimidated by the huge Collingwood crowd, they would be red hot for the pies, but hesitate for the opposition. The Giants copped it worse than we did, some of the umpiring in that game was outrageous, and the fixturing was beyond belief. The only positive note is that for 3 weekends in a row Centrelink knows exactly where their clients are, which is probably a rarity.
  3. I suspect we will get pick 44 from the Tigers for Harmes and that pick will get McAdam over the line
  4. Don't hit me for this but....... James Hird?
  5. I think Tmacs best chance to get back into the team and extend his career is to train as a key defender and compete directly with Tommlinson for the CHB position. a fully fit Petty and Van Rooyen plus whoever else we bring in are going to keep him out as a forward
  6. Bold thing to say about a guy who has taken the team to a flag and 3 consecutive top 4 finishes.
  7. The 6 day break combined with the umpires refusing to pay a free kick to the Giants in the last quarter was outrageous. I don't like to go down the AFL is corrupt, helps teams win line of thinking but geez some of the stuff is pretty hard to ignore.
  8. Yze was doing Midfield, Stoppage and offence as well as being senior assistant ad match day tactics I'd suggest Chaplin steps up into that role and Dew, Ratten or McQualter step up into the midfield role having said that, Leigh Tudor and John Blakey are highly rated assistants that i believe are on the move so perhaps a couple of fresh voices could do us some good
  9. I know a lot don't rate him, but i'd be going for Chol, i don't mind what he brings in the ruck and i think he'll offer more as a forward than Tmac and Brown are capable of at this stage. if we could somehow work that pick 4 into the deal by including points and future picks that'd be the dream outcome, but unless we offer overs that's going to the Doggies or North
  10. No, i actually think our window is just opening. i know we will lose Max and May, but we added 6 guys to our regular best 22 this year who are all under 21, JVR is only going to get better, as are Rivers, Pickett and Petty if we nail these picks, and move out the contracted depth players we can be big players in free agency and stay at the pointy end for another 5-6 seasons
  11. We won't do it, but bringing Boak in as a playing coach i think would be smart, he can play a role and will be an incredible coach
  12. Personally i think West Coast will get getting Daniel Curtin as well, so one way or another i suspect North will end up with Harley Reid
  13. Couldn't be more happy for him! he's come so close a few times and deserves this!
  14. Yep. it's a no brainer if pick 4 is on the table. even if it's not, he's a key forward who can make an impact in the ruck I was surprised last year we didn't try to roll Lobb into the Jackson deal somehow
  15. For Oscar Allen? absolutely. wouldn't even need to think about it. He's a good young player, but Allen totally transforms out list overnight
  16. I don't rate McKay as highly as others do so not for him, but i'd trade either if it meant we got in Oscar Allen who's a legitimate star and future captain
  17. I'd be a big fan of a godfather offer being made to Jamara.
  18. I think this is definitely what we should be looking at, could you imagine the impact either of those guys would have on JVR or Petty in just one pre season?
  19. I hope so! i just can't see the Giants, off a 6 day break being able to beat the well rested Pies, with Daicos back in front of 95k rabid pies fans. if they can pull it off it'd be one of the best AFL wins of all time
  20. I'm pretty surprised by the Mcadam interest, i wouldn't have thought he was in our best 22
  21. Salem won't be traded, but in my view he should be moved into the midfield. we have all the grunt in the world but lack some class in there. people keep complaining about the bombing it long, but that's all Viney, Oliver, Petracca, Sparrow, Langdon. none of these guys are above average field kicks. If you look at the Pies, Pendles, Sidebottom, both Daicos boys, Crisp. they're all significantly better kicks than any of our mids.
  22. I actually think he needs to come into the midfield rotation. we need his ball use, he's very clean and Rivers has come on so quickly and effectively pushed him out of his role off half back which is incredible. I think we can cover him and he adds a totally different look to the mix
  23. Happy to do a swap for Dougal Howard, that seems like a deal that benefits both parties and keeps their compensation in tact. another experienced Key back allows Petty to stay forward and in my view is an upgrade on Tommlinson
  24. Interesting, i would have though McKercher is someone who would really appeal to them. don't mind if he falls to us instead.
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