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  1. God I'm nervous but I think the squad is just too hungry to be denied. Dees by four goals.
  2. Viney for sure. Petracca and Gawn a hot second and third in my tips. Clarrie up there too of course.
  3. The man who will lead us to the promised land.
  4. After all of the Neeld stuff and distancing himself from the club afterwards, I'd have felt weird about Lyon presenting it if we won. But after seeing him in the rooms after the prelim, it feels more right.
  5. Sparrow is going to be a serious player IMO. His toughness, intent and ability overhead are some excellent traits and he has two of the best midfielders in the comp to learn from.
  6. One of my best mates is a Doggies supporter. In his group of mates there are about seven other Doggies members and I just can't wrap my head around it. Where did they all come from? Regardless, they're all decent guys and I've never had issues with Doggies fans.
  7. It harks all the way back to Roosy's philosophy... defence wins premierships. All hail the great man.
  8. Got a funny feeling Viney will get the Norm Smith. The man is simply built for finals.
  9. More nervous than a small nun at a penguin shoot. Also so excited, let's gooooooooo!!!!
  10. Good on him, hope he gets the AFL gig.
  11. Jeff Farmer's 9 in a half in 2000 was the very first footy memory that really stuck with me (aside from crying as the Sydney song played after we lost to them at the G). The 2018 finals series was a huge buzz but the way we crashed out left a bitter taste in my mouth. Last weekend was phenomenal.
  12. Already locked in a tattoo pact with my old man. Will also go on a mad bender and probably wake up at the foot of the Barrassi statue three days later.
  13. Minus 29, but my old man was 2 so really, he's never seen a flag. I'll be ecstatic for him if we make it happen this year, which will be the cherry on top of my own uncontrollable excitement.
  14. Also suck on that Dangerfield and Selwood ya gronks.
  15. BOY OH BOY WOWEEEE What a win, I'm still buzzing so hard. That win above all others this season has convinced me that we are the real deal and have the cojones required to win the ultimate prize. The heart and fight the lads showed after being 45 points down was absolutely breath taking and if they can do that against the next best side in the comp, they can do anything.
  16. It's super impressive mate. What's the medium?
  17. This is your work Webber? It's amazing mate, well done.
  18. Tapscott demolishing Rhyce Shaw will always stick in my mind. Pity he didn't do much else after that game.
  19. Can't disagree with that. I could also see Bowey shifting to a wing over time. Edit: meant to say Bowey to the wing, not Riv. Though that could also work!
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