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  1. Any draft ranking know alls who didn't have MFC as an A+ in the years we picked up Petracca and Oliver, don't have opinions worth consideration.7
  2. Especially made for us after two consecutive flags
  3. Maggots at it again. How do you give a free for holding when there is a physical impossibility of seeing it.
  4. ..and who votes.This friends is ad hoc. One would think the AFL has just had the bejesus frightened out of them.
  5. If Goody was spotted heading up the coast recently, like he was, something is going on.
  6. Who got the votes, and gave them in Gold Coast's last game of year.
  7. Touk Miller Captain Of GC which was umpired by this bloke six times during year for how many votes hmm..
  8. Who does the AFL answer to, for just such a catastrophic disgrace as this? All branches of the AFL organisation are affected by this.
  9. My hard earned judgement in question?? four-men-arrested-over-suspicious-brownlow-medal-betting
  10. Go back to what I said before. There was something in the water at that boarding place. Either discussions with managers not private enough or someone was visiting there who shouldn't have been. Perhaps ratbags from media or other clubs or even good advice friends.
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