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  1. I never wish injuries on anyone but I wouldn't mind 4 concussions for both sides in one marking contest please and thankyou.
  2. You could argue a fine for Hawkins but it'll never be anything more. High contact, low impact and you'd have to classify it as intentional to get a fine.
  3. Clayton Oliver is surely the best midfielder this club has ever had After getting smashed in the second quarter he absolutely set the standard for us to pull that back in the last quarter What a superstar
  4. Gonna be tough when cases near 100 tomorrow
  5. Just a ridiculous game. Don't give your opponents a 44 point head start next time. What a win.
  6. It's not going to affect the result but these umpires are [censored] cooked.
  7. Seraph


    I don't think someone drafted mid-year as a rookie is going to get a call up at this stage of the season. Just saying.
  8. Do we lose from here? Feels like it.
  9. Current result stands at time of stoppage if after half time They don't wind it back
  10. Why is Weid in an improvised sling?
  11. Wouldn't it be chartered? They'd hold the plane surely.
  12. Watch us get stitched up by Zeus himself
  13. Sure, that happened. Then he was a part of it and stuck the point of his elbow into someone's neck for 5 seconds. Come off the 'he started it' argument.
  14. Oxygen flows through blood. Trachea has nothing to do with it. People go unconscious in headlocks due to a lack of blood supply. Same issue that people are arguing here. Personally I think 5 seconds, not a huge issue. But still not a great look. If it was 1-2 seconds I doubt it'd even be looked at. I'd expect a week for the optics and to serve as a warning for the rest of the comp.
  15. Port haven't beaten a side in the 8 and they sure looked like it tonight. Challenged us once to get within 10 points but we responded appropriately after that. After the last month that's a very handy win away from home.
  16. SIren. 1 point loss, first defeat for Casey this year. Not a good weekend for the Demons.
  17. Thinking he only played 1/2 a game considering this
  18. https://www.afl.com.au/matches/3645#player-stats Not really
  19. I don't think Jones would replace Spargo in his overall role however I do think he's quite good with ball in hand inside 50. Either hitting targets or scoring.
  20. This is probably the go if Lingers is out Nibs the only one who can match his coverage of the ground
  21. I agree there's not much in it, but at the same time you don't need to put your knee into someone's chest after you throw them off your teammate. It just incites more niggle.
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