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  1. A sorry tale: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-04-28/sylvia-and-fremantle-a-marriage-made-in-hell?utm_medium=RSS Extracts from article: He never earned that respect. But what eventually transpired at Fremantle could not be blamed on Sylvia's former club. A driven individual, hungry to make an impression, would have raised the bar himself. Sylvia never did… …He raised the ire of his coach when he got suspended for striking in the WAFL in early 2014. His captain Matthew Pavlich spoke of his trouble assimilating into the group. Lyon famously told 3AW: "He (Sylvia) has played a certain way for a long time and he needs to shift. We are not bending for Col. He needs to bend for us." He did not bend. He broke. Lyon and the club lost patience in February after another summer of failing to meet training standards and he was banished to the WAFL… …But Sylvia did not respond. There were rumours he was uninterested during Peel Thunder's first two practice matches. He withdrew from round two due to a (minor) calf injury and he suffered reported concussion in round five. That was his last game for Peel. Reading this and other articles there is a hint that he overstated his calf injury and 'reported' concussion. I cant imagine anything that would send Lyon ballistic more than that. Silly boy, Col. Footnote: Just heard Ralph on SEN, say Silvia is the greatest wasted talent of the last 20 years!! Big call! Not sure I totally agree but he would be towards the top of that list.
  2. What was equally as good was to see Brayshaw protect Jones in the Adelaide game melee. He literally dragged Jones out of the pack to ensure he didn't do something silly and get suspended. Amazing to see such a young man have that composure and gumption! Looking out for each other! There is a special bond between those two already.
  3. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2015-04-28/photo-gallery-casey-v-footscray Pics from Sunday's game Stretch looks ready to me. Will my thought of a Roos 'left field' selection of him be correct? Great mark by Harmes!
  4. Ouch! 'Rookie Mitch White missed last rounds VFL due to a toe injury. He had an accident on the gym, where he dropped a 50kg dumbbell on his toe, which didnt tickle, he said'. Understatement! Extract from Misson report: Jetta to miss more than one. In summary: Sam Frost (fractured toe) 8 weeks Jayden Hunt (back) 2 weeks Neville Jetta (concussion) 1 week Dean Kent (hamstring) 12 weeks Christian Petracca (knee) season Jack Trengove (foot) season Jack Viney (fractured fibula) 2-3 weeks Mitch White (toe) available Looks like Frost will be out longer than expected. Impressed that White is available after dropping that 50kg on his toe!
  5. Unfortunately Jetta could miss more than 1 week. Hope he is back to his healthy self very soon. Glad to hear the club is looking after him. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2015-04-28/jetta-to-miss-more-than-one
  6. We already do know: Yes, he can! He is at Casey to gain confidence. Then he will show all the naysayers.
  7. Maybe essendon is the club who might want him! Then Watson would have an (ulterior) motive for making his info public. Sadly, I've lost respect for Watson over the last few months, so wouldn't put it past him.
  8. Roos might surprise with a 'left-field' selection this week. He has shown he is prepared to risk a loss to get the right behaviours from the players, which suggests he may not pick players with high possessions/good individual games at Casey. As we don't know the instructions/role each player had its hard to tell who did 'what the coaches told them to'. Wouldn't be surprised if one replacement was a player who will benefit from the experience of playing against Freo/Swans/Hawks as part of their development. Stretch maybe? Starting with the sub vest.
  9. Noticed that! It looked a bit like he deliberately walked into the camera space as if to say: 'very proud of the lad!'
  10. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2015-04-27/column-the-rise-of-nathan-jones Quite an article! Interesting extracts of Roos' comments on Jones: “I just love the balance in his game. We had a couple of debates last year about what he thinks is a good game and what I do, and I think we’re getting some common ground now,” he said. “I just think his understanding of what the coaches want now and understanding what his teammates need him to do is really good. I think he’s a better player this year than he was last year – and he won our best and fairest last year.” “When you’re playing in a poor team a lot, you tend to think about yourself and how many possessions you get,” he said. “Whereas I think really what he’s focusing on now is how he can help his team and he was exceptional. I can't find it atmo but read Roos comments somewhere last week about Grimes is at Casey learning to play a team and not an individual game. That surprised me given the anecdotes of him being a 'team man'. In context of the above it suggests Grimes didn't understand what the coaches want. Will be interesting to see if Grimes gets in this week. Brayshaw and Vandenberg both talked in their interviews about sticking to coaches instructions. It seems to be the main criteria for selection: Do what the coaches want you to do!! Sounds good to me! Jones is a fast learner - for years an outstanding on-field player. Now likely to be one of the best captains and on-field leaders in the game.
  11. Say that again...? The most balanced assessment of Watts is by our captain: http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-premiership/jack-watts-lacking-confidence-but-doesnt-fear-contact-on-field-says-melbourne-kipper-nathan-jones/story-e6frf3e3-1227322101333 BB, if that doesn't convince people that Jack is an asset (who has areas to improve) then nothing will.
  12. Our captain said on national television today that they were really happy with Jack's game on Friday night and he had responded really well to the criticisms of his 'mistakes' the previous week. Why is that not enough for the Watts bashers? Again, lets all get behind Jack this week leading into his 100th game for our beloved red and blue.
  13. Sorry to say AF you are in for a few years of anxiety...relax and enjoy the ride, for however long it lasts
  14. Channel 7 just reported that the club has started discussions to contract Petracca to 2018 and it appears a formality. That means with: Brayshaw: 2018 Salem 2017 Kennedy - Harris 2018 Hogan 2017 Viney 2017 ...the cream of our crop is locked away for a few years Would be surprised if work hasn't started with the 2016 expirations (notably Tyson, Tommy Mc, Kent, Newton). What I like is that players are happy to sign up beyond Roos coaching contract so it shows they are happy about the club, Goodwin et al. Still some list management work to do but bodes well.
  15. There is a clip of the fox footy website and an interview with Stuart Fox where he says the guy and his mates (who were drunk) had been harassing Clarkson for a while on the way to the hotel. Stuart Fox and Fagan were walking to the hotel with Clarkson so they saw what happened. Not sure why they didn't do something earlier. Hard to tell but the video on fox footy looks like it is indoors (not sure whether inside the hotel or not). If so, how did the guy get into the hotel? You are right clarko should have better control. Not setting a good example. Just hope the media don't make a great beat up about it and hang him out to dry. Edit: correction - appears to have been on the way out of the oval rather than to/at the hotel
  16. Looked like a set-up. The guy had been harassing Clarkson for a little while and was making a 'selfie' video of it. The guy got what he wanted...a reaction...(and some would say what he deserved) and only released the 10 secs of it that show Clarkson in a bad light. Looked like a slap rather than a punch. Am not being a Clarkson apologist, nor am I fan. Clarkson, should not have reacted but the whole thing should be put in the full context.
  17. Freo have now beaten 3 of last year's top 6 teams (and thrashed WCE). They are hunting down a top 2 spot as they know they can't win the GF unless they do. Expect them to be more rulthless than usual. Will be a good test of our aggressive play. Looking forward to it. Last night Roos' two apprentices went to head to head...in the next two weeks they face their master
  18. He retains his spot in the same way other players who have had patchy form this year eg Tyson, Dunn, Dawes, Garlett and even Lumumba. The spotlight is always on Jack and it seems only Jack. Until he stops following the coach's instructions he stays in the side...he gets the same deal as all the players. For all DL's and especially in the media, I hope all the anti-Watts rubbish stops this week. He plays his 100th game next Saturday. Lets focus on that for a while. A worthy and loyal achievement at a club that has struggled for his whole career. Most people acknowledge he would be a better player at Hawthorn, Geelong or a better side. Have we all forgotten the relief when re-signed a few years ago? He stuck by us. Now its for us to stick by him. I hope the cheer squad honour him on the banner next Saturday. I hope Melbourne supporters come out in droves to celebrate. I hope we cheer him loudly. It may just be the confidence boost he needs.
  19. There is a rumble in the jungle gaining momentum saying players not happy at Tigerland! And, the jungle drums have started beating: Hardwick won't see out his 2016 ending contract. Tigers are struggling because Hardwick is. Remember last year the players publicly said Hardwick (and Cotchin) weren't hard enough on them at training and weren't demanding enough. So, no wonder they were 'insipid'. Reap what you sow! Quite simply they played lazy on Friday night.
  20. Here is another great piece by Martin Flanagan who has a gift for capturing the essence of a person or a situation, in words. It is about an ANZAC 'larrikin' and is really worth the read. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/a-magpie-worthy-of-the-label-larrikin-20150424-1mrol5.html
  21. I share your thoughts. The stadium lights detracted from the 'light up the G' lights. Also thought all the football stuff on the scoreboard screens should be cleared so the Light horse man and the ceremonial things are clearly visible. To echo Whispering Jack's post in another thread would love to see the Tex Perkins and Eric Boyle songs and videos feature next year. A lot of dignity in the ceremony last night.
  22. Can't believe he goes untagged week after week!I Couldn't help but wish that either Jones/Vince/Viney do a job on him when we play them Sorry if that sounds a bit nasty
  23. Usually watch ANZAC Day game without much caring who wins. Can't believe I am hoping for a Pies win. Just can't bear to see EFC cheats win a game so heavily linked to the ANZAC's
  24. GWS used the same tactic a few weeks ago, after they lost Tomlison in the 2nd qtr and decided to play a small forward line with midfielders going flat out from centre bounces to score. It didn't work for Richmond because their mid-field isn't very good and Riewoldt was too lazy to go with Tommy.
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