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  1. Cerra is managed by Paul Connors, who gets his players to their club of choice. Id say Cerra wont nominate a club until PC knows a deal can be done. If thats Melbourne it will take a few days of trade week before we will know if we can get a deal done. Only then will Cerra nominate Melbourne or otherwise Carlton if we cant.
  2. I can see Tommo slotting in at Full back and May moves to the Smith/Hibbard role. Leaves Salo, Hunt,Bowie, Rivers for the otehr 3 spots in the 7. Lever can float and not have to worry about a tall. May can pick up 3rd tall or small. Petty and Tommo can lock down. May, Tommo, Lever Salo, Petty, Bowie Rivers/Hunt
  3. I agree the Gold Coast could be the way but Id target the WB first round pick. They need points for Darcy and it may be an easier sell to package up a few 2 & 3rd rounder to get the dogs 1st and give the dogs extra points.
  4. 51 goals in his first season as a 17yo. Amazing player.
  5. Note sure it has anything to do with that video, its a completely different sign. Ive seen Goody do it before and Ive got a suspicion hes done it towards the end of quarters and obviously a signal/sign of some sort to the players id say tactical. Either way I cant wait until a full MCG give the team the signal after a goal or coming off after a win
  6. Ive never heard of Ken Melville but if hes able id love it to be him, a sort of passing on the batten from the last successful era to a new one.
  7. add tot he fact he played his junior footy as a fwd/mid and has only moved back this year
  8. Id be backing the security at kittens over most people especially drunken footballers.
  9. Melb - Weid + 34 to suns Suns - 22 + 43 to melb Melb - 22+42+43 to dogs (1618 points compared to 1161 for Darcy) Dogs - 14 to melb Melb - 14 + 2022 1st (18) to Freo Freo - Cerra to Melb
  10. Correct. I was hoping Smith may be able to go to Sav and move Rivers onto Rohan to allow Lever to play on a small.
  11. I wanted to see Rivers to Rohan so Smith could play on Sav allowing Lever to pick up a small but thats not happening now. Lever will have to go to Sav.
  12. @EdPascoe_eDPS from https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/ doesnt have Mac Andrews in his top 20. Only needs one club to have him inside 20 though.
  13. Id give the Dogs a big show against the power if they win this week, which I think they will. They only just lost to the power 2 weeks ago after being 3 goals in front with 5 mins to play.
  14. Not Guilty to intentional contact. Hes admitted contact was made. Big difference.
  15. 2 of those 4 games was 1 when he was dropped for the 2018 prelim in Perth when he had played all year and 1 last season when he missed the bus for training and was dropped.
  16. One of Dimma's rules is any player taken first round needs to be ready to play the next year.
  17. I believe Jones wife is due in the next couple weeks, Will be interesting to see if Jones travels??
  18. It wasn't a sanctioned match, what competion was it? Not the AFL or VFL or NFL, what will he get suspended from, the next scratch match?
  19. both of those heat maps are to the left of screen. If you rotate one so its to the right you will see for the majority of the game Langdon and Seedsman played on the same wing.
  20. Same. Darling played it all wrong. If he had of just got back off the mark and made Petty give him back the ball . Instead he wanted to wrestle and IMO contributed to both players going to ground and then wanted to push petty to get the ball giving the umpire an out to not pay teh 50 as Darling was contributing to the hold up.
  21. I thought we played it a lot better than previous games. We chipped short when we could, and went long down the line when we couldn't and managed to get forward 50 entry but we couldn't get a F50 stoppage to be able to set up and lock it inside 50 or a mark inside 50. Also as Trac stated on AFL360 last night they started to take every contested mark which along with the frees gave them plenty of inside 50's.
  22. also mentioned at one stage how Melb where changing it up with starting Kozzy in at the center bounce???? 🤦‍♂️
  23. The 2 WCE players that the extra break would benefit the most would have been Nicnat who struggles to play long game time and Yeo who is playing off a long break with no pre-season. Both played well after the break.
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