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  1. I was being facetious. I know he was talking about Ricky Nixon.
  2. Make or break year for mine, and definitely hope that the answer we get is ‘make’ as our spine is where we are most vulnerable to drop off. Weed needs to realize that he doesn’t need to clunk absolutely everything that comes his way. When in a 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 pack, no one expects him to mark 30% of those. But he does need to get it to ground for Kozzy, Spargo and Nibbler to pounce on. Plus, he needs to keep his feet where possible and keep the pressure up. BBB made an art form of it from the Port game onwards and it cemented him in the team. In contrast, he needs to remember that the time not to drop marks is one out on a lead. He’s usually reliable for the most part but I did see this too much last year for my liking. From 2017 to ‘18, Weed was doing what I hope all our players are trained to do: tackle, run all day, block and when you’ve got the pill, execute. He now needs to move beyond 1%ers and put some genuine marking and goal kicking numbers up if he wants an extension beyond his current one.
  3. You never know what that evil bastard is up to even with him being a head in a jar.
  4. To play devil's advocate, maybe this isn't entirely BT's fault. There is culpability, but there could be something being said upstairs. While not a 'sport', an entire generation of WWE announcers have either walked out or been bullied from the announce booth thanks to Vince McMahon ranting and raving on the other end of the headset about how they are supposed to be 'sports entertainment story tellers' rather than commentate on the action in the ring. Wrestlers are to be called 'superstars'. Pro wrestling is 'sports entertainment'. Never ever use pronouns; announcers are required to use the wrestler's name under all circumstances when referring to them. Not to mention all the waffle about social media, the WWE's catchphrase of the moment and the focus group tested nicknames they give the wrestlers. Don't be surprised if BT is given some form of marching orders by some MBA [censored] who doesn't like footy, but has reams of marketing data and a love of faux blokey aesthetics.
  5. Every time I see Bailey Smith on any form of SNS, it seems like he is auditioning for a LMFAO music video.😕
  6. One could even call said blew a raging climax. 😉
  7. I misspoke. You are right. That’s a silly thing to say. Workload wise, definitely not. But you do need to be on your feet and getting on 67, I’d say it’d be tough to do.
  8. The causes of this are clearly identifiable in light of your spelling of said storage facilities. They are clearly in cahoots with Whorethorn, who in turn are trying to rain on our parade!
  9. Definitely, but also remember that he is now 63 as well. I'd say 4 more years at maximum for Choco and then we should be looking at getting a younger bloke in. PJ retired at 67, and I'd say Choco's role is nearly as demanding as his.
  10. Before I get bombarded with 'He's never getting a game! Stop talking rubbish!', I'd like to see him play a few games in the seniors. I get that he's not going to be an A grader or a regular selection. One part of it is sentimental and the other part pragmatic. His story is an amazing one, and I'd love to see him overcome what has happened since the incident at the Bolte Bridge a few years ago. Plus, having blokes like he and Mitch Brown getting an occasional game keeps them fresh in case long term injuries come up. Pedersen was great in that sense as well. He wasn't always first 22, but his presence there kept a mature head in the team, and a warning that someone hungry was always lurking in the wings.
  11. Be careful. That thread is like Beetlejuice or the Candyman. Say it's name three times, and it emerges to bring horror into your life.
  12. It originated during the 1972 US presidential campaign during Richard Nixon campaign rallies. Judged on what ended up happening with him, your trepidation is entirely logical. That said, I think 3 years on top of next year is richly deserved. Goody now has plenty of credits in the bank for mine.
  13. I’m glad(?) to see I’m not alone with the tardy merchandise. Though as I am OS, I did get a DHS update to say my goods have been shipped so I guess that’s something. In comparison, I also ordered a new Liverpool scarf direct from their UK provider, and that will arrive tomorrow; one week after it was ordered. Take that for what you will.
  14. Better than the dream I had once where I’d been drafted to Hawthorn for some reason. I woke up in a similar manner to Axl Rose at the end of the ‘November Rain’ music video. 😱
  15. Bruce got a bit grating at times with trying to identify every minutiae with some overarching narrative within the game. How would we realize what we had lost when BT took over with gems such as 'CAN'T BELIEVE IT! CAN'T BELIEVE IT! CAN NOT BELIEVE IT' and 'GEE! GOD! BOY! WOW!' For crying out loud. The bloke said that the players will enjoy the 'comfortableness' during the broadcast of the GF. I'm no language pedant, but couldn't he have just said 'comfort'?
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