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  1. When we beat them earlier in the year, we smashed them in close with high pressure. When they best us, they conceded the ruck and roved off Gawn very well. Think Jackson will play more ruck minutes to be less predictable, and Gawn forward to stretch their defence. We can do this, we really can.
  2. Seriously, Don’t know what you all were worried about 🤢 go the [censored] Demons!!!
  3. I’m finding the expectation of winning is creating the anxiousness. It’s not going to be a very productive work day. I won’t be able to sit still, for some reason I feel the need to clean the house at moments like this - the wife will love it. Add to that Zoom meetings / home schooling and a jogs to get through the day. Hope you all can enjoy the day (somehow) and we have something to celebrate in the evening. Dees by 29 points Kozzy to light it up 🔴🔵
  4. With the Rat brought in by the Cats, I think Smith will stay in to release Lever.
  5. Let’s hope it’s a bloodbath 🥊🥊
  6. Smith has been solid, but I thought they may have brought Pig back to sit on Cameron.
  7. Oliver Gawn Lever Salem Petracca Langdon
  8. Clayton Oliver for Premier of Victoria
  9. The blue lines represents the MCG length x Marvel width boundary to boundary. This excludes what seems to be an approx 5m run off to boundary fence around the entire ground. Might need a few rusty nails and hammer to shift the ground west.
  10. Assuming I have this correct, the entire site is over 10,000m2. The block sizes sitting between Huntley Road and Yawla St fall between an average of 550m2 - 580m2
  11. While Fritch was poor against the Bombers, he’d probably benefit more than anyone with the inclusion of Brown.
  12. Can't see them going for an untried coach. Too much pressure comes with Collingwood and they're in a world of pain given their off season. They'll need to spin this as a positive and only someone of the caliber of Clarkson or Longmire etc would keep the members happy.
  13. 100%. He is absolutely made for September. Happy for him to rest while we are winning and have a 4-5 game lead in to finals. What a luxury.
  14. The emergence of our roles players, the energy of our youth, and the consistency of the A graders has been absolutely supreme. We can defend, attack and play tempo footy. We can be slick and we can dominate in close. That was super impressive.
  15. Petracca Oliver Gawn Spargo Jordon Harmes
  16. [censored] incredible 2nd half. We tipped that game on its head! they [censored] themselves!
  17. Oliver Harmes Lever Brayshaw Rivers Gawn
  18. Controlled and hungry. A beautiful thing.
  19. Great timing to play this one. Boys would have got a wake up call, and Dogs ran around witches hats with little pressure. If we bring the pressure and kick straight we'll be in this up to our eyeballs. Fingers crossed for a fit Salem inclusion, Viney would be a bonus but unlikely i think.
  20. Petracca’s new contract ? Does this sit outside the salary cap?
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