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  1. Let's just hope that if and when we do lose a couple in a row (or lose to a lower team), our supporters don't start panicking and bring MFCSS tensions back into the crowd. It's a bloody tough comp and even the Tigers have lost two in a row already this year. Hard to tell yet if we're a genuine top 4 team (this week will give us a better ideas) but we are certainly playing finals this year and are so much more resilient and mature.
  2. He's similar to Andy Maher. Loves the sound of his own voice and thinks his opinion is more relevant than anyone else's.
  3. It was interesting seeing us trying to move up the order - Richmond basically laughed at us when we suggested a future 4th and swap of seconds or something to get up to 21 from 30. I guess it's easy to say that we should have had a 2nd rounder or two up our sleeve but you can never be sure what's going to happen, and you have to give those second rounders to get something - we had to give ours up this year to get Langdon. They clearly rate Robertson, will be interesting to see how he goes at the Lions.
  4. I disagree with this. He definitely has some weaknesses to overcome (kicking penetration is certainly one) but in 2018 he was one of the few players who could read the ball off a pack and be a genuine crumber, hence why he played in the finals team. His decision making is actually pretty good (have a look at his 1st quarter in the EF vs Geelong as an example). He didn't really improve this year and has some work to do but as outlined above, he's still a kid and I think he can still add some value for us without necessarily being a world beater.
  5. I agree that he was a development project - and I remember being very excited about what he could offer during his first game against the Saints before he went down with a shoulder. The problem is that as a development project/player, you need to get games into him to build his AFL knowledge and capability, and unfortunately his injuries mean that we haven't been able to do that. Desperately needs a good run at it this year.
  6. Seriously? Papley has become Cyril Rioli during this trade period! Good player and certainly has pace and skill which we lack but he's not worth a top 10 pick.
  7. I loved watching Frosty run and carry and in some ways wish he was staying but it wasn't just his disposal/decision making which was an issue. His marking was very inconsistent, could drop some absolute sitters at times and just makes too many blunders to be a reliable key back. He'll do some great things from time to time (last couple of mins v Hawthorn and the Petrucelle tackle v West Coast are examples) but he's also likely to cost 2-3 goals a game.
  8. Disagree on that. It was his tank and aerobic capacity - would blow up late in games. The 2013 Elimination final v Carlton was a prime example where he blitzed early and did very little in the second half. His kicking has always been excellent.
  9. If this guy can stay on the park, admittedly a big if, he'd be a fantastic get. Yes, he's not a small forward crumber but he is an exceptional player who would add some dynamism to our forward line. Remember how he tore us a new one in that Rnd 23 loss in 2017?
  10. When I saw the headline, I thought "finally one of the coaches has come out and admitted that we don't have any outside runners!". And then I see that it's the "no runners" rule? Please!
  11. No he didn't. He's mentioned after games that our kicking efficiency and fundamentals have cost us but he's never gone as far as saying "you can't kick and you don't play". That's a much stronger message to deliver and one that would make clear to all of us that they don't intend to tolerate it anymore.
  12. It took less than 6 weeks for the St Kilda caretaker coach (and now permanent coach) to publicly proclaim that his team's inability to hit targets and nail goals from directly in front was an absolute killer. I wonder why our own coach hasn't said the same thing. To be fair to Goody, he regularly mentioned "basic fundamentals" during press conferences but I'm so sick of watching Melbourne players miss goals, miss handballs and miss kicks. The success of Hawthorn and West Coast in recent years has been based on many things but in particular their exceptional kicking skills. Interesting that Ratten has identified it straight away...let's hope our recruiters are thinking the same way instead of recruiting contested bulls who butcher the footy. I will watch our drafting and trade targets with interest!
  13. So glad the AA selectors recognised his dominance this year - Grundy deservedly named Ruck but like last year, there were two dominant ruckmen, not just one, and I think after a slowish start Maxy's year was as good or better than last year. What a star he is.
  14. I never considered that Yze would be a good coach for some reason - maybe because I just thought his playing success was based purely on talent. But his experience under Clarko would be invaluable and it would be great to see him return home.
  15. Would only do this if GC get the priority pick - otherwise we should just take Rowell or Anderson (too good not to take). We need to get some top end kids onto this list. We have not had ONE rising star nomination in the last three seasons, which says it all really.
  16. Perhaps, but we've also employed people who have - Goodwin played in back to back flags, and McCartney was heavily involved at Geelong during their run. I guess my point is that I think that the whole "premiership player" or "involved in a premiership" is often overrated. Plenty of duds have premiership medallions and plenty of stars don't.
  17. Means diddly squat. Neeld was involved in a premiership side at Collingwood and look how that worked out.
  18. Those who are reeling off his poor win/loss record as a senior coach need to look at it in context - he took over the Saints when they were beginning a complete rebuild after Watters left, not even Clarko would have had a decent win/loss in his first two years on that basis. There was clear linear improvement until last year (a bit like us) and I don't agree that their game plan wasn't good; it was based on speed and pressure and when they had the cattle to implement it, they were pretty good, as we found out on too many occasions. In fact, we got completely outcoached by them in Round 5 when they played rope a dope with us. I think he did a remarkable job this year without Carlisle, Hannebery, Roberton, Geary, McCartin, Steven for most of the year, all of whom at their best would walk into any side (and definitely ours!). I think it's a great get and brings some valuable experience to the coaching group.
  19. What gives me hope is the way that we completely dominated contest and territory last year, and put it on the scoreboard most weeks - whereas this year, we still did ok in contest and territory most weeks but couldn't put it on the scoreboard. We hold some sort of record for most inside 50s and inability to score this year or something? Surely that can't go on next year with better availability up forward and hopefully, some smart recruiting. The games against West Coast also give me hope - in both matches, we should have been 5 goals up at 3/4 time. They proved that the ability in terms of dominating the midfield and territory (through decent ball movement) is still there. However, we continually get exposed defensively and in terms of outside spread, and this has been shown up this year to such an extent that the club must be focusing on targets that help to address this. Our ball use is just deplorable and as much as we will focus on fitness this year, I hope that ball use, spread and running patterns are focused on just as much because it doesn't matter what Goody's game plan is, if our players can't hit targets by hand or foot, we will get beaten in most weeks. I'm expecting a bounce, but probably to around mid-table rather than top four.
  20. Kyle is young and will no doubt develop further but other than being a good set shot for goal (unlike most in our team), I haven't seen anything that suggests he will be a lock in future years. We seem to have quite a few players in his mould (mid/half-forward who can find the footy a bit but lacks leg speed) and I think the mid-season draft would have been the ideal chance to get some leg speed and/or forward crumbers on to our list, something that we are desperately crying out for.
  21. Are you sure this was the Dees you were watching at training?! In all seriousness, thanks for the report.
  22. If Lever's body stands up, (granted, a big "if") then the deal is not too bad, mainly because we got a second rounder back, and that second rounder is Petty, who I think could be a terrific player. Looks really promising and once his body fills out, we'll have a bonafide swingman who can lock away a key forward but also go into attack and kick goals. I do share some concerns about not so much our U/23s but our U/21s - no rising star nominations in the last three full seasons is telling.
  23. There's no question that Jordan has overtaken Oscar as the supporters biggest scapegoat. As noted earlier in the thread, it's amazing how nothing has been mentioned on this thread since July 10, and then it comes up again when he has a shocker (and let's not beat around the bush - he had an absolute mare on Saturday). His games during the latter part of the year have been pretty good overall, and he was fantastic in the first final. Whilst there definitely needs to be a conversation about whether or not he can go again in 2019, I do think the criticism is way over the top. Our kick ins are miles better than they've ever been and Lewis (with Salem) is a major reason...just watch how he makes the right decision about 90% of the time when kicking in. He definitely has the odd clanger by foot but it's usually because he's trying to set something up with an attacking 45 kick or trying to open up the play, most of which come off. To say Watts could have played his role is ridiculous....we tried that with him during the Roos era and it didn't last long. Anyway, I get that he frustrates more than he should - he's definitely not as flint hard as he used to be with Hawthorn, and we all know he's not quick. But he's played some very good footy for us and I for one will be forever grateful that he chose to come to us (admittedly helped by the incentive of a 3 year deal) when he left Hawthorn.
  24. This kid HAS to play in our side for the remainder of the year. Was so impressive again on Saturday night - notice how often he got front and square to rove the packs in the forward line? His goal in the second quarter was exhibit A. We've lacked a genuine crumber like that for years! Jeffy relies more on leg speed to get out into the open for his goals and crumbs the odd one but Spargo has pure football nous. Add to that his competitiveness, decision making (very poised for a first year player) and ability to tackle, and you've got a very handy footballer. Here's hoping that they don't drop him for the rest of the year unless he needs a rest.
  25. He was a very popular radio DJ in London on a station called X FM, I used to listen to it when I lived in London. Has moved to Gold FM here and had different teams pitch to him to decide on a team. Good choice I reckon!
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