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  1. hahaha....thanks mate, i had my second vax in October, i'm feeling pretty good, so can't complain
  2. I'm jealous, wish i could be there, got a positive covid test yesterday, will have to watch the replay instead :), hope everyone has a great day, Go Demons
  3. Bad luck for Lockhart, was mentioned in the paper GWS might pick him up
  4. UFA would be my guess old55, just like Frawley in 2014 who was an UFA as he was not in top 25%
  5. ages as of 31/12/2021 31 - Michael Hibberd, Mitch Brown ® 30 - Majak Daw ®, Jake Melksham, Max Gawn 29 - Steven May, Tom McDonald, Ben Brown 28 - Adam Tomlinson 27 - Jack Viney 26 - Luke Dunstan, Jayden Hunt, Christian Salem, James Harmes 25 - Christian Petracca, Alex Neal-Bullen, Angus Brayshaw, Ed Langdon, Joel Smith, Jake Lever, Bayley Fritsch 24 - Sam Weideman, Clayton Oliver 23 - Oskar Baker 22 - Harrison Petty, Charlie Spargo 21 - Kade Chandler ®, Toby Bedford, Tom Sparrow, James Jordon 20 - Kysaiah Pickett, Trent Rivers, Luke Jackson 19 - Daniel Turner ®, Bailey Laurie, Fraser Rosman, Deakyn Smith ®, Jake Bowey 18 - Taj Woewodin, Blake Howes, Jacob Van Rooyen, Andy Moniz-Wakefield ® (B)
  6. https://central.rookieme.com/afl/player/andy-moniz-wakefield/
  7. Back - Grinter, Nicholson, Neitz, Yze, Daniher, Johnstone, Ward, Leoncelli, Powell, xxxx, Dr Andrew Daff, xxxx Front - Bizzell, Rigoni, Holland, A.McDonald, Spike Harris
  8. In the 81 Draft we took Alan Johnson with pick 1 and Danny Hughes with pick 13. In the 82 Draft we took Keith Thomas with pick 5 and Ray Holden with pick 17.
  9. Matt Febey was a far better player than Minton-Connell & Kelly, as was Andy Lovell
  10. Same WJ, i'm happy to lose out on Mac if it means the end for all clubs getting priority access to top juniors via NGA
  11. He will be a Unrestricted Free Agent as he is a player who has previously qualified as a free agent (this season) From the AFL website Unrestricted free agents are players who are in the bottom 75 per cent of salaries at the clubs in their free agency year, or a player who has served 10 or more years at his club. Players who have previously qualified as a free agent - such as Port Adelaide's Tom Rockliff - or players who have previously been delisted - such as Brisbane's Jarryd Lyons and Melbourne's James Jordan - also qualify in this bracket. Clubs do not have the option of matching offers for unrestricted free agents. Restricted free agents are players who fall in the top 25 per cent best paid players at their respective clubs and come out of contract after their eighth or ninth season at the club, with their owner clubs able to match rival bids for them under free agency rules. For instance, Jeremy Cameron was a restricted free agent at Greater Western Sydney last year, which allowed the Giants to match a bid for him and force Geelong into a trade.
  12. Thanks LH, Sam Wedeman and Luke Dunstan will both be FA in 2023.
  13. From Woewodin article link posted in another thread Woewodin was one of several familiar names at the combine including Sharks teammates Josh Cripps (brother of Carlton co-captain Patrick), Corey Warner (brother of Sydney Swan Chad), South Fremantle’s Jesse Motlop (son of ex-Port Adelaide/North forward Daniel), Subiaco’s Richard Farmer (nephew of Melbourne champion Jeff) and Swan Districts’ Rhett Bazzo (son of late WAFL great Steve). You heard anything about Richard Farmer WJ ? That Round 21 performance looks impressive on paper https://www.wafl.com.au/player/richard-farmer
  14. Freo have lost the plot if they give up 19 for Clark
  15. You get one of these as well Grape ?
  16. Still no news, anyone heard anything ?
  17. Have you seen much of them this year Dazzle ? I havn't seen either of them play, i like the sound of Woewodin
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