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  1. Don't watch it for Roos, but Bernie is going to be one of your all-time favourite players. You'd want to stand next to him drinking a beer at a BBQ any time you could.
  2. Light body and without exposed AFL form you'd be careful. As we know, it's a huge step up.
  3. I don't rate Blease. At all. Same for Byrnes.
  4. Roos loves runners and has recognised the importance of fitness over the early stages of round 1. From that viewpoint, I don't reckon Blease will get a game. Then there's the coin toss - JKH or Byrnes. Most of us would like to see JKH, while Roos' philosophy tends to favour more mature types unless there's a clear difference. I hope JKH gets the nod.
  5. Who has said you have to be a "contested ball beast to make it at AFL level" ? There are degrees of everything and right now Toumpas gets exposed at AFL level. He needs to get his physicality to a required "standard".
  6. Apparently, unlike others, I don't have a brain like a sieve. I'm well aware of what my view were prior to the draft. it's the same with Watts. I wanted him too. But I don't hold tight to views that were clearly wrong. I'm an amateur. I don't get paid to recruit players. I had no clue Toumpas would be soft. I love big bodied inside mids and I've posted that countless times. I posted it around the time of the draft. That said, my view was that we needed some outside class. We still do. With Viney coming on board we had some of Wines' qualities covered and Toumpas would be a nice complement to Viney's manic approach at the footy. What I didn't envisage was that Toumpas was going to be so out of his depth at AFL level. He should improve and naturally I hope he does. Right now his physicality is virtually non existent and he's not up to AFL footy. Toumpas would not ge getting a game for GWS at the moment. As stated, I don't remain wedded to views that were clearly wrong.
  7. I was about to give you a like, because I largely agree. I suppose it's disappointing for many of us who have been looking forward to seeing Viney (concussion) in his second year and Hogan take the field. Not to mention getting all of Clark, Hogan and Dawes together. You're right in that it's not a huge deal in the scheme of things, it's just that I seem to have far less to look forward to for round 1 than I was hoping.
  8. She's just expressing an opinion. Who cares whether you agree with her or not. Why are so many offended by opinions with which they disagree ? Say you don't agree and articulate why (like The Master). She doesn't need to be personally denigrated for having a view. So many precious peanuts around here.
  9. My apologies. I gave you the credit for being coherent. Unfortunately I wasted time on a dope.
  10. I don't expect a saviour at all. It wouldn't worry me if he hadn't played a solitary game. I merely expect young players to have a crack. I expect a top 5 draft pick to put his head over it. My concern is that he doesn't.
  11. This club had to draft some stars over the last 6-7 years in order to have a chance at winning a flag. And it had every opportunity. It has failed miserably. They blew it. Stars win flags. We don't have any. We haven't ever drafted a star. Many of us were rapt when zones finished, because we had crap zones. Finally we had a chance. There was going to be a level playing field. Our best draft picks have probably been Scott Thompson, Yze and James McDonald, who was a rookie. in nearly 30 years that's pathetic. The Febey's, among others, gave good service, but you get my drift. I don't plan on naming them all. Our recent gold mine should have set this club up for a chance at a flag. It has been an unmitigated disaster. Maybe you don't care about a flag ? So yes, as you say, we all have opinions, but I've just provided some facts. You can choose to "support" Jimmy, as I will if he ever warrants it, but I also recognise a club consumed with terrible decisions and a litany of disastrous decision making. More disturbingly you don't seem to like debate or dissension. Why ? You say, "If you don't like what we have, go to the Collingwood page Mate and stay the hell there. Don't need to see the spew from your mouth anymore.". It's only the weak that are concerned by differences of opinion.
  12. Look, I've established you like this LOL expression, but if you have anything meaningful to say let me know. You will respond, nothing is more certain, so be coherent.
  13. By all means share it. Or are you a shrinking violet ?
  14. Of course. Some with which you agree and some you disagree. It's called "life". What other pearls do you have ?
  15. I've already answered this. It's called having an "opinion". I'm happy to be called on it down the track.
  16. The footy world new after one year that Joel Selwood was going to be a star. They knew he'd be a mile better than that softy Gibbs. History is repeating. I don't need another 5 years to know we stuffed up.
  17. I like him. He's more outside, but he also goes when he has to. He's got elite endurance, great skills and makes good decisions. A worthy pick 2. He wasn't what we needed, so getting Tyson was a good call, but unlike some others I really rate Kelly. Salem is known for being hard at the footy. We won't see the same issues we see with Toumpas and Watts. Salem's biggest knock is not winning enough footy. I have no problem with outside players, Robbie is my favourite footballer of all time and was as brave as they come, I just don't rate players who lack any physicality.
  18. Have I ever told you the story about the scorpion and the frog ?
  19. Yes, it was me. I'm expressing what is commonly known as an "opinion" and I'm very happy to be reminded of it in due course. Purely from a football point of view Hawthorn erred, because they were worried about Judd's shoulders. From a spiritual point of view they didn't err and Hodge became a marvellous footballer. Just one thing though... And I doubt you'll understand... I rate hard bodied, strong over the footy types, that have a very good footy brain. I don't rate timid players, or ones that lack real physicality. And players that have the traits I don't like rarely turn their games around to a point they dominate the competition, or even become genuine A-graders. So Hawthorn always had something to work with in Luke Hodge. Get my drift ? No matter..
  20. Where have I lambasted Viney ? He'll have got some right and he'll no doubt get one or two wrong. He, or someone, stuffed up with Wines. Btw, getting Hogan was a no brainer, as many of us mentioned at the time.
  21. So what ? The point being, recruiters make mistakes all of the time. They're paid for foresight, but at the MFC they have a history of getting it wrong. They got it wrong by not taking Wines. It happens and we live with it. Obviously.
  22. Yes, just like the smart decisions to recruit Morton, Tapscott, Cook, Gysberts, Strauss, Blease, Watts. Yeah, right. Nah
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