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  1. Salem is a very poor mans Vlastuin.
  2. GC have already offered him a deal to sign at the end of next season as a restricted free agent.
  3. FB- Terlich Frawley Garland HBF- Grimes TMac Toumpas C- Trengove Jones Watts HFF- Howe Dawes Blease FF- Kent Clark Hogan R- Gawn Tyson Vince Int: Michie Viney Cross SUB: Evans Still a FP and HBF short.
  4. Kelly will never win a team a game of football. Simple as that
  5. We have offered pick 2 for Tom Rockliff. It has been rejected
  6. All right then I will clarify. Ducking of his head when marking the football. He must have good hearing because he can pick footsteps from a mile away
  7. So being smashed in a bump makes you tough? And because you wore it you are tough/hard/not a squib? LOL. When he is right in there in the clinches and doesn't duck his head I'll change my opinion.
  8. Collingwood MARCUS BONTEMPELLI (Northern Knights) This kid is going to be something. He is very, very classy, a raking left foot and plays Wing/HBF. If he goes to Collingwood and learns of Pendlebuy watch out
  9. Needs to harden up and stop being a weak squib
  10. Richmond is preferential destination
  11. Explain to me why NDS would want to go from a bottom 4 club to another bottom 4 club whose hopes are pinned on a $1.5 million a season contract to finish off the last 2 seasons of his career and gamble on a chance of success, when he can simply walk into a top 8 club's midfield?
  12. Karnezis not coming to us. Pies/Blues/Saints/North are hot. His preference is Collingwood
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdLI4iAKODo Marcus Bontempelli Draft him!
  14. His preference is Collingwood, Carlton are interested. Richmond don't want him because they don't rate his defensive side.
  15. Bontempelli is a young Pendles. Smooth mover and is tall. Get on him.
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