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  1. He is not really talking to us. He is talking to all the falafel munchers who might consider being at all interested in GW$. In essence, "We are going to be big and tough", "we are going to be successful", "We will get lots of stars from other clubs". <Yawn>. Old K$ is doing what he is supposed to do - be the Barnham brothers and spruik the circus to the average punters to see if he can get them through the door. Too bad when they get there the product will be shite. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is probably Kevin Sheedy
  2. What were his stats re tap to advantage? He often got his hand to the ball, but I felt this year that most of them went the wrong way. Whether that was him, or that those at his feet couldn't get the job done, I dont know. Good but not great 2011.
  3. 2011 couldn't even hold a tackle with his hands down his pants. Gees I hope it was a 'slump' and we can see his best re-emerge. What an upside bonus that would be!
  4. Tall guys that can take marks make difficult targets to defend against. They dont get shorter during the game. If we have mobile, quality talls that can have great stamina, good marking and good kicking skills, we will indeed be Neeld's "hardest team to play against". How do you man up on us? LOVING it already. If our midfield can live up to its potential, Jurrah can be the elusive support at the front end...... The issues with Gawn, Spencil and the like will be nice problems to have, but we dont have them yet! Go Dees 2012!!!!
  5. 2012 is going to be the year of all years for Cale. Make or Break time. Excuses have all run out, time to show whether he is an AFL player for a premiership seeking team or not.
  6. "You took the words right out of my mouth".....I also expect a big trading period this year. Hopefully we are active to fill Neeld's 'holes in the list', and shift a bit of 'thanks but no thanks' off elsewhere...
  7. The guy that rang me (on my mobile, unsolicited) was nice enough. SImply told him I didn't bet and he happily moved on. Didn't need to abuse anyone.
  8. Sorry DA, I should have said 'Cam's Interview' - you are right, it was just the interview... I was a bit excited!!!
  9. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/tabid/8667/contentid/389367/default.aspx After watching Mark and Camerons' interviews, I am a very happy supporter. It sounds like the house is not only in order, but ready for great things. No powerpoint! I love it! Mark just looks the goods and I cant wait for the draft, preseason and for 2012 to get underway! GO Dees! Great job in securing the right man.
  10. Back to the OP, why does this have to say something about us? It actually only says something individually about each of the people involved.
  11. Mr Scully said something like "The money was a consideration and I look forward to ...." In other words, the only thing he explicitly identified that drove his decision was the cash everything else is self-justifying. There is nothing in this that says 'weak club'. Them's were the rules. Here is why it was a great result for all: GWS: It is a 6 million marketing spend. Talk about media coverage! GWS: They get someone who may be the next footy god, have the cash, and can take the risk. AFL: Gets to be boss AFL: Gets GWS some talent MFC: Not stuck with a 5 year deal which would be overpriced relative to his team mates for a kid. MFC: Get top shelf compensation. MFC: A player with an almost psychological need to overtrain and live footy, with a degenerative knee, is off the list. He will need managing and nursing to play a full quota of games. I wont boo him. I will boo the AFL for their handling of all of this.
  12. Why not a straight swap with GCS? Could imagine they would love a big bodied full back, to support Campbell Brown at CHB!
  13. Scully was a paid employee of the club. Best we milked all we could out of him whilst he was with us. GWS are spending a lot of money on 'Potential': He could be the next Judd, or he may not. I would be concerned that his knee injury will make him a liability - and at those prices! I agree we should MOVE ON. Tom is a rich ex-player. We have to get behind the team and focus on the future, which I hope enjoys a series of premierships that Scully couldn't buy with his 6 million. Lets get great compensation and start the next phase. Im just glad it is all over. The king is dead, long live the king.
  14. Dear RPFC. Thanks for your efforts in putting this together. I think it has been really valauble and interesting, so PLEASE yes to next year - with 10/11/12 years.
  15. Would welcome these trading posts to stay on the main board - it is foot related, and it is the only thing of interest for us (after the coaching gig) for the next few months...
  16. Shocking. A pun on the fact we were playing the power?? Today was just poor. I plan to watch some quality football and footballers in the finals series. The Dees are far from this it at the moment. We didnt finish last, just morally last. We need one hell of an off season.
  17. A Dee-scrace. Farcical rabble. How can we lose the contested possessions and clearances to Port?? Are you JOKING! Viney - gone. Rest of the coaching team - gone. ARE YOU JOKING!! I cannot believe exactly how P****ed off I am at the moment. The only good thing is I dont have to sit through another HEARTLESS bag of [censored] for the rest of the year. A few players excluded in this rant. Umpires - none will get a gig on the finals. Woeful performance. Not sure I have seen worse for a long time. Well, that was the 'year of promise' 2011. Do we really have the ability to do any better next year? PAH!!!!!
  18. Reflecting on Timmy Watson's performance on Friday night. Worst interviewer getting around. Totally cringeworthy stuff! Every person he interviewed would give some info, and then Timmy would ask them a question exactly about that. Mick Malthouse says "We wont worry too much about the resultt, we will put it aside and just focus on next week" and Dimmy Timmy asks something like "so how much will you worry about it this week?" Moron. Hit in the head one too many times. Chanel seven - get people who can interview, not ex-footballers who cannot!
  19. Enjoy your holiday, Col. Come back refreshed and ready for a brilliant RED AND BLUE 2012 and 13 !!!
  20. Fantastic! Welcome to the premiership window, Mr Sylvia!!!!
  21. I'd start Bate and have Bail as sub. Stick Bate in the midfield and put him on notice that there is a nice red vest waiting for him the moment he is not contributing strongly. Give Bail a shorter game time after his layoff and Casey ressies x1 - Casey seniors x1 return. Let him add speed when we need it.
  22. A few more injuries and their finals campaign could be in disarray.... ( )
  23. First: appoint new senior coach. Second: put the team around him that will help him get results (may require some tweaking to the assistants and the footy department) Third: List review, taking a reality check of the players, their potential roles and where we see them in 2012 and beyond Fourth: Clean-out of players. Trade / delist etc. We have lots on contract, so don't expect magic if we cant trade. Fifth: Recriut and draft what is missing. It is a severly compromised draft, so I could imagine the rookie list as being a source of a few of our selections. The clean out will come, but in its own time and maybe not as drastically as some would want when their 'blood is up'.
  24. Bate has been strong at Casey for a few weeks. All reports are that he was excellent in the midfield. Solid, tough and clean in the clinches. We lack bodies in the midfield - is it worth trying him there in the seniors, with a view to a more permanent role in 2012? I know hw has few fans here, but what do you reckon?
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