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  1. I would like to see him go to the Gold Coast. If he can't get that place ticking over no one will. I would also like to see his reaction when he sees Bozo the Clown (their pre match entertainment for the kiddies) and blows his top. I am guessing a decent spray and a few jumper punches would be in the works. 🤡
  2. Some wag has been playing around with Wikipedia methinks… 😄
  3. I definitely do as well. I think too many people got too triggered by her during the tankquiry (even though she was pretty much on the money as to what was going to happen). She was right about Carlton's implosion in 2002. She was right about Hird and Essendon in 2013. She was right about us during the tanking saga. Eventually someone's track record should stack up, shouldn't it?
  4. It's why I don't just knee jerk reject what David King says when he criticizes us. He was right on Neeld and right on what would happen to us in the 2018 prelim. While we might not like the messenger, we should take them seriously if they have a track record of getting things right.
  5. As a Melbourne supporter, I can say from experience that how this has gone down has a 'Norm Smith Curse' vibe about it. He definitely deserved better treatment than what he has gotten from that jumped up Scotch College bully. Like the NSC, it's not just the sacking in isolation (let's be real, that's what happened here). It's been a series of events dating back to 2006 where Kennett has been looking for ANY excuse to undermine Clarko or get him sacked. There will be a LOT of bad blood coming out of this. I just hope that we get a Tony Charlton Football Show style interview. Like that show did with us, it will rip the scab off and lay bare the disloyalty that was shown to Clarko for nigh on 10 or so years by a bloke who was so 'devoted' to that club that he actually considered presidenting another one (thank God, we dodged that bullet). We are technically the antithesis of everything he stood for. It just makes sense. 😈😉
  6. I'd say move him on. But we do need to keep an eye on the future. It's been summed up earlier that two of our talls (BBB and Tomald) are about to tick over thirty. I have nary an issue with playing blokes of this age forward. Our window is open, and we need to have as much experience in the team when it gets to the pointy end of the season. However, both probably have at most 3 to 4 years left. While I don't blame Neale for what happened in 2007 onwards, we don't want to get into a situation where the cupboard is bare on this front ala David Neitz retiring in 2008. If we win a flag, I don't see us going on to create a dynasty ala Geelong, Hawthorn, Richmond. I believe we will encounter a slight speed bump, like Port did in '04, before potentially steadying the ship. Having that developing forward in the wings will guarantee the ship will be steadied sooner rather than later.
  7. It’ll be actually worse. ND put up with an administrative circus and a football setup at the Junction Oval that was close to park footy. Goody has had as smooth a run this year as could be expected. Hell, the president was forced out in a political power play fresh from the script of ‘The Thick of It’ and there wasn’t the traditional MFC imbroglio of name calling, sniping and factional warfare.
  8. I think it’s becoming lazy and cliche to dog pile posters for suggesting that Daw be given a game. If posters are suggesting he is the answer going forward as a regular part of the starting 22, I fully agree that’s not overly logical. If people are suggesting we give him a game or two to give him a requisite taste of seniors so he can at least carry out his role of ‘break glass in case of emergency’ should said emergency come, I’m very much amenable to that. Also if people suggest he is a decent option to play Dogga’s resting ruck role while the latter gets his wind back and recovers from soreness, I see no issue with that either. Remember also that we most likely play next week against the Suns; a team with no recognized ruckman. If there is any time to give Dogga a rest and throw the bulk of the ruck to Max, this is the week. Also to play Devil’s advocate exclusively, it might be interesting to see what we can do with a bullocking and pack busting forward back in the mix (which Majak clearly has the frame for). The Bear played that role magnificently for 3 to 4 years, and allowed Jesse a much easier avenue to goal.
  9. Don’t buy the training load argument. In short, it is a load. Shouldn’t we be looking stronger now if that were so? It just seems we are getting more and more sluggish.
  10. After a 3k run after the game in 30 degree/80% humidity weather while listening to very aggressive music, I have gotten most of the aggression out. That being said, I wasn’t filthy like I was after the Collingwood and Hawthorn games. I posted the doctored photo earlier showing my disdain for the umpiring. I think them getting every call that looked slightly likely was a big factor in getting the win. I don’t back away from that. The umpiring was lamentable. That said if we were that better a team, shouldn’t we have won by ten goals? The answer is we aren’t, and there were areas we were weak on, areas we were good in, players who played better this week and players who need to be looked at. Firstly, goal kicking. The issue I believe isn’t solely accuracy (though some of BBB’s early offerings could test that proposition). It seems in our current ‘slump’ that we are going through the pockets and wings a lot more and less through the corridor. That’s probably a more high percentage play for getting fifty marks but less so for kicking at goal. My belief however is that last night, if we learn the right lessons, could be the moment we learn how to use BBB properly. As was pointed out by Richo on special comments, the bloke never stops presenting and if we give him eye level, bullet passes into the forward fifty, he is bloody deadly. That second goal was pretty much how he kicked most of his goals at North. He got in front of a smaller opponent who can’t get around his lanky frame and proceeded to panic and crash into him. The free was drawn and we got the goal. He is decent contesting for the high ball and bringing it to ground, but if we use him like that, we are wasting his talents. It goes without saying he needs to get his kicking boots on though. I’m hoping those last two goals have helped him shake off the yips. I felt Jack Viney with less of the pill was much more effective last night. He seemed to play within his limitations and thought things through than playing exclusively like a bull at a gate. The pass to Kozzie was a brilliant example of that. There was much more method there. One area to improve on (with weather being a factor) is fumbling, and I’m looking in Choppers Harmes’ direction. On a night like that, one touch possessions are worth their weight in gold. Sadly, Harmes and ANB are deficient in this area. I’d add that goals from inside fifty clearances need work. I’ve noticed this for the last 7 weeks. Rarely do teams get goals against us from marks inside 50. The damage is done when we get sucked into the contest and blokes like Bontempelli, Breust or another classy ball user gets too much time and space. I have said earlier that we shouldn’t shuffle the magnets leading into September, but I reckon that experience should be considered moving forward and that for mine means Melksham, Jones and Daw (though I’d say he stays in only for the couple of weeks till Dogga gets sufficient rest). Melksham in particular is exactly the type of ball user we need to kick into the fifty. Whatever his defensive deficiencies are, he has an uncanny ability to hit a lead going into fifty. If you are saying the season is shot, I recommend you arrange an appointment with your GP who will promptly prescribe a treatment of you giving yourself an uppercut on a daily basis. The Suns will stretch us, but that game is clearly winnable as is the Crows game. We are definitely a 50/50 chance against the Eagles. We win those three and top 4 is guaranteed. Our fate is in our hands. Are we good enough to take advantage of the opportunity in front of us? Time will tell.
  11. I think the politics and backlash were the key reasons why people talk about it more. You could draw an almost straight line to the unraveling of the club to that day and it’s lead up. In 1979, there wasn’t nearly half the backstabbing, power plays or expectations of success as there was in 2011. Everyone basically viewed us as a bloody awful football team, and we proceeded to dawdle along in that vein till Barass became coach in 1981. Plus I don’t believe it was broadcast at the time (or even included on the replay). If you are a masochist, the highlights of that game are still on YouTube to watch. I’ve never seen it, and I never intend to. With all that being said, I expect a 186 10th anniversary thread next week, so plenty of time to sink our teeth into it then.
  12. Those were the days. Avoiding radio broadcasts and all scores in general so one could save themselves for the replay. Crossing the border into NSW to go to a club to watch the match live or going to a pub with a satellite connection to Imparja. (I lived in the Mallee and Kelly Country as a kid) Drew Morphett (and Sandy Roberts and Peter Landry) being remarkable in that they actively chose not to spend the lion’s share of their air time talking absolute cobblers about irrelevant nonsense or otherwise engaging in forced banter with other knuckleheads in commentary. Football in the suburbs. Great memories. ☺️ As an aside, next week, the 30th to be exact, is the 10 year anniversary of another famous game of ours against Geelong. And like George Costanza, I’ll leave on that high note. 😎
  13. I'm bloody delighted that Goody came straight out and backed up Fritta. No achievement in life is achieved without solidarity, and our club has been much improved on this front.
  14. From the bloke who kneed Mark Yeates in the testicles and proceeded to say disparaging things about his girlfriend as he was getting carted off the ground, he should at least have the common sense to preface his remarks with ‘maybe I’m not the bloke to be casting aspersions here’..
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