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  1. Port haven't beaten a side in the 8 and they sure looked like it tonight. Challenged us once to get within 10 points but we responded appropriately after that. After the last month that's a very handy win away from home.
  2. SIren. 1 point loss, first defeat for Casey this year. Not a good weekend for the Demons.
  3. Thinking he only played 1/2 a game considering this
  4. https://www.afl.com.au/matches/3645#player-stats Not really
  5. I don't think Jones would replace Spargo in his overall role however I do think he's quite good with ball in hand inside 50. Either hitting targets or scoring.
  6. This is probably the go if Lingers is out Nibs the only one who can match his coverage of the ground
  7. I agree there's not much in it, but at the same time you don't need to put your knee into someone's chest after you throw them off your teammate. It just incites more niggle.
  8. Genuinely baffled McKay didn't get a week or at least fine for that. It was the definition of a sling tackle, Hunt was lucky to avoid injury. The difference in optics between the McKay tackle and the Lycett tackle last week is not that great... So when I saw it at the ground I thought McKay had driven his head into the ground. Replay shows absolutely nothing in it. https://streamable.com/gwnmsp
  9. Was sticking up for Kossie at the time but it was silly. Clip here, hard to see due to the terrible transition timing. https://streamable.com/gm0cmb
  10. Did Bowey get injured yesterday? On crutches.
  11. I'm assuming there's still a bye round(s) at some point this year?
  12. Petty looked nervous early but never stopped competing. I expect with a good run of games he'll settle in well. Harmes also showed why he belongs in the middle. Did a mountain of work, he breaks tackles with ease.
  13. What damage? Bloke played out the game and only came off the ground slowly because of an issue with his leg/knee.
  14. Would like to know what their grading criteria is for Impact. Would have thought: Low Impact - no injury, played out game Medium Impact - ruled out of game High Impact - will miss multiple weeks But if it's just arbitrary and 'how it looks' then we should absolutely challenge.
  15. Yeah that was pretty obvious when he came out of the rooms in tears. They do the Lachmann test which is pretty good indicator of an ACL injury.
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