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  1. Calling Kossie a liar should come back to bite..
  2. Is there any other Club that a smart player who plays for us should consider.? I mean one could go through the list and give an argument against just about all of them
  3. Would Grundy having to stand out of footy for 12 months be restraint of trade?
  4. Didn't see anybody else kick a perfect pass at a critical point to Fritch in a Grand Final, bear in mind his namesake did something similar, albeit with his hand,in a GF as well. Just thought cold blooded people might think he might be a keeper...
  5. JHF pretty decent player now in my book. Shares it around, fearless,smart and tough. I wish we had some space.
  6. And he would have been instructed to do that by that shifty, the smiler coach.
  7. AFL Media, a guide to relevancy:- Chapter 1:- .................. Chapter 2:-...................
  8. Who would you rather have as a team-mate Jackson or Weideman?
  9. How do you know. He played one of the best spoiler roles I've seen in a game where his role was pivotal in stopping run on against a team that kicked something like six goals in the last 15minutes of a prelim. That's not penny andy kids stuff. Rucking is tough when your always the smaller protagonist.
  10. Wonder which Court in New York stipulated condition of release for De Goey and how long he was to adhere to the condition. Would have been at least 12 months..criminal court?
  11. What a waste of paper.My dog could have made up a more sensible paragraph than this rubbish.
  12. LJ big contribution to us being Premiers....worth more than Naughton.
  13. Who the bloody hell do wobbles think they are.First...no sitting down on the ground after the contest...unless your dead. Now special cases.... no more naughty boy corner.You play your next four games for nothing. I'm getting Assumption/ Killigrew. like vibes here..
  14. Have to feel sorry for Kane,everywhere from the Footy Show to Port is where he is being made fun of.Then again the Footy Show is so not funny that guests ie Wiilliams cannot understand the deadpan purported humour. Think it's done for next year..
  15. All trades have to be approved by the AFL and Cats
  16. Wouldn't be because him and Grundy don't get on, would it?
  17. He wouldn't have had that personal creepy touch that a certain leader has.
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