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  1. I still love listening to “hell’s bells” by AC/DC that we used to run out to a few seasons back. Wish they still did that one. In my opinion it’s better than the current song.
  2. Dangerous tackle 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  3. The closest to that is they only ever lost at Geelong once before after being 5 goals up at 3qtr time and that was to west coast 2006!
  4. Of all the players to have a kick after the siren! ONYA MAXXXXY!
  5. Some actual good umpiring then not paying that high to wc when their player dropped the knees on Neal-bullen
  6. Went to school from year 7 to 12 with Declan keilty and on the same bus home the whole time. also met Cam Bruce at an sfl game in Melbourne when my brother worked for them.
  7. LOL Richmond ?? that was one hell of a choke. 29pts up in the 3rd and then conceded 7 straight goals
  8. Wow Brisbane are really being pulled apart these last 10 minutes
  9. Rich just threw the ball a country mile!
  10. What has happened to the holding the ball rule? Perkins was just spun around twice in a tackle and doesn’t dispose of the footy and not pinned for holding it? Then he gets the free for high a few seconds later ?
  11. Loved seeing Petracca Giving it to the port cheer squad after his goals. Had a good laugh ?
  12. How much more obvious can holding the man be?!!
  13. I was in the middle of their reserved seating and was the only dee in sight! I didn’t dare stir them up ?
  14. Every Essendon supporter around me last night was just whinging the whole match about how they’re always the ones getting screwed over by the umps in every game. I had to try so hard at times not to burst out laughing with how mad they were getting at every decision ?
  15. It was great listening to all the Essendon supporters going feral with those 50’s ?
  16. Got given a couple free tickets to this game from a family friend who’s an Essendon supporter. In the Middle of their reserved seating. They’re so feral ??
  17. If you were just looking at the stats for this game you could be excused for thinking the scores would be flipped. Geelong are leading in nearly all the key stats
  18. Being at the game, It never looked to me like Melbourne was ever really threatened by Carlton the whole game, even at the start being 11pts down. Did that with minimal fuss, and any time Carlton was trying to push us we were able to go up a gear and pull away again. Good solid win.
  19. I’ll be [censored] if they block fans from this game too. This is the first one I’m actually going to be able to attend for the year!
  20. I think that game shows more than anything else just how poor north actually is. That we were able pretty much to not turn up til after half time and only be 3 goals down, and still win by 5 goals. past years we would’ve folded in that situation too.
  21. I couldn’t care less about the joke. Like others have said, I’d rather be known for that than be missing teeth or on the dole. Water off a ducks back for me, let the haters hate.
  22. Wow! What a game! The boys did a tremendous job. The umpires did their best to turn it on us but they found a way to get through and comfortably. So proud of them. The crowds at both the games have been amazing, never experienced such a great atmosphere. Can’t wait for next week, GO DEES ?
  23. Managed to get 4 tickets in M57 about half way up on ground level
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