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  1. 2 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:

    Can't agree here.  It's not that hard to keep the website and other social media up to date.  Not providing training information just to avoid what happened yesterday would just a cop out by the Club.  I mean really, it's not that hard. If there is a change in details a simple call by the FD to member communications and an adjustment to the appropriate sites. It already happens because all our social media staff were at Casey.  Someone stuffed up and they should be made to read this thread to understand it's not something that doesn't matter.

    Can't agree here either.  I'm trusting Picket did actually get to training and on that assumption and based on his report then there was nothing special that he saw that needed to be protected.  I imagine they moved it to Casey so they could get match practice on an MCG sized field and not on the much smaller Gosch's paddock.

    If the club really do want a "secret closed" session then just don't provide any information or do what they are doing on Friday and say the players are having a day off.  There's no need to put so many supporters to the inconvenience of yesterday.

    Yesterday was just sloppy pure and simple.  It's not the first time and I doubt it will be the last.  Look, it's no biggie for me, I get to a lot of training sessions and I didn't have to make any special arrangements but many here did and I can understand their disappointment and fury.

    I thought the paddock was actually expanded to be the same size as the MCG now anyway?

    After attending Casey myself for a training session, you would need to be a very keen observer, most likely from an opposition club, who understands gameplay and tactics, to be able to discern what the club might be actually doing in drills anyhow.

    I am almost certain that the club does not worry about supporters getting along there to see them train however, they don’t know who supporters are and who might be a spy of sorts. 

    as I mentioned earlier, I have empathy for those of you who went along and did not get to see the Wednesday session but, if I was to be completely honest, I think some of the reactions here are so over the top that it’s quite embarrassing. 

    People would do well to understand the dichotomy of control and begin to practice it. 

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  2. The MFC media department were there today at Casey, generated plenty of social media, two videos with players but they weren’t aware of the last minute change?

    yeah right.

    I have empathy for the people who went to Gosch’s today to watch, but clearly the wool has been pulled over our eyes by the club with regards to it being a ‘secret closed’ session. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, DEE fence said:

    Really? I still see gaps defensively, Neale still can't beat a hard tag, and on field leadership a gap. They have some guns, I just don't see the synergy, that GFC, MFC, RFC have had lately. What is the biggest improvement you see that has you buying their stock (without the 3D glasses).

    Dunkley and Ashcroft are going to have huge onball impact and will invariably help Neale. 
    Gunston is good for 40 goals a year even at his current age. 
    McKenna adds speed to their defence and to be fair I think Andrews had a below par year. 
    And clearly there’s natural organic growth within the list. 
    McCluggage is a jet, Rayner could be a Petracca. 
    I’m sure that they’ve been addressing their defensive structure and efforts during the off-season in an effort to stem scoring against. Comparatively, we have been looking at our offensive structures and hope to score more heavily. 
    I truly believe that they will be the team to beat this year. 

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  4. Removing my red and blue glasses, I still consider us to have the strongest and deepest list which is adequately and logically supported by the Casey premiership. 

    Pass mark for me is another flag and to achieve that I reckon we’ll have to beat Brisbane in the Granny, who imo have assembled a very strong squad. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, adonski said:

    I don't know if he'd get a permanent best 22 spot at any club. I actually think he's fairly serviceable but good clubs won't play him - as they have higher quality players, and rebuilding clubs wouldn't play him either as they'd rather get games in a youngster with higher upside

    I believe all parties knew he'd be a depth player here, but the difference is at least here he may find himself in the team at the right time due to injuries or otherwise and play finals, something he wouldn't have the opportunity to do at the Saints or Gold Coast/Essendon who were interested in him 

    I considered many of those points you brought up and agree with you. 
    I guess there’s merit in being on an AFL list at it most basic level. Playing in the twos nowadays is pretty different as well. 
    I think we’d have to have a torrid injury toll for him to play. 

    Who do you think he would cover? I don’t think there’s any questions about the inside type of player he is but given we have Trac, Oliver, Viney, Gus, Spazz, all ahead of him he’s got some Work to do. 

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  6. 52 minutes ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Great reports @Wizard333 and @McQueen

    Disappointing to hear about Laurie. Starting to have concerns considering he's a first round pick. I suppose you can't win them all.

    Also interested in your comment regarding Howes @McQueen. Having only seen limited vision of Howes he's the one player on the wheel list who intrigues. What makes you think he'll be a player? Athleticism? Good footy IQ.

    Howes excites me, but he's a mystery for me as well.

    Just looks smooth. Handles the ball cleanly and his skills are looking classy. 
    Also like the way he covers the ground.  

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  7. As mentioned previously, rehab consisted of Max Gawn, J Smith, AMW (looks laboured in his running) and Jake Lever. Max put in about 45 mins of light running and short passes without any venom in the kicking action and then disappeared into the rooms. 

    I overheard Caitlin Nobes telling Tom Brown that Gawn’s hammy isn’t too bad. She also politely asked the CH 7 cameraman to not broadcast any of the recordings he’d done prior to her coming over. 

    Adams and Verall doing some conditioning work and skills/positioning activities but did not join main group. 

    All coaches in attendance apart from Choco Williams. Chaplin particularly vocal and demonstrative. 

    Warm ups consisted of handball keeping’s off drills and then some end-to-end full ground overlap drills. Skills were okay in this but without any pressure I wasn’t expecting to see so many missed kicks and ordinary handballs. Main offender was Bailey Laurie in my opinion but there were several others. 

    Match SIM then started with blues and whites. I couldn’t discern who was the first and second string groups were and they eventually switched it up anyway. 

    Highlights - Jefferson has great hands and a well timed leap. He received praise from teammates and coaches on a few occasions. 

    Pickett OMG he is sublime. Just cruises effortlessly when he has the ball and then cranks up his attack on the opponent when he doesn’t. 

    Viney is in for a career best year based on what I saw today. In everything. 

    Chandler will play plenty of footy this year if he can translate his training form into the heat of a game. 

    Tomlinson was terrific down back and fair ripping it into anyone who was not doing what was required. Hibberd also very creative and was the main architect with switching the play across half back. 

    BBB also performed strongly this morning and moved well. 

    Howes looks a player. 

    Lowlights - Laurie I thought was poor. Mainly handballs at teammates feet. 

    Harmes lacked involvement in the match sim. 

    Melky pulled out of match sim and ran a few 200m and was in discussions with staff about some niggle.

    Oliver was in real discomfort with that hand. He was point to the top part of his hand just below the wrist. I was thinking the worst given the carry on he was animating.

    Once he returned to the field he went straight back into match sim and got nicely winded but the hand seemed to be okay. Watch this space.


    Overall I was relatively impressed with the session. Grundy was moving well and the forward entry looked sharper with an obvious focus on neat entry into the 30m hotspot. There was a few Joe the Goose goals during the sim so it may be something in planning to create more of those opportunities. 

    Melbourne traffic sucks. If I was a player I would quickly start to loathe the drive to Casey. 

    No snakes seen.

    Any questions let me know and I’ll try to provide insight.

    Cheers 🍻

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