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  1. If you go by the Club they were recruited from, 1981-2020 Adelaide - A.Ingerson, N.Pesch, M.Collins, P.Vardy, J.Meeson, J.Sellar, B.Vince, A.Reilly, J.Lever Brisbane Bears - J.Duursma, J.MacDonald Brisbane Lions - N.Carter, M.Clark Carlton - V.Cattogio, M.Young, P.Rohde, J.Garlett Collingwood - P.Moore, D.Seow, R.Pyman, C.Dawes, H.Lumumba, B.Kennedy Essendon - S.Clark, T.Spencer, R.Hickmott, C.Heffernan, G.Moorcroft, J.Melksham, M.Hibberd, M.Brown Fitzroy - D.Cox, L.Parish, S.Cameron, M.Seecamp Fremantle - C.Nettlebeck, S.Chisholm, J.White, V.Michie, K.Langdon Geelong - N.
  2. Great news, should be in the MFC Hall of Fame as well
  3. Ben Brown interview on SportsDay https://omny.fm/shows/3aw-sportsday/lucky-to-get-to-the-home-i-wanted-says-ben-brown
  4. Mitch Cleary just said Melbourne put a line through Tom Phillips name early in trade period
  5. This article says Bradtke is signed up until end of next season https://www.afl.com.au/news/523729/unsigned-bomber-could-become-afl-s-latest-four-club-player
  6. They mentioned on AFL Exchange today that Neal-Bullen was looking around at options but there was no interest from other clubs
  7. Length is a worry, didnt realise he was signed up untill 2025
  8. How this has gone down is not going to help his anxiety issues, can't understand why Collingwood would handle it in such a bad way. That Dane Beams trade is killing them, personal issues aside, would love Treloar on the wing
  9. I think Templeton retired at 28-29, we got him when he was 26 but with banged up knees
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