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  1. In my defence re the Ansett Cup - the last time I went to a football game, and I am not exaggerating, is the 2000 Grand Final. (Ok maybe the Ansett Cup was already the Wizard Cup or whatever you kids are calling it these days) In the meantime, I wish Max Gawn all the best and a speedy recovery - the surgery is nothing compared to the ACL. The trainers should make sure he gets into the pool as soon as the wounds heal.
  2. Just thought I'd add that its probably time I write another article for Demonland. But perhaps the site is only doing well because I haven't written an article in so many years (and noone really read them anyway)... (and yay - I just reached 20 posts! I bet I'm the only moderator to boast about a feat like that!)
  3. That's awesome If I recall correctly, you started this site as web-design assignment or something! You used to have counter at the time of how many hits the site had and we all got so excited when it hit 100 hits, 200 hits etc! Well done Andy & Dad
  4. santiago


    Great article WJ. It's great to see something sports related creating such a positive message in a region filled with so much tension!!
  5. Become a Fan of Demonland today I think that if Demonland gets to say, 200 fans, Whispering Jack must join up
  6. good work WJ. You running or walking??
  7. The only thing that is uninspiring about this thread is the fact that you obviously missed the point. Oh well... I thought the diary excerpt was very interesting and look forward to the next installment.
  8. yes - I must concur - so far this new message board is looking pretty good! And the advantage of being the 71st member to sign up, is that even with a post count of only 2, I am not miles behind the person with the highest post count Thanks to all involved...
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