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  1. The Doctor’s ’finest’ work will be ubiquitously included in the ‘Is Goodwin the right guy?’ greatest hits thread for sure.
  2. Didn’t he predict as well that we would be knocked out first week of finals?
  3. Jack’s commitment and attack on the ball has always been beyond reproach. Some of his decision making needed some work. However, those calling for him to be dropped or traded need to give themselves an uppercut. He’s one of the few who can come back from injury and walk back into the team based on reputation alone.
  4. Absolutely fine with this. Remember as well that he didn’t really have a preseason this year. While I don’t see him playing the full 22 games next year, I’d like to see him get some games in the ones.
  5. I think there needs to be some sorely needed perspective added here. I sincerely hope Saty is elated. I've come to respect his passion though it took some time. However, I didn't and still don't respect or approve of the way it was expressed at certain times during 2013. There are examples I could list but won't. I'm sure I've said plenty of silly and objectionable stuff on here over the years. Let's just let sleeping dogs lie and wish him well. @Baghdad Bob mostly summed it up well (though let's also not pretend Saty didn't give as good as he got). He isn't everyone's cup of tea and he wasn't mine for a very long time. This flag should be a chance for reconciliation, and it would be great if we could come out of this united rather than fighting. That said, if people don't want to forgive me for whatever transgressions they believe I've committed, they can suit themselves. And if Saty chooses not to come back, that's his prerogative as well.
  6. I don't mind this. He isn't an answer to any pressing issue we have. We need 'break glass in case of emergency' players and Majak and him fit into that category nicely.
  7. Martin Flanagan summed things up well when he noted that it's been very 'un-Melbourne-like' people who have impacted our club the most throughout our history. Norm Smith was a Northcote boy. Checker Hughes came from the blood lust culture of Richmond (and gave us our nickname). Jimmy was both an Irish and a Catholic, which seems incongruous for a club associated the Protestant establishment of Melbourne. Maxy might very well have been thrown out of the MCC members were he not our drought breaking captain. Choco, while not having the same impact on the surface, can be considered among the people who have made a difference due to breaking the mold. He is passionate, mercurial and outspoken. While our culture can be poo-pooed unfairly, these qualities were excellent counterbalances to Goody's calmer approach. A brilliant pickup who I hope hangs around for at least 5 more years!
  8. As much as I dislike the Hun, I ordered Knight’s poster. I usually wouldn’t pay $30 shipping on a $5 poster, but who knows if we’ll ever be back here again? 😄
  9. As an aside @joeboy, have you ever considered doing a 3 word analysis for the list for the year?
  10. Thank you for the foul mouthed rev up [email protected] well to start the show! I was also impressed that you worked in the ‘right nut’ reference I encouraged you to work into the show. 😉
  11. Seems pretty corporatized to me. Do they get intellectual property rights over the piece of skin you put it on? 🤔 Though it's not as bad an idea as the official premiership cheese board they started flogging on the Demon Shop after the match.
  12. I'll be honest. I have done my fair share of Saty baiting in the past. However, when he first registered here, it was the absolute worst time to be an advocate for the direction the club was taking. Things were tense and combustible and fighting and sniping was inevitable. In hindsight, I regret some of the shots I took at him. However, as time has passed, and we have gotten more successful, I have come to respect his passion. He can be a bit awkward at times, but it does show the impact he has had and the contribution he has made on the board. For that, I give him a lot of respect.
  13. Not now. While people marvel at our age profile, we have 3 blokes ticking over 30 soon: Brown, McDonald and May. If we can get 3 more years out of each of them then that’ll be fantastic. As good as Gray is, we could be creating a potential glut of experienced players retiring within 1 to two years of each other. And us scrambling to find replacements. Geelong is a point in case of how that can backfire.
  14. The VanDemon, along with blokes like Nev Jetta, Jeff Garlett, Daniel Cross, Bernie Vince and Cam Petersen, holds a special place in our history. They were part of a generation of players that basically gave cover and time for our younger generation to develop (which in turn officially came of age on Saturday). They were never going to be in the final 22 when we were going to be good enough to challenge by virtue of age. Vanders in particular was a human battering ram who was able to create space for his teammates and put hurt on the opposition. He was an excellent pickup in ‘15 when we were trying to plug experience gaps in the list. Also that he chose to stay with us despite family pressures is to be commended as well.
  15. ‘He he he. If you didn’t kick that goal, I was going to slam you in the nads, bunghole.’
  16. Is anyone doing welfare watch on Saty? 😯 Being serious, Nev was as honest as the day was long, resilient, reliable and loyal. It should be remembered that he was a bit lost until the end of ‘13 with no real position to call his own. When Roosy came in ‘14, he nailed that small lockdown defender position down to the point where he was holding blokes like Eddie Betts to one or two goals. Like Nate, it would have been perfect to see him play in a flag winning team but fairytales rarely happen not only in footy, but life. Nonetheless, Nev should be remembered as a great club man who will always be associated with our club and welcome back anytime.👏
  17. I would prefer Tracc over Lever because of positioning and talent. While Neita was a great captain, one drawback he did have was that he was plonked at one end of the ground or the other. When things went down (ala 2000 GF), he was too far away to get right in amongst it. That might sound odd as the assault on Green was at CHF, but a midfield captain can get straight in there. Furthermore when the team needs a lift (ala Saturday), an explosive midfielder like Tracc is the bloke to do it. Lever is more a steady as she goes type whose example as a player is consistency throughout the match. While Tracc isn't a burst player by any stretch, he can put on 10 minutes of brilliance that can turn a match and inspire his teammates. I wonder if we aren't selling Viney short here. Him being demoted to vice captaincy by his teammates must have been hurtful, but he may well very well have grown as a leader in his time away. I always felt he was great in organizing formations at clearances and scaring seven shades of poo out of faux tough guys and snipers, but lacking in the emotional IQ department. Has a period away from the top job, and having observed Maxxy in the role, helped him develop these aspects of his game?
  18. I separate the players from the supporters. Hence why I used Hawthorn as my example. Most of their supporters (or at least the ones I've met) have all the staying power of a wet tissue caught on a tree branch in a typhoon, are as conceited as Lady Godiva walking into the members area at Ascot saying they literally have nothing to wear and possess all the charm of a rotting teddy bear at a gravesite. Many of their players have been some of the dirtiest pr!cks in the AFL as well (Dermie, Leigh Matthews, Dipper, Campbell Brown and Hodge). If we had given them a right royal pantsing, I would have little sympathy. I live in Aichi prefecture in Central Japan. It's basically halfway between Tokyo and Osaka; meaning most people really view it as a stop over between the two. Unless you have an interest in the auto industry, there's not much to see here.
  19. I've never viewed life that way. It's always been about the journey for me, never the destination.
  20. He might be one of the most consequential, which is ironic considering the Gawn yawn and smoking on the way to training moments. His legacy will be remembered in terms similar to that of Tom Harley (though I rate him more highly as a player) in that his leadership was a change in philosophy that was sorely needed. I think for a period there we were convinced that to be a good leader that you had to be a glass eating, stone faced intensity monster. While that can work, it’s not the only way. Max, while definitely knowing when it’s time to put his feet up, also knows that when you put the jumper on that you are playing for keeps. He has shown that you can be a character but also a competitor.
  21. My last reflection for the day and on this thread. There are two things that this premiership will bring our club moving forward that are worth their weight in gold. The first is that success breeds success. Reading through threads from 2011-13 and what was being pumped out in club PR, we thought we knew what it took to be successful. In reality, we had no idea. I remember reading a post from a 2013 thread when I was bored at work stating that Neeldy would one day raise a premiership cup. As history shows (and I don’t want to make this into a hating on past figures from the club), the approach employed at the time was so far removed from what was needed to get us even close to finals, let alone a premiership, that it wasn’t even funny. We now have our own formula for success. The players know what level of commitment, teamwork and resilience they need to possess to win the big one. That can be lost over generations (we lost it post 1964 and Carlton have now lost it entirely), but when it’s fresh in a team’s and club’s psyche, it burns strong and bright. It’s no guarantee we will win another flag or make another GF with this group, but they now know what they need to bring to give themselves the chance. The second thing is how this will make the club reassess how it views itself. Roosy hammered how we accepted our culture of losing and the veil of negativity when he was with us (and was right to do so), but part of how we viewed ourselves was based on what had come about and it wasn’t entirely unreasonable to think that way. Let’s be honest. In ‘88 and ‘00, if we had pulled off a miracle and knocked off the Hawks or Dons, we would have pinched those flags. We would have deserved them in the sense that it’s not always the best team of the year that wins the Grand Final, but the better team on the day. But in no way, shape or form were we the best team in the AFL/VFL in either of those years. This year, if we lost the GF, we would have been the best team of the year, but not the best team on GF day. This win has certified that we ARE the best on any day. PERIOD. There’s no glitch of history, no wrinkle in the draw or injury that can convince us otherwise that we weren’t the best team from go to whoa. I’ve mentioned that I have struggled with impostor syndrome albeit as a supporter. As though winning a flag was supposed to happen to supporters of other clubs, but never to us. I could imagine how the players felt at times. With this win, the bastards can never take away from us that we are indeed the indisputably best football team in Australia for this year. Next year will bring what it will, but for now we are the undisputed benchmark. The amount of boosted confidence and self esteem moving forward from that realization is worth it’s weight in gold.
  22. What do you expect from a club that created the ‘Boris the Chicken’ videos?
  23. I to be fair held out until this year to vote. But I never joined the pile on in 2019-20. The reason why was because I remembered when the poll was created. It was a meltdown after we got spanked by the Hawks by a bloke who rarely posts and later that year was talking us up as the best Melbourne team we’d seen. That was emblematic of the rationale behind the thread: knee jerk reaction to losses in isolation and fickle emotional releases.
  24. Just woke up. Still absolutely ecstatic. Usually this thread is for analysis and review so now we are 24 hours post the final siren, I’ll attempt some. That second half will go down in Melbourne history. Absolutely stunning. Our defense as far as intercept marking seemed down. As things turned out, we found another way to will our way to victory as the ability to get the ball out of the center was insanely good. I don’t think any team could have beaten us with how fluid that was; even the dynasty teams like Geelong, Hawthorn or Richmond. The game felt like the Brisbane game in Sydney on steroids. The distinguishing feature of both games being a greater willingness to move away from conservative and tentative ball movement. It’s easier said than done, but if we are allowed to start kicking aggressively across lines, we can really open teams up. Having Choco Williams work on our kicking has been a game changer. Luke Jackson was also another game changer for mine. For some reason, I put Langdon in my votes (for what reason, I’m not sure). I think it was because I was deliriously happy and not thinking straight. This bloke will be first ruck likely in the next 3 years, but right now, he is the NikNat to Maxy’s Dean Cox. We can attack with two flavors of ruckman should one approach lose ascendancy. Wouldn’t that have helped in the ‘18 Prelim? There were a couple of players I was thinking of giving slightly critical appraisals of, but shag it. We’ve finally won it. That can wait for another day. I fear for Uncle Bitter’s maid…. 😉
  25. While I’m deliriously happy, a part of me feels a bit sad for the Doggies. I lived out that way before moving back to Japan, and have very fond memories of it. If it was Hawthorn (and especially Jeffrey K), I wouldn’t give a crap. Doggies supporters are generally good sorts and as salt of the earth as you can get. I’m not going to dance on their grave.
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