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  1. Look at all the so called dynasty teams of the last 20 years. Brisbane Lions: Didn’t finish on the top of the ladder in any of their three peat years. Lost to Collingwood week 1 of 2003 and had to get to the big dance by rolling the Swans in Sydney. Geelong: Experienced the embarrassment of the ‘08 GF, made to look second rate against Collingwood in ‘10 and finished second in ‘09 and ‘11. Yet they won three flags in 5 years. Hawthorn: Were underdogs in the ‘14 flag decider and had to go through the hard way after losing their first final against WCE in ‘15 Richmond: Never finished top in any of their flag years. When they did have a completely dominant 2018, they pooed the bed in the PF against the Pies. The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire. No team wins a flag sailing through entirely still waters.
  2. As an aside @Dwight Schrute, how were those Carlton supporters mouthing off at you about snow season after the final siren?
  3. I think the praise for Melk could be higher. It wasn’t just the 4 he kicked. He started to look like the player in 2018 who was so crucial in setting up our forward fifty forays.
  4. Character building stuff. We can whinge about not winning by enough or not playing as fluid a football as we can. The bottom line is that we showed a will to win tonight that premiership teams need. Those last two entries resulting in goals need to be our template from this point onward. We don’t need to hit a forward lace out directly in front, 30 from goal every time. Collingwood understood that brilliantly last week. It’s a matter of fast, penetrating kicks to the teeth of goal that are too red hot to float in to intercept mark and can fashion either a chest mark or spillage. To be fair, Melky was just lucky. But we set Kozzie up wonderfully for that last goal. Call it blasphemy (I’m bracing for a ban as we speak ), but I felt a bit for Carlton’s supporters. On personnel alone, they are a finals team. They have a more than competent coach. Yet injuries and sliding doors moments might cost them like us in 2017. That game when the Eagles beat the Crows by 22 had me feeling pretty low. I’d say their mob would feel the same. Let’s think positive. We roll Brissy next week and we’ve won 16. That’s one less than last year. It’s always going to be tough in this competition to have the type of season we had in 2021. Yet, we get the win and we find ourselves in as good a position as any to win the flag. Get on board! All tickets for the D-Train. Final stop: September!
  5. 6. Petty 5. Melky 4. Gus 3. Maxy 2. Clarry 1. Hunt (based nearly on his last minute alone)
  6. As good a game as you will see as far as pressure goes.
  7. BBB is contesting and getting to where he needs to. But the strength of his contests has been poor. No explosion and one arm contests do not make for good forward craft. Melky is looking great. Remember a few years ago that he got the highest SuperCoach score recorded against Carlton? Good times.
  8. There’s no need to pinpoint everything. This might sound counterintuitive but observe what Collingwood did last week. Gain territory and have a bit of confidence in the forwards to get into the right spot. Waiting till things get clogged up again will stuff us.
  9. I remember him well. @Tigers Dayzwas his name I believe. Indeed. I remember one happy camper (who shall remain anonymous) stating he would spit on Neeld in the street should he pass him by. Delightful stuff.
  10. That was the one we needed and we inexplicably dropped it. From memory, Pagan created a Dad's Army list that year that had a really low ceiling. He got a decent year out of them in 2004 but they fell off a cliff in '05.
  11. That could be a bad omen. Carlton once tried to rebrand themselves as the Cockatoos in the 1930's!
  12. For me, old synapses are starting to rewire on both sides of the fence. For most of my footballing life, we and Collingwood have never been good at the same time. I like the rest of my family were Collingwood until the 1988 Qualifying Final. We definitely had the wood on the bar stards and as a naive 8 year old, I thought this would always be the case. I swapped to the Demons and have never looked back since. Now that we are both competing for a premiership cup, I definitely understand why George Harris said what he did. When they beat us in the early '00's, they almost did so with a sense of condescenison which in reality wasn't hard to understand. We were horrible. We knew it. They knew it. Now, the hatred they have towards us is palpable. I am starting to feel it towards them as well.
  13. And some think the vitriol in today’s game day threads is excessive! It was Lord of the Flies stuff back in those days!
  14. A bible verse, Luke 4:24, perhaps sums him up… Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.
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