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  1. Then fart the doggies into submission
  2. Wasn't Bluey one of the main protagonists over at Demonology?
  3. Jake Bowey will be a really good player. Very similar to Christian Salem. Rosman shows promise. Doesn't know how to weaponize his exceptional endurance at the moment.
  4. The weed has not done anything spectacular. Last week he was also quiet except for 2 goals in the last quarter. You can put any big man down there tonight and they would have an impact. Majak especially. The weed has been a constant disappointment when promoted. I would keep him at Casey for a little longer and get some serious mileage in his legs so he is primed, confident and ready to go. In a few weeks Tom McD might be ready for a rest.
  5. I think Jetta is in big trouble with that sling tackle.
  6. Don't think Fritch has the tank for the wing.
  7. What is stopping the defensive team of putting another player behind the man on the mark so he can move laterally.
  8. I wonder whether Gary Pert condoned certain behaviour or was a participant. Or did he leave as a protest. I doubt it.
  9. If there is no agreement and the financial details have not been lodged by the due date then the trade is null and void. Treloar stays at Coll and WB keep their picks and both clubs are heavily fined by the AFL. Easy.
  10. Love to see him groomed for the midfield during preseason. If so should we take the risk and trade Brayshaw / Harmes (still in contract) for a low second round pick in which we could use among our other picks in targeting a key forward or young outside mid?
  11. Jay Clark reporting on twitter "Minor hiccups for two Demons. Steven May and Joel Smith have undergone surgery".
  12. After watching that grand final I believe Young is a certainty for pick 3. That kick of his in the dying minutes of the game showed his real class. All players were dead on their feet but he played on after a superb tackle and drilled a 40m pass to his team mate on the run. I would not be surprised if we split pick 8. There were many good players that might be still around in the teens. I agree with the ones fr-ap have mentioned. Sharp was very very good as was Robertson. Loved Kemp's second half. Jackson's ground work is excellent for a big man but his kicking sucks.
  13. What about the other way. We send 3 & 8 to GC for pick 1. Would you do it?
  14. jenkins just been picked up by GWS. Seems a little odd unless a GWS key forward is about to be traded?
  15. Shocking comment. Takes a lot of courage playing this game. Who squibs on our list?
  16. He seems to have all the time in the world. He has speed and good balance. For some reason he reminds me of Keith Greig when he first played.
  17. You can add Fritsch, Salem, Lewis, Hibberd, ANB and J Wagner to that list. It can be a momentum killer especially when there is a run-on and there are players creating options downfield only for that player to stop and change direction because he can't kick on the other foot. A lot of times on Friday you saw players either get caught with ball, handball it to a teammate that is covered or turned it over because that player ignored a lead because he would have to use his wrong foot. And yes they are predictable and the opposition know exactly what the player is going to do.
  18. Misson is retiring at the end of the season. Have they found a replacement yet?
  19. So our next pick will be Bedford or have we gone cold on him?
  20. So far they have interviewed 18 Brownlow medalists.
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