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  1. We also win the McClelland Trophy. First time since 1990. For those too young to remember, it was awarded to the VFL/AFL club with the most success across Seniors, reserves and Under 19 comps. collectively. These days it is awarded to the minor Premiers. Hey silverware is silverware! Cool eh?
  2. RIP big fella. You were right first time. No 10 was Ken Emselle.
  3. I'm sorry it was a typo - I meant 18 games. So 16 wins or 64 points is our record for a season I guess.
  4. Can anybody tell me what is our record for Premiership points earned in a season? Even in our great times there were only 17 games so we must have a big chance to go better.
  5. OK R & B, I see your point in that respect. Has Phillips been delisted? I suppose we could rookie him then. Have GWS indicated what they are prepared to trade for Preuss? If he's on $400K then he might earn us a nice draft pick from them.
  6. Why would we trade out a 25/6 year old in Preuss who has performed well for us only to recruit a 29 year old plodder. Preuss is under contract as well for next two years. Here's an idea - send Phillips to GWS.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Geelong came with a plan of keeping's off and it got them over the line. Goody always says that his team will play with a recognisable brand of footy focused on winning the contested ball. At the moment that brand resembles something from a Two Buck Shop.
  8. Does anybody recall the guy we planned to draft and we had invited to do his pre-season with us some years back. It was the year that we had our camp in Darwin instead of Maroochydore. He was on the camp with all the players when Melbourne found out that Port Adelaide (?) had drafted him ahead of us. I think it was the pre-season draft. Anyway he wasn't successful in his AFL career.
  9. The article on the AFL website has a picture of Sonny Walters instead of Bennell. Don't they have editors over there.
  10. I think clubs must make a minimum of three selections in the draft. With only two picks on our books at present there will be further movement. Exciting times. I trust our guys to get it right.
  11. I went too soon. Gerard Whately called it incorrectly. Boo-hoo.
  12. Woo-hoo. Gold Coast are not given No.2 pick.
  13. I suspect that the club has somehow lured Simon Godfrey back as our kicking coach. Jack has never been the type of player that hurts the opposition by foot. He rarely finds a target downfield and certainly doesn't hit the scoreboard enough. Nobody doubts his toughness or determination but until he improves his disposal or scoring ability he won't be judged as an elite player.
  14. You mean - like Melbourne supporters?
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