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  1. You still don't understand the patience required then.
  2. Nothing. It's a campaign to deteriorate the image of the MFC under the premise of some sort of ambiguous charity.
  3. Absolute unadulterated rubbish. All of it.
  4. That's a misguided perception, not a reality.
  5. If there was ever a good time to do it, it's now. I think it's a must that we use 2nd and 3rd round picks. My delisting would be from Dunn, Macdonald, Green, Jetta, Davey, Bate, Bartram. Jamar to GWS if he wants. Trade Moloney &/or Sylvia.
  6. I say development and impatience. I don't think there's anything wrong with the choices we've made, but they haven't been developed well, and in the main supporter's expectations have been unrealistic about how long it should take for this development. There's nothing that makes our choices inferior to others, bar the usual later choices that turn into guns from nowhere. Longmire discussed in the papers how the image of Fyfe in a swans jumper haunts him, since they planned to select him with their next pick after Rohan and Jetta. They were sure he'd still be there, but the Dockers snatched him at 20. The Swans ended up using their next pick on Sam Reid at 38. There have also been articles where Mark Harvey has expressed absolute shock at how quickly and how well Fyfe had come on. So, as much as "we should have picked him", no one else seemed to know he'd be such a gun, even those teams that clearly rated him. Also a question has to be asked about what we are trying to achieve with our choices? Wins now? or a premiership team in a couple of years? I know these 2 things aren't mutually exclusive, but they're not mutually inclusive either. Anyway, I've been surprised by some of the insight from Cameron Mooney at times when on the radio, and this morning I heard him discussing Melbourne's list briefly. He said from playing against us for the last few years, his opinion is that we have kids who clearly have talent, but either they haven't been developed well, or they've been developed in the wrong way, and told to focus on the wrong things. Neeld will rectify this, but it will take time.
  7. Read the recent Herald Sun article on Cook -- he only left West Coast because it all started to go sour and he would never leave Geelong.
  8. Still a one-trick-pony though.
  9. That's rubbish. Neither he nor any other club will do anything to help us. It's all PR bull$#@t and because Eddie felt his name hadn't been mentioned for a while.
  10. Too short notice - the players are already over there.
  11. I know some people will find offense purely because his name is mentioned, but I just thought this was funny to see in the INs and OUTs on the Herald Sun website: Surely GWS would be the ones providing the details of where their new recruits are from? It's like they're trying to deny his very existence on the MFC list for 2 years (like some of our supporters). My guess is that Scully himself feels ashamed by the nature of his departure and is too immature to face it. Anyway, that is all.
  12. Even though we've already filled those positions, but are desperate for quality midfielders............
  13. Also interesting to hear Schwab say in the presser that until a significant amount was paid very recently, Energy Watch was causing concern for being behind in its sponsorship payments. Possibly better to make a stand, move on and find another sponsor at this time rather than wait for the company for fall over later.
  14. I should probably read the post I'm replying to first before posting.
  15. Why would a bloke like James McDonald? MONEY. A bloke in the twilight of his career is thinking about retirement and putting together a decent superannuation fund.
  16. Almost as painful as your bleak viewpoint that you keep ramming down everyone's throats..?
  17. It's their offseason though, so they can afford to sit in the shadows and consider their options.
  18. I think it's this attitude perpetuated by "supporters" that is really the weakest of all. So many have a pessimistic defeatist attitude. It makes me sick. Have some %ing backbone.
  19. I like the sentiment, but I think it robs the club of an opportunity to get sponsorship money on top of supporter donations.
  20. And this article backs it up: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/premierships-now-a-long-time-coming-20120403-1wavs.html I think losing Jamar would be in our best interests, as distasteful as it is.
  21. Exactly my thinking. We don't want to be rebuilding forever, but I think we have at least the raw tools in all positions bar the midfield now. Jamar has been good the last few years, but our younger rucks have shown the capability to step into the fold, while Russian just gets older. We may see an exodus of Jamar and Moloney, but I'd only see that as possibly a good thing. Load up in this draft of all drafts, then develop, develop, develop. It's going to take longer than we want, and we were promised back in 07, but there's nothing we can do about that now.
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