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  1. You mean THE Choco 'Halotus' Williams!!!??
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CTyT78VhrPW/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Thanks SW. Those last three are absolute rippers. The third last Weg one....i seem to recall was some sort of limited run collectors cards through The Sun or something? They were very thin/flimsy ones from what i recall. Probably my all time fav. Does anyone remember where that came from? Seem to recall he also did some cricket versions in that style?
  4. Even the most heartless artist would refuse this request and try n knock some sense into you CBF...
  5. I wouldn't say that Stevie If you run the entire neighbourhood block with your partner filming the subsequent arrest and she posts it on social media..... it might have a big impact
  6. That would be great. He's a genuine finals performer Ol' Jack and he ain't no gentleman once he crosses the white line. Hoping all of our big names turn it on in the granny. Many hands make light work!
  7. Got a priority 1 here for a genuine WA lander in need. PM me if interested
  8. Preliminary Final, 2021 Optus Stadium - Demons vs Cats That was some win fellow minions but a big day looms. Time to knuckle down and finish the job. Our fourth best top 6 (ranked players) score for the season. But take note!! Our worst top 6 score for the season was against the Doggies in Rnd 19 scoring a lowly 21.73! We'll need to be at our best or near it to beat this mob. To give some idea of where that sits, when we beat them earlier in Rnd 11 our top six posted a weighted score of 27.03 In that match our bottom 6 only scored a lowly 7.63 vs the losing match in Rnd 19...a VG result 9.43 Rnd 19 was also our worst team score for the season at 55.03 However we also only scored a 58.0 when we beat them in Rnd 11 so we don't necessarily have to improve out of sight to win. Stating the obvious but we are going to need the cream to really hold their form. Our conversion rate of 63.0% our 3rd best for the year behind Rnd 7 vs the Kangas (69.6%) and Rnd 22 vs the Crows (66.7%). Maxy's adjusted score should be roughly 4.625 allowing for hit outs to advantage placing him just below Salem (statistically) on the night. What a match from the big fella though. His overall impact on the day was immense and cannot be accounted for here. Two down one to go. Carn the Mighty Demons! Player Score Rank C Petracca 5.925 1 Jack Viney 5.300 2 C Oliver 4.975 3 C Salem 4.800 4 Max Gawn # 3.925 5 Charlie Spargo 3.325 6 Ed Langdon 3.250 7 A Brayshaw 3.200 8 J Harmes 3.175 9 Ben Brown 2.700 10 Jake Lever 2.700 10 Bayley Fritsch 2.700 12 Alex N-Bullen 2.675 13 Jake Bowey 2.625 14 K Pickett 2.425 15 H Petty 2.325 16 L Jackson # 2.300 17 T Sparrow 2.275 18 M Hibberd 1.775 19 Trent Rivers 1.750 20 T McDonald # 1.375 21 J Jordon % 1.325 22 S May % 0.650 23 Team Score 66.83 Top 6 28.25 Bottom 6 10.80 # Hit outs to advantage not captured % = Subbed. Optimal game time reduced Stats courtesy of footywire.com
  9. If your partner sees that you'll be in the doghouse FTP
  10. Can't deal with pressure and don't work hard enough to close down space when they lose possession. Too many prefer to guard space instead. Fumble fingers from too many tonight also whereas the Dogs were very slick / one touch in that first half.
  11. Just one example.... He's allowed Daniels to play his preferred defensive sweeper role all night mopping up at back of stoppage. What's one of the coaching manual mantras...."try and neutralise or take away the known knowns"
  12. Their only choice was to play slow at 5 goals down. Another goal and they were no chance me thinks
  13. History suggests game over folks! We will be playing the Doggies
  14. PFs been a tad quiet ....now i know why....
  15. I got similar but who was it that said something about not mixing your drinks... 🥴
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