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  1. I'm assuming there's still a bye round(s) at some point this year?
  2. Petty looked nervous early but never stopped competing. I expect with a good run of games he'll settle in well. Harmes also showed why he belongs in the middle. Did a mountain of work, he breaks tackles with ease.
  3. What damage? Bloke played out the game and only came off the ground slowly because of an issue with his leg/knee.
  4. Would like to know what their grading criteria is for Impact. Would have thought: Low Impact - no injury, played out game Medium Impact - ruled out of game High Impact - will miss multiple weeks But if it's just arbitrary and 'how it looks' then we should absolutely challenge.
  5. Yeah that was pretty obvious when he came out of the rooms in tears. They do the Lachmann test which is pretty good indicator of an ACL injury.
  6. Maybe Gatorade into an open wound isn't the wisest choice
  7. Pretty ordinary performance that they managed to turn into a win.
  8. I'd say that's quite possibly a fractured eye socket for BB.
  9. Brown is getting held every single lead.
  10. Kozzi and Jackson standing up this quarter.
  11. Gee we are lucky North are ordinary. What was that entry from Oliver?
  12. Zero forward pressure. Where are Spargo and ANB? Put one of them on Hall?
  13. Any chance someone could actually lay a hand on Cunnington?
  14. This is just embarrassing. Barely any effort out there
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