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  1. Players are just lazy. Win one game and they are a bunch of prima donnas. Watching this crap just ruins weekends.
  2. Umpire kills us again with Garlett taking possession in forward 50
  3. MAN UP MAN UP MAN UP MAN UP!!!! How freakin hard is it. Our zone is a joke.
  4. Seriously if we keep playing like this the whole Paul Roos investment has been a waste of money. Still playing like a team turning up to lose, with no desperation or desire to tear the game away from their opponent. Almost an entire list turnover and the culture is no better.
  5. Defence is horrible. Every time they have the ball they hit up easy marks the whole way down the field. Getting outdone in run and spread in the same way we used to under Neeld. An absolute reflection of effort, and says we came into this expecting and easy win. After being so horrible for so long, surely we can appreciate every game needs 100% effort.
  6. Umpiring is shocking!!! Yes Melbourne need to do more, but seriously every time we look like getting the ball moving they find some BS free kick to turn us around
  7. Haven't played this bad since West Coast game. Just insipid. Long way to go before competing with any real class outfits. Tough few weeks ahead....
  8. Grimes.....urrrrgh. We are looking amature. Worst footy we have played since West Coast game.
  9. Have just become so fumbly in front of our defensive goal last two weeks. Any time a disputed ball is ~ 15 meters out from goal, you just feel like we are going to cough it up.
  10. Just can't measure up against top sides. Outdone for skills, fitness, effort, set up and smarts. Embarrassing some of the set play traps we are falling in to tonight.
  11. Feel so sorry for the bloke. Stand your ground and cop weeks. Try and dodge the contest and either open yourself to get injured by the significantly larger bloke running at you,or be labelled soft by all and sundry for avoiding the contest. Lose lose. Feel very bad for Lynch and understand the AFL wanting to stamp out these sort of injuries, but this sort of knee jerk decision making (see the slide in rule) is neither consistent nor going to prevent other random serious injuries as long as we are playing a high paced CONTACT game.
  12. Generally am a fan of Jack, but not doing nearly enough running tonight. Too often his player is the uncontested "get out" mark when we are trying to lock the ball in. Too often standing still on the edge of the back. Just needs to learn to WANT the ball. Will be subbed in next 10 mins.
  13. Skills and decision making costing us dearly. Not coping with the pressure?
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