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  1. 41 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Where abouts was that bit Luci? I might have missed it or not be remembering it. Got a link? I remember him saying 'if they don't make the 8 because of it....' which to me pretty firmly implies he thinks it does have a big impact.

    Don't relish ploughing through Scott's press conf/media appearance videos again, tbh...will do my best to find it.

  2. 23 minutes ago, FlashInThePan said:

    According to the periodisation charts earlier in this thread (if that is what the club are doing), you don’t get to pick a convenient window to get your loading done, you work the schedule.

    To be clear, I don’t know if we are loading or not. But if I were a betting man, I’d be putting the family home on it. 

    tbh I haven't looked at those charts much as it is but one methodology and no one knows if we are using that methodology.

    Chris Scott said on AFL 360 that they have chosen the bye for loading which sounds like a 'convenient window' thus suggesting they are not using 'periodisation' charts/methodology. 

    On your last point, I've never doubted that we undertake loading.  Just haven't been convinced that it was in rounds 9-10 and that it 'mainly' explains ours losses (Similar thoughts on Freo's and Lion's) pre bye.

  3. 25 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    The thing that annoys me is that the bump probably decides the game. A key mid is out for the game replaced by a ruck. Stewart gets 29 touches and the Cats win

    AFL. Need to consider a red card type rule for off the ball hits like this. It’s simply unfair

    Had the umpires stopped play for the 3 minutes it needn't have decided the game.  Geelong got a goal in that time while Tigers were a person down.

    It is a big surprise that the '4th' umpire didn't talk to those on the ground through the headphones to stop the game.  Not just for fairness but it was dangerous as play was going on around Prestia and the medicos.

    Someone must have told the umpires to smarten up as when Baker was hit head high later in the game they stopped play.

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  4. A not so small item of interest.

    The other top 4 sides (Cats, Lions, Freo) play only 1 top 4 side for the rest of the season:  The Demons.

    Win those and we go an extra game up on them.  Ditto if we beat Carlton (5th).

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  5. 7 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    Scott says it wasn't deliberate.  I don't think he intended to hurt but the action looked deliberate to me: 

    • they were a long way from the ball. 
    • Stewart at no time looked at or veered toward the ball. 
    • Made a beeline for Prestia.
    • Didn't break stride
    • Elected to bump (there wasn't even an option to tackle as they were so far from the ball and Prestia hadn't had possession)

    At a human level it was sickening to see Prestia's body so contorted when he tried to move and his face so dazed.

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  6. Somewhere, Scott says it (loading) is what they do in the middle of the year ie during the byeBased on that, one would expect any form drop off to be after their bye.  He also said he thought the impact of loading on form is overstated. 

    While every club is different his comments make me wonder about all the DL posts that were adamant losses to Freo (rnds 9 and 10), Lions (rnds 10 and 12) and Demons (rnds 11 - 13) were 'mainly' due to loading.  All had their byes after those loses, in round 14.

    Given our fixture, to me it makes more sense that our loading is between rounds 12 and 16 where we have 8, 9, 8 days break between games.  After that we have a 5 day break and another 9 day break.  Plenty of time to load up and recover over that 6 weeks with minimal affect on results. 

    Intuitively, with this fixture it makes more sense to me that we have several 'smaller' load peaks over rounds 12 -18 tapering towards the end, rather than one huge peak over 2/3 weeks before the bye.  Also it doesn't make much sense to me that we would load up players when so many had been ill or injured over rounds 8 to 12.  Get them healthy, give them a rest then, load up...

    Note: number of days break does not include the day of the subsequent game. 


    12 hours ago, A F said:

    "It's what we do during the middle period of the year. We double down, even more than we might have done in previous years," Scott said.

    "We haven't been able to execute that over the last few years anyway. That's a reason to do it better."

    That is what I recall hearing altho hadn't seen it written.

    I interpreted those comments as not having done much (loading) or not 'executed' it very well in recent years and they need to be better.  I didn't interpret it as 'go harder'.  More like be smarter.

    It was in that context that I made my original post (below) referring to Byrne's recruitment giving them some 'know how' to get better.

    On 6/24/2022 at 4:23 PM, Lucifers Hero said:

    Scott said something like they hadn't been able to do it the last few years.  I'm guessing that is because they didn't have the know how.  

    Shannon Byrnes joining them after our premiership, even tho he was in a development role with us, would have given them the framework/concepts to research and build/modify their training programs and probably gave them a bit of IP learnt from the Master, Darren Burgess.

    I'm still comfortable with that interpretation.

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  8. 50 minutes ago, A F said:

    I could be wrong, but Scott's comments I read were that they hadn't got it right the last few years, which is a reason to go even harder.

    I think it's their game plan and personnel, not their fitness at the pointy end.

    Can't remember which media video I heard him on but recall it being they hadn't been able to do much in recent years.  I recall him saying the players had their bye break and were prepared to put in hard training so it sound like the loading was prolonged. 

    Can you refer me his comment that you read?  Did he say actually they went 'even harder' this year or is that an assumption? 

    My main point was that having Shannon Byrnes would have given them a bit of IP on the programs used at the dees be the programs be sports science models or computer programs. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Lil_red_fire_engine said:

    You can if you dont bomb it in. I actually think it also works just as well if not better with Gawn resting forward as the second tall. The 4 smalls meant ANB and Spargo could continue to play higher almost mainly wing/back half connectors and Pickett and Toby could play more mid to forward 50. 

    I like that.

    Keep the same team this week then Gawn for Weideman vs Geelong if Max is ready.

    Then settle the team and our methods over the last month or so ready for finals.

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  10. 2 hours ago, jacey said:

    We essentially went small with mbrown n gawn out for weid and Bedford.

    Unless the weid can show something to be that tmac role, That looks to be the mix now. When gawn gets back. Gawn in. Weid out.

    BBB as the sole tall forward and gawn/Jackson rotate as the second and a fleet of small forwards.

    In the press conf Goodwin said going in with a shorter player instead of a tall won't happen every week.

  11. 11 hours ago, TeamPlayedFine39 said:

    Yes, but week one would be at the GABBA or Optus.  Finish top 2 and we can clean sweep at the MCG.

    Only if we win week 1.  Lose it and we could end up with an i/state Prelim.

    I reckon we have a good chance of winning the forthcoming return games vs Freo and Lions.

    Optus is our second fortress and we won't be missing 5 of our best next time (I hope). 

    Gabba is 50/50 but our mauling of the Lions this week will cut deep scars and they have only a few months to recover.  Like the bulldogs after the GF mauling, I doubt the Lions will.

    I've been very confident of top 4 all along.  I'm quietly confident of top 2.  If not I have no angst of playing those teams away.

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  12. On 6/23/2022 at 8:00 PM, Queanbeyan Demon said:

    Wilson is brilliant IMHO. Do I always agree with her? No. Does she sometimes get it wrong? Yes. Who amongst us hasn't made mistakes? We're all keyboard heroes to some degree, including QD. Pointing out the errors of others whilst being reluctant to admit our own is par for the course online. 

    She has been brilliant in holding the often nefarious VFL/AFL to account for decades. She used to get suck into Oakley and Vlad on a regular basis. 

    And as for the morons in clubland . . . she's been superb. For example:

    • the hypocrisy of the Swans whinging while benefitting from COLA, draft concessions and AFL handouts to recruit stars,
    • the series of completely dysfunctional administrations at Linton Street over five decades, with a spectacular highlight (hard to pick one admittedly) being the duplicitousness fiasco involving Blight (thanks for all the headlines Minibus),
    • she was the first to go after the Golden Child at Windy Hill before it became popular game fishing,
    • she couldn't stand the Elliott cheating regime at Royal Parade,
    • she chased down the Crows in 2018,
    • called out the finger up-the-date debacle at Bunt Road for exactly what it was,
    • she went ferreting after Meth Coke, and
    • called out the sanctimoniousness at the Filth on a monthly basis. 

    And finally, I would say this. If she is talking over Triple Chins, I am not surprised. She has been subjected to, and had to put up with, sexism, prejudice, misogyny, behind the hand sniggers, and white male 'right to entitlement' at all levels of the game for a long time. How she has survived it is amazing. She must be a strong person. She has had to interrupt to be heard over the egocentric, self-important, arrogant and attention seeking FWs for a long time. Wilson has played a huge part in paving the way for a greater role for women in the game. Her legacy is assured. 


    9 hours ago, titan_uranus said:

    I don’t agree at all with the OP, or his ongoing vendetta against Caro. 

    But even if I did, mods do we need yet another thread on this?

    Far out. 


    The best two posts in this thread.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

    Just lifting the Cone of Silence for a moment: Did Dogs n Dorks do 14 goals 1 behind in the last quarter? Some kind of accuracy and/or volume record? (would you believe?)

    Because neither have good team defence nor a decent back 6/7. 

    Hawks gradually building their defensive assets/methods.  Dogs have been weak in those areas for years.

    Bulldogs will not make the 8!

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  14. 1 minute ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    It’s only half an hour earlier but makes a huge difference in terms of getting home on PT. And to people staying in the city after work killing time before the match, for example. 

    And its safer late night travel as there is likely to be more people on the train at 10.30pm than 11.00pm.  It is only 30 mins but as you say it makes a difference.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    37,000 is an outstanding non school holiday crowd and will only strengthen the claims for more Thursday night games next year, particularly given the benefits of the floating fixture where the AFL can mix and match.

    The club/AFL promoted the game well with $12 tickets but the BCNA event probably drew more people that it otherwise would've.

    I'm not averse to attending Thursday night footy a couple of times a year but I'm hoping our week one final (assuming we qualify for finals and we're at the G) isn't on a Thursday night. Would much rather Friday night or Saturday twilight or night for our first final.

    There will be a week one final on Thursday night.


    iirc the higher finishing team gets a say in the time slot of their finals, especially if a reigning premier.  It is another advantage of finishing 1 or 2.

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  16. 7 minutes ago, Bystander said:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but 3 or 4 is as good as top 2 if you are up against a Melbourne team.?

    Correct, for the first final.

    From there there are lots of permutations depending on who wins/loses that and other finals.  Essentially, finishing 1 or 2 makes it more likely to have a Home prelim.

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  17. 1 hour ago, The heart beats true said:

    I think they wanted other clubs to know, arguably because they’ve been late to the party. It never had to be mentioned in any way, but it was - by their long term captain whose spent 15 years toeing the line with the media.

    Scott said something like they hadn't been able to do it the last few years.  I'm guessing that is because they didn't have the know how.  

    Shannon Byrnes joining them after our premiership, even tho he was in a development role with us, would have given them the framework/concepts to research and build/modify their training programs and probably gave them a bit of IP learnt from the Master, Darren Burgess.

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  18. 6 minutes ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    In his presser, Fagan described Viney's game as "unbelievable", so it's a fair bet Jack will get the maximum.

    By a country mile.  I'm still in awe of Viney's game. 

    I was thinking the 'minor' placings re Jackson etc.

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  19. 1 minute ago, roy11 said:

    One of my mates is a Lions man and If there was a "what are they saying in the Group Chat" thread we'd have the following;

    On having Talls "Flip side is our complete lack of speed"

    On opposition small forwards 'Def our weakness'

    We exploited both last night bringing in a short player for a tall and tweaked the way we played.  Caught them by surprise. 

    Their system and structures broke down early and they had no way of getting the momentum back. 

    Can't see their depth to quickly overcome the list 'imbalance'.

  20. A worrying aspect for Brisbane is they have virtually zero depth, especially small/mid sized players.  Current injury list:

    • Darcy Gardiner, Lungs 4 weeks
    • Kai Lohmann, Ankle Test
    • Dayne Zorko, Hamstring Test
    • Zac Bailey, covid protocols

    They brought in a debutant and two players who have had very few games in their AFL careers to replace Gardiner, Zorko and Bailey.

    They will struggle, as players get injuries have form lapses to field a finals ready team.

    What last night showed their list unbalanced ie is too tall with about 5-6 players >200 cms.

    Would not have thought this a few days ago but they risk sliding out of the top 4.

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  21. 6 minutes ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    I understand your point, but the one thing he didn't do was curtail the influence of his primary opponent. That is why I marked him down and didn't put him in my votes.

    Fair comment.

    Wondering if that was his team role as he would never beat the Big O for hitouts or marking contests.  The impression I had was they let Oscar do his thing knowing we had him covered in other ways.


    As an aside, it will be interesting to see the coaches votes.  Tough job to choose this week as this thread shows.

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  22. 6 minutes ago, Jibroni said:

    Even if Max wants to play I would give him another week off. No change

    Yeah, bring him back for the following one vs Geelong.  Because of the bye/fixturing it will be about 3.5 weeks since the injury.

    He said a highlight of 2021 was beating Geelong three times!!  Like their feline mascot, they would be hissing and spitting at that comment. 

    He won't want to miss a trip to the kittens' playground.  Inflict more hurt.

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  23. 1 minute ago, Lord Nev said:

    Hopefully no change, but slightly worried about how Viney's corky might pull up during the week.

    I guess Dunstan in for him if it's needed.

    He will be fine.  We have another 9 day break to the next game.

    Wild horses and wild bulls couldn't keep him from playing. 

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