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  1. The guy is a [censored]. Why any love for him at all? Does it make people feel better about themselves to pot posters for disliking him. His attitude has been disgraceful. Seriously ........ grieving for Muhammed Ali, and now this concussion contradiction. A greedy self entitled grub.
  2. If anyone thinks Parish is ahead of Oliver in any possible way then they do not know anything about football. He is Diesel 2.0, only taller. He is the best, in close - quick hands type player, debut season I have ever seen at Melbourne. Think about it.
  3. The Great Deepression A decade with the Melbourne Football Club Authored by Adam Woolcock Edition: 1 The Melbourne Football Club entered 2007 as Australian Football League premiership contenders and spent the next 10 years lurching from one disaster to another.This is the 261 game story of the decade that good taste and good football forgot. Publication Date: Oct 21 2016
  4. Yes, I know Essendon again and everyone is supplement fatigued. But ........... How come people (media, work colleagues, friends etc) still say they feel sorry for the players in the sense they did not take PED's on purpose? Just following orders etc. Then Why did players not tell ASADA, they were ultra supplementing, when asked by officials during the said timeframe? I Just don't get that. What am I missing?
  5. Fixture = Fix'd Ya The should re badge it, the annual Fix'd Ya
  6. I think I am in love with Kaitlyn Ashmore. I ended spending half the game googling her and missed most of the last 2 quarters. No wonder women love watching the AFL. A whole new slant on the game.
  7. I am watching it now and Go Dees. Some serious talent there. Mo Hope for the dogs is a gun, and Cale Morton is also playing well.
  8. And we still will be behind most clubs in the overall win/loss comparisons since VFL began.
  9. Who is the MFC 3rd highest paid player.
  10. woops i missed the word,"television".
  11. awesome, thanks mate. I love the 60s Dees fans.
  12. Pretty good quality considering TV had only been in Australia for 8 years. Check the commentary at 2.51 agree entirely, Barassi a gun.
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