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  1. Thanks Australia post, my Road to the finals shirt arrived with 5 hours to spare! Let’s go!!!
  2. What about that old El Paso advert, can we both? Hibberd out for hunt, JJ as sub? The coaches are spoilt for great choices, someone deserving has to miss!
  3. I am convinced Geelong made Rohan fake that hammy, as he was innefectual. This is the Grand final, whoever needs to come off will, and we can beg for forgiveness later. Hunt has had a significant gap with no game time are you concerned with this?
  4. Yep still waiting, it could turn into a shirt never worn if it doesn’t come before Saturday and we lose :.)
  5. I don’t know who won the debate regarding smith? I did see him punch his fist once on his way off, and May seem to come across and push smith in the chest as a bit of a fire up action once as well. I’d suggest a couple of goals against him were not as they would have liked. Reality is we are talking about one change in my opinion, is it hunt or smith. More changes is not required to make the team better. Assuming Hunt is 100% right to go, he offers more defensively with his speed and pressure able to make up for any errors in positioning, he has been in for most of the year and will slot back in fine. Question is, is he 100% fit, because if not I’m happy to stick with smith. I think it’s all semantics, for mine it won’t be the difference between winning and losing.
  6. Channel 10 news reporting Luke Jackson was forced to apologise to his mum for not wearing his mouth guard and losing his two front teeth, all I can think of is that song by outkast
  7. Gibbo Insta famous, quite a few yelling out to him from the boundary line from where we were sitting. I think he was bemused anyone knew who he was :.)
  8. I was at the ground at the defensive end of the ground in the first quarter. In my opinion smith was playing on Cameron. At least he was his opponent when the ball was bounced. But there seemed to be some indecision between who was manning up who at each bounce and there were a few swaps just as the ball was bouncing, but each time Cameron was next to smith from what I could tell.
  9. Some guy just offered clarry $100 bucks if he kicked a goal from the boundary in the warm up. He shanked it. Next kick straight through the middle. Rain has stopped for now, let’s go boys
  10. Also a redlegs fan who then followed the dees. My 7 years living in Melbourne watching them every week made me more and more passionate about them. Out and about today at the kids sport, receiving quite a lot of well wishes wearing the colours. I think there is quite a few people from other teams wishing us well.
  11. Free chips OMG must get there early
  12. I just looked to select category 4, still cheaper tickets available. Whole family can get in for less the a $100. I actually think pricing was pretty good, got my family in for less than a home and away game last year. I think this is their idea of a staggered entry , one for hospitality guests and one for general punters. Why make it so confusing?
  13. Did anyone else going to the game get an sms about staggered entry times, and needing to arrive at a certain time to gain entry? I can’t find information on my ticket or anywhere on what my entry time is meant to be
  14. The original intention of the bye was to satisfy quarantine arrangements imposed by WA, surely if the teams go there Early that won’t be necessary. The only wildcard is if port play a prelim at home.
  15. If you had to take a gamble on which state was least likely to have a lockdown in the next 4 weeks, I guess you’d go with WA?
  16. I selected the home/club member 1, and the selected the C1 member adult, and then for my non-member family members selected generic adult tickets. Took me a few goes. I have no idea if I did it correctly, but the sent me an email confirming 3 seats so hopefully it’s all good. That ticket system is a shambles.
  17. I attended the women’s match when they made the prelim last year at Adelaide oval, from memory there was about 20,000 that day. The ironic thing was that they didn’t spread the crowd all over the ground. Everyone of us were on the lower deck wing on one side of the ground. I was crammed in shoulder to shoulder next to everyone else. They put a tokenistic spare row every 5 or so rows, but that was the extent of the social distancing. Im sure more value was put on it looking good on tv, and reducing security costs than the health and well being of the patrons. However, I have to disagree with you, I think there will be an atmosphere and the players have consistently said they prefer some crowd to no crowd. I’m at least partially hopeful that we might outnumber the opposition supporters and give the boys a lift if they need it.
  18. My reading suggests yes, if not located in greater Brisbane area. Unfortunately no if in greater Brisbane area, as not allowed to attend any event with more than 1000 people.
  19. Really looking forward to this. So dissapointed for our Victorian supporters. My heart goes out to you all. Rest assured, those of us who can go, we will give it a 4 quarter effort!
  20. As an Adelaide based supporter, can someone tell me where this speculation that we might play our home final in Adelaide if we win comes from? It’s sounds promising…..
  21. I remember working in Taiwan on a mobile phone network, and a software error caused a database reload on the switch I was working on, taking out one million of their customers services. I didn’t really understand what was being said (in Chinese) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t nice! Thanks for all the hard work guys!
  22. Is our game plan a problem in the wet? Paraphrasing @binman, we look to pressure the ball out of the centre and hope to use our defensive setup and intercept marking to propel ourselves forward, rather than winning centre clearance (unless we can do so cleanly). If it’s wet, it appears that the ball is less likely to be cleanly intercepted and control gained, and then we struggle with the lost territory?
  23. Can I ask why? Gawn and or Jackson forward isn’t adding anything to the forward line. I think we were better earlier in the season with an extra medium sized forward. Melksham or M Brown or Jones can fight it out for that role. I actually feel like Max could run out a few games on his own, he has in the past. Leave BBB or TMac to ruck forward and Max play one kick behind the play as intercepter, he is better suited to that role. I’m not saying for a whole season, but it couldn’t hurt to try it for a game or two. For mine the Weid experiment is done for this year, and Daw no thanks.
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