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  1. Jack Viney did MFC proud on Saturday. You come to realise in life that you are all just team members. His work in tackles was phenomenal.
  2. The way Jackson's playing, half his wages are going on dental. On the couch said his has gone up by a fair wack already.
  3. Got a lump in my throat that our Team could actually do that. Mesmerising..
  4. On top of that, in the throwing the ball competition it ended up a draw between, funnily enough, two Footscray blokes.Both short little on ballers. Enough said...
  5. I reckon May should be rubbed out for not telling the maggots that he played with a torn hammy..
  6. Footscray had a chance, they didn't take it. On our whole play cycle this year, we had chances, and we took them.Why would you want it any other way. It was the ride of the season
  7. As an example to the rest of the competition they did it with good clean brilliant attacking AFL final standard football, which should be commended.
  8. Just an aside for the Umpires. Jack will not be hunting players.Just the ball with his mind.
  9. Yes, maybe Max's votes could have come from one or two umpire's voting.
  10. I wish I had access to Rexie to find out things...
  11. I'm wondering why as well. Pace seems to have picked up as well.
  12. ...bloody Footscray trying to poison our staff.with beans.
  13. We know who their injuries are and the Umpires have been to measure classes along with head pulling and open hand ball flicking, which was invented by their patriarch anyway.
  14. Anyone seen the bont training this week. I think he is injured. I think the media is leaving it alone.I don't think he has free lateral movement. I also think there will be some announcement after the game one way or another.
  15. I, like most normal sports lovers haven't forgotten, but in saying that on an individual basis suggest he is in a position to dedicate this life changing event to whoever he wants to. Again the different angle is the furtive byline here, and as one dedicates, then Jake I want to know who the other 39 odd dedicate to, like their politic/religion, their Jehovah's Witness, their shooters and fishers party, and so on and why?
  16. Come on you blokes he's saving your desperate lives
  17. He owned the Tower at the same time didn't he
  18. Cats would be pretty interested in picking up a FF who could slot in to their forward line and be given time to settle like their current one was. He is needed here and we should be considerate of just that.
  19. They know who and what they are playing for...
  20. I don't want BS free kicks going to Dogs in first quarter, whether they are conjured up by inexperienced or experienced Umpires trying to put their stamp on a flowing good weather spectacle of the year event. Flowing is end to end with pace and finesse, not 14mtr passes following a throw out of a pack. The rules used on the day need to be clear and consistent and not suited to one and not the other.
  21. We tag and the best wingers in the comp will orchestrate as many, if not more free kicks than usual
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