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  1. Personally I'm hoping we start next season with a revamped forward line. Let B.Brown get some rest into his knee and aim to play 8 games leading into finals having him as in form as possible. We took a risk and it helped us get a flag so therefore was worth it. He will be a Demon for life. But we need to replace him right now.
  2. Disagree. He has the tools. I want much more than what he delivered this year though. He has been in the system long enough and needs to be much more damaging. I don't think we have anyone this year who would consistently challenge him for his position at Casey (Dunstan maybe?) Next year will be a different story. The youth have spent enough time at Casey and deserve game time.
  3. Not sure which part of 'time to develop him into a better player' you don't understand.
  4. We go again next year with our next wave of recruits. JVR, Bedford, Chandler, Laurie, Howes, Woewodin and a few new recruits. I was happy developing these kids at Casey but next year they will be ready. Probably time to give Sparrow more responsibility too. He has done his time getting ready. Time to see if we can develop him into a better player.
  5. This hurts. I haven't seen us play this badly for 2 years. Brisbane aren't even playing that well.
  6. Just looked at IMDB expecting to find some well rated films post speed that I hadn't known about. There were none. Speed is the winner.
  7. Very interesting.. I would doubt we would call off any events though. I would guess that we would introduce a minutes silence tonight instead of calling it off. As for the Queen's Birthday clash, Queen Elizabeths real birthday is 26th of April. We dont celebrate until the second Monday of June. Prince Charles is on 14th of November. I would imagine that we would retain the public holiday on that date and simply rename it.
  8. Oh really? Oops my bad. I was wondering why multiple firsts rounders was mentioned. Still a good outcome for Richmond. They need a talent injection in the middle to bring them back in contention next year. Hopper had a bad year with injuries this year but will bounce back. GWS having multiple first rounders might help our recruitment team this year with bringing our first rounder forward again
  9. We are about to play a semi final after finishing 2nd on the ladder. We won the premiership last year. If ever there was a time not to play kids its right now. It's not like we haven't played kids anyway. Pickett, Jackson, Rivers and Bowey are all more or less regulars. They are 2nd and 3rd year players. Bedford got a decent taste and we debuted Turner. I would have liked to have seen more of Turner. JVR should have been given 2 games to taste the big time. Next year is where our second wave of recruits will come through. Personally I'm hoping for a revamped forward line.
  10. Taranto would be A grade if he cleaned up his disposal. Great pick up as a free agent by the tigers though. Just what they needed.
  11. They are perfect pick ups for Richmond. Certainly worth what they will give up.
  12. Has to be Llyod. Was shocked when he got his first let alone second
  13. That's exactly it. Thankyou. I've been wondering who he reminded me of for years.
  14. After last night? No. I wanted to make top 4 because I didn't think we could go through the finals series without dropping a game. Hopefully last night was that game. A prelim is a pass mark. Not winning next week will be a failed season. I think you are underestimating just how well Sydney played though. I don't think Brisbane can/will play that well.
  15. https://www.afl.com.au/video/834504/match-replay-melbourne-v-sydney?videoId=834504&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1662165600001 Happens at the 22 min mark of the video. He runs franklin down. Runs forward and looks fine until the next stoppage in play when he knows he has been hurt. Stays on the ground but is clearly limping for a good few minutes and not the same for the rest of the game
  16. Nah nothing like that. Buddy didnt even see him coming and was spewing that it wasnt a 50m penalty to him (probably should have been)
  17. First. It was when Franklin received a free kick. Franklin went to play on and Petracca ran him down from behind. Petracca ran forward but as soon as he stopped running for a moment the pain kicked in and he started to hobble
  18. Only on Demonland is 'Nic Nat 2.0' an insult. It's a shame this 'Nic Nat vs Watts' draft debate has skewed peoples perception so much that posters have missed out on appreciating how good Nic Nat has been.
  19. I think RPFC summed it up in his post earlier in this thread, albeit about ANB not BBB. A replacement for BBB would need to wait till summer. You can't replace him in an elimination final.
  20. I really don't know if I would make any changes. If we had to play Sydney again next week I would back the same boys in to just play better. A number of players not playing well today and that's taking into account how excellent Sydney's pressure was. Based on tonights result I would think we would lose again, but I can't see anyone in the twos who would have made a big difference. I really want to hate on Melksham but my head tells me that he likely did a lot more work than his stats would suggest. Who would come in though? Bowey and Tmac the only real options?
  21. Its a tough pill to swallow isn't it? Especially as this is essentially our best team. However I doubt Viney, Brayshaw and Petracca play that poorly again this year. Petracca was clearly hampered. I can't explain Vineys game without watching a replay. He has been incredible all year and looked like a player going through the motions tonight.
  22. Harmes won't get suspended for that. It was a 50 meter penalty and perhaps a fine.
  23. Wish I could like this post more than once.
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