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  1. Did there namesakes all represent England in soccer / football
  2. Posted in another thread that we have, alongside a number of clubs, met with Richards management. He certainly seems as though a realistic target. The less he plays the more likely he is on the move.
  3. One outside midfielder that we have spoken to is Ed Richards. We are one of three or four clubs that have been laying some ground work. Think we would get a lot out of him on the opposite wing to Langdon.
  4. Watching the doggies on the weekend and an undersized Dunkley spending some significant time in the ruck, I wondered what has happened to Kyle. Don’t believe he’s injured - does anyone have an insight on how he’s going. Thought he showed a little bit despite fitness being well underdone last year in his 5 games and playing largely in the graveyard at HFF in a poor side?
  5. Thought O-Mac was terrific, and is the reason he was one of the core in 2018. He is never going to be a superstar, but his ball use is solid, he competes and allows others (Lever) to play their game. Enough with the temptations to play the more athletic Smith, I think O-Mac had Day for large parts of game who has been handy so far in 2020. I don’t think I heard his (Day’s) name. Well done Oscar
  6. Sam Frost – 7 As expected, Frost had the job on Tom Hawkins and the much-improved defender was very solid. The Cats forward booted two goals, but both majors came from set-shots where Frost's teammates did not do a good enough job of supporting him. Crucial to Melbourne's finals hopes. i think we are overlooking the simple explanation on Frost, he was more than solid on Tom Hawkins in final last year. As we all know we have been on the wrong side of Hawkins more than a few times over the year. I think Frost will have first crack, he has excellent physical attributes to go with him and allows May to be play more of a Lever type role which was clearly missing last week.
  7. Lots of reading not a lot of posting. I can’t see how Hogan gets to Freo cheaper than what is being offered this year next year. As we understand at best he walks to the draft however I just can’t see Freo being any lower than around pick 4. The challenge for Freo is there well known home ground advantage will win them 5 or 6 games, a couple of surprise results and at 7 wins like this year they finish 14th or 15th. No way Hogan slips through to pick 5 in draft next year, so back to the trade table, however this time Josh Kennedy is a year older and West Coast will be working there numbers to be in the race. My guess this is Freos best chance to land their forward, and won’t be surprised if deal still gets done.
  8. Menzel, makes Jack Watts defensive pressure look elite. If Garlett can’t get a game then I’ll take a pass on his 27 goals cause the rebound will cost us plenty more.
  9. Best read of the last few weeks, and considering the press that’s saying something. First time I have felt we were as important to Roosy in his football journey as he was to Melbourne. Let’s hope there is a few more chapters to this story in 2018
  10. Very rarely post but an avid reader of the forum. Nev’s Game today was reminiscent of the great Gavin Wanganeen, won the ball in the air, on the ground contest after contest. Quite simply watching him today was like watching a virtuoso performance of a master at the absolute top of his game. A must for All Australian.
  11. Not sure Ed Richards will get to our first pick, as it seems he is more highly rated by recruiters than most of the phantom draft "experts". Can tell you that he has met at least 9 clubs already (pre draft camp) and Melbourne on more than one occasion.
  12. Effectively Watts, pick 10 and a third rounder for Lever. Pass
  13. Just an observation for those that espouse that Jack's body of games would indicate that he wouldn't stand up in finals. There would be a handful of games in the last 2-3 seasons where Jack has demonstrated his ability to run both ways and take key marks in defence to save games. He knows how to win, one of the few who wears red and blue who has shown this.
  14. Definitely in the best today, showed why many clubs are currently chasing his services. (Surely the simple fact the multiple clubs are rumoured to be lining up to get his signature indicates that he must have ability - one of the few who pick themselves in a top 8 team!
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