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  1. Pretty much how I am feeling, I was crapping myself for 2 weeks before the prelim but now I am strangely calm, win or lose we have a club to be proud of, but [censored] me do I want us to win
  2. We are nice and settled in Perth, dogs still have to get there and quarantine, Bailey smith needs to be tagged and if we break even in the middle will go a long way to winning
  3. To beat the dogs you need pressure, port simply not up for the fight and haven’t been all year
  4. Game over port are rattled like us in 2018
  5. Yep he is brilliant and really knows how to get the best out of a special moment, why 7 doesn’t recruit him to call games I will never know
  6. Love that pic even the water boy thought it was funny
  7. I think we are in the granny boys and girls
  8. At least we are 29 up and not down, cats will have confidence now needs to be over by 3 quarter time
  9. Geez now it’s not over by a long shot
  10. I remember these fluff pieces in 2018 before we played west coast in Perth it’s all fugazi
  11. Should win coaches award big chance for Brownlow and MVP
  12. Yea we not winning the flag, probably out in straight sets
  13. Yep I have heard similar stories the amount of people from Melbourne that have showed up is insane
  14. 12 cases now in Shepparton and an exposure site in Bendigo all of vic will be locked down tonight
  15. So if port win Friday do we just say stuff it and rest players as we have to go interstate anyway so I see no point in risking our stars and just go play port 1st week, will be an interesting weekend
  16. No good I don’t mind robbo on 360
  17. What’s happened to mark robinson seems to have disappeared, not on 360 and done nothing in herald sun for weeks
  18. Geez so much will be riding on that Friday night game if dogs win I can see both swans and lions resting players as they can’t move into top 4 and can’t move down, it also allows us to rest players as we can’t drop below 2nd same with Geelong, if port win then that opens up everything as lions can jump into 4th and we need to win to avoid trip to Adelaide
  19. Just announced on seven news they expect Hawkins to not be cited due to the Holman case, difference is though saints player had both arms pinned so can’t protect yourself
  20. I think the bigger question is what do we do if dogs beat port do we then make some late changes to give some a rest, like bringing in daw for Gawn or giving trac a rest, or do we not flirt with it and go all out to win
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