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  1. I think it comes down to what’s happening holistically within the club. We got a back door priority pick when we got pick three for Chip Frawley via free agency compensation, which was excessive. However, the steps that were taken that fixed us up properly were at management and coaching level. If Gus and Tracc walked into the 2015 squad coached by Mark Neeld and with Cam Schwab running the show, they would have gone down the Scully (walked out), Grimes/Trengove (career mismanaged prior to premature retirement) or Morton (never lived up to potential before being traded) routes.
  2. In an ideal world, this should be dealt with in club. However, as this involves the law, that's unlikely to happen.
  3. I also said the law is the law. Laws in themselves are not always morally right (I don't believe this law to be), but we do have to ultimately deal with reality here. We can't pragmatically expect that the police will back off, and the odds that my views on this ultimately prevailing in a court of law, should he be found guilty, are very long. I'd add that he hasn't gone to court yet, nor do we have the full details. If Rioli were to be found innocent for whatever reason and the club cut him completely adrift, they would be rightfully condemned. Don Lane years ago got charged with somethin
  4. Personally, I think marijuana should be decriminalized and made totally legal.😕 However, the rules are what the rules are, as is the law. It doesn't make it right in terms of morality, so I personally view this more in line with a distraction the Eagles could do without, not a wholesale condemnation of Rioli as a person (which I'm sure it will devolve into). He should be dealt with in-club, and told to steer clear of it while an employee of the West Coast Eagles. Though my feeling is that this will become a media feeding frenzy with the conversation verging on the level of sophistication
  5. Just so long as our pre match song isn’t ‘Self Abuser’.
  6. One point off my predicted margin. Easily most satisfying win for the year. The Swans never give up, and we have been notoriously flaky. We willed our way to the win.
  7. I’m concerned with the movement through the middle of the ground by the Swans. That non decision where Spargo got Rampe was a shocker. Heads down, bums up fellas. This will go to the wire.
  8. Our defense from spillages is average. They are getting goals there, not from set shots. We need to tighten up on this.
  9. I digress, but why haven’t we adopted this as our pre-match anthem? 90k at the G whistling as one would be spine tingly-dingly for sure!
  10. I have a gut feeling tonight be the night our streak ends. Or it could show a maturity lacking in previous Melbourne teams. Injuries to key players, a less than convincing performance against weaker opposition, an appointment with a team that has had our measure and sky high confidence (which too often has become hubris) have been a horrible equation for us in the past. I hope that the opinion of Jason Dunstall, a much more wiser one than mine, was correct last week when he said that the fact we dug ourselves out of the hole we were in last night showed we were a good side. My
  11. We need photographic evidence. A photo of him holding one of those homemade, handwritten signs confirming who he is while also blowing a snot rocket will be ample proof.
  12. While I have questioned some long term contracts, I won't question this for a minute. Tracc is our Dusty. A once in a lifetime player. In American sports, they would call him a 'franchise player'. You could drop him in any team right now, and they would get a massive boost Depending on the cattle they have, most teams would become instantly credible with him in the 22. As good as Jack and Salo are, I don't think you could say the same about them. They are great add ons for sure and indispensable in their own ways, but they don't fit the description above. If you want to cr
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