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  1. Zero chance that Fritsch gets dropped, aside from being our leading goalkicker, he's tenth in the league for marks inside 50.
  2. I have that as well mate, i cant remember where i got my copy, it's not from my tapes, ill upload as well, it might be different to Gonz's copy of the game
  3. Sorry Daz, i don't mate, i did have the VHS tape but it was ruined when my garage was flooded years ago
  4. Last one the club did was 2002 Cassie.
  5. I have been uploading some old converted Melbourne VHS tapes to youtube during the lockdown, i'll upload 98 Hotter Than Hell tonight and send you the link Gonz
  6. What a pick up, really happy with this move, was awesome before she did her knee
  7. We also have Tom McDonald on 31 votes and Jake Lever on 30 votes
  8. Votes Player (Club) 8 Christian Petracca (MELB) 7 Zac Bailey (BL) 7 Clayton Oliver (MELB) 6 Max Gawn (MELB) 1 Tom McDonald (MELB) 1 Eric Hipwood (BL) Leaderboard Votes Player Club 68 Clayton Oliver MELB 60 Marcus Bontempelli WB 55 Darcy Parish ESS 50 Hugh McCluggage BL 49 Max Gawn MELB 48 Zach Merrett ESS 48 Samuel Walsh CARL 47 Touk Miller GCFC 46 Ollie Wines PORT 41 Dustin Martin RICH 41 David Mundy FRE 40 Christian Petracca MELB 38 Nic Naitanui WCE 38 Taylor Walker ADEL 37 Jarryd Lyons BL 36 Jack Macrae WB 34 Rory Laird ADEL 33 Jacob Hopper GWS 33 Christian Salem MELB 33 Jack Steele STK
  9. Not true Binman, one was from a contested marks and the other was a good set shot, neither were gifts
  10. Having major issues with Foxtel as well Jaded
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