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  1. 26 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Is Gus 'super quick'? Is Jordon? Perhaps it's not just speed that makes a 'specialist winger'.


    He played 3 games last year. Averaged 5 disposals, 1 tackle and 1 mark.


    You seem to not know your history. Both were dropped numerous times before improving and earning their spots.

    Spargo played 8 games in each of 2019  and 2020.

    Neal Bullen spent a ton of time at Casey working on his competitiveness playing as an inside mid and was nearly traded end of 2020.

    Give it up mate.

    Give up ! Not likely.

    I'll put it on the record that I reckon Baker has been treated harshly & deserves a run.  If he doesn't get a go I predict he'll go elsewhere & make a decent career.

    If he doesn't I'll be happy to concede u were right & I was wrong.  

  2. 9 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Ridiculous comment.

    Chances are earned, not given. All of those players have had times where they've had to earn another chance.

    Sparrow's first couple of years were very similar to Baker's, with almost the exact same number of games ('chances'). Do you honestly think their different trajectories since then is due to purely being given opportunities? Rubbish.

    Jordon's were even tougher due to injury but he  earned chances and took them.

    Spargo's 2nd and 3rd years he had to do the hard yards, Harmes struggled  early too.

    'Given games'... Please.

    You sound a bit cranky there Nev.

    I stand by my comments. Baker is a specialist winger & super quick & should have been the obvious replacement. He got one game last year & was fair but got dropped the next week.  

    ANB & Spargo were very poor week after week yet the selectors stuck with them.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    Not sure if he's been in qualifying form but surely Baker has the nod given Lingers is out.  If Melky goes down (someone steps on his small toe....cough) then yipeee for Bakes

    I fully agree but sadly Baker seems to be on the outer.  Spargo, Harmes, Jordon & Sparrow were all given a number of consecutive games to get experience & confidence whereas Baker has received few opportunities. 

    I hope he goes to another Club & makes a go of it.


  4. 23 hours ago, Deedubs said:

    Watching the GWS vs WC game today shows me just how off we are. Gws up by 54 at half time. Instead, we get outplayed by a half. But it's apparently ok because its 'not our style'. It's no surprised Kangaroos outplayed us for a large chunk of the game too. 

    Next week is a big test because we are miles off at the moment. Like how about our defensive zone after a behind? we just get sliced through with ease every time. Need to short that s*** out asap. 

    Sorry mate but you haven't got a clue. Its a tough competition & any side is capable of an upset on any given day.

    10 wins straight this year & still you are having a sook.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Go the Biff said:

    Absolute bollocks.

    His arms were free. Fair tackle - no prior, ball-up.

    I was wrong & you are correct his arms are free.

    However absolutely reckless to pile drive him 6 inches into the ground. Arguably even more dangerous than a sling tackle.

    If its not illegal it should be.


  6. 3 hours ago, Go the Biff said:

    There's no class action being assembled for victims of cracked ribs, torn hamstrings or high ankle sprain injuries.

    Also, I thought it was a great tackle. If one of our blokes laid that I'd be punching the air in approval

    He pinned his arms & pile drove him into the ground. This is virtually the same as a sling tackle. 

    If its not illegal it should be.


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  7. 57 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Melksham lol.

    Explain after today's performance that justify him being selected next week or even for the rest of the year. Forget the 200 games, his form alone on today's performance was stock standard Melk of the last 2 years.

    7 disposals and 1 tackle. I would have rather Bailey Laurie with those numbers knowing he's getting a taste of AFL action.

    For team selection it's got to be a team balance. If Viney is fit then it might have to be Dunstan who I thought was pretty good bar a few sloppy disposals. 

    I'm banking that Langdon will be right to go and Melksham goes out.


    Yes Melk was pretty ordinary.  Thought Bedford & Dunstan were also pretty ordinary & failed to take their chances.

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Kent said:

    Me neither

    Mellks isn't anywhere near Harmes output enduance nor defense

    A very poor bewildering selection

    At least if he has a poor day that will be the end for him

    That's pretty unfair.  And its hardly bewildering as his form at Casey has been excellent playing on ball & fwd and he was solid when he filled in against Hawthorn.

    And I doubt they will drop him on 199 games.


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  9. 11 hours ago, binman said:

    Good points, well made.

    You're right, melksham is probably the closest like for like and will be a good option.

    Having watched Casey all year I'd have thought Dunstan was the obvious replacement with Melk a close second. I'm sure the 200 games came into the equation.

  10. 10 hours ago, Colin B. Flaubert said:

    If one were to analogise the broader battle of ideas as a World War, Cranky Franky would be Grenada. 😄

    Fair enough. However I'd rather be Grenada than a serial windbag who puts everyone to sleep by the 3rd paragraph. 😁

  11. 1 hour ago, BoBo said:

    Great points and I’m going to nerd out a bit….

    Extremism is a strange word in a way. It’s understood as being focused on the subject that it’s descriptive of, but what it is functionally doing, is establishing the users social/moral/political stances in opposition to the subject and asserting that the subject is immoral. So really, it’s as much, if not more, about the user as it is about the subject. 

    Anyway, footy. Haha

    Ahem - I think you & Flaubert should maybe get a room.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Dead set, when has he ever hit the mark.

    Some seriously ordinary comments in this thread.

    Never change demonland..

    Poor old HL made more in 10 years at the Pies than I earned in my working life but I hear lattes are very expensive in the US so  maybe you & the Demonland woke brigade could set up a GoFundMe page to help him out.


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  13. 1 hour ago, Demonstone said:

    You only have to look at the overwhelming positive response to deejammin's excellent post to realise that you are part of a very small minority here, Franky.

    Like some others, you seem to confuse "woke" with common human decency and respect for others.

    Yes but fortunately the number of people that support or believe something has no impact on whether something is true or not.

    And I don't think decent people secretly tape a private conversation and then without consent leak selected parts to the public.


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  14. 14 hours ago, deejammin' said:

    Hi, I think what has happened is that initially when H came out with these claims publicly in 2017 the club, Bucks, Eddy etc tried to play it down, said it wasn’t a big deal and denied several of his claims. 

    Step one, deny racism:

    ”what that 13 yo girl said to Adam Goodes isn’t racist” “ they’re not booing him because of racism” “ the nickname wasn’t racist, he was cool with it” “Eddy was joking about a musical, not being racist” “Kennett wasn’t being racist he was making fun of her pants” “everyone’s mean on the internet it’s not unique to racism” 

    Step two, admit racism but minimise it:

    ”yeah what the girl said was racist but he she’s 13 what does she know” “ some 

    You watch, the next indigenous player to have a hard time will go through this again. It happens every time and this is the exact culture and cycle that needs to be broken. 

    Are you trying for "woke of the year" or a PhD

    A Bible length melange of half baked assertions & crackpot theories.

    Are you Colin Flaubert posting under another name ?

    Can't believe how much sympathy this entitled prat is receiving.  We dodged a bullet when he left the Dees early.

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  15. 25 minutes ago, 58er said:


    When  comparing Sam whose ruck work is superior snd his marking around the ground more at least equal at this stage of his development.

    Superior ruck work - you must be kidding 🤣 Sam's ruck work is woeful & at boundary throw ins he is probably the worst in the AFL.

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  16. 16 minutes ago, Neil Crompton said:

    No wonder you’re cranky.

    Nah I only get cranky with the serial windbag, historical revisionists and chardonnay socialists that use Demonland to lecture to the rest of us.

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  17. Historical footnote.  I was living in Darwin in the early 1980's & involved in the local footy.

    I wrote to the MFC to tell them that there were a lot of talented Aboriginal players in the NT & suggested that Melbourne should look at recruiting some of the local talent in particular the Rioli boys.

    Ray wrote back & thanked me for the info & said they were aware of the local talent pool & were monitoring things however nothing came of it.


  18. 16 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    I had a listen to it yesterday and couldn't agree more.

    Shane was desperately wanting to stay at Melbourne and even begged the club for it. Our board at the time was a shambles and it was great to hear that Neale Daniher owned his actions and apologised to Shane few years ago.

    Those thinking he was greedy are absolutel nuffies.

    Absolute revisionist BS. He was a $300,000 a year player getting paid $500,000 a year.

    If he had agreed to be paid what he was worth he probably could have stayed on.

    Apart from 2000 he was a completely average, ordinary player. Even Collingwood woke up & delisted him shortly after.

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  19. I don't have much sympathy for Shane.

    His management had us over a barrel because Jeff Farmer had left & leveraged a very fat contract for Shane who was a solid player who happened to have 1 great season.

    He was being paid way overs.  If he'd agreed to be paid what he was worth he could have stayed at Melbourne.

    So if he was cranky with the Club who cares.

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