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  1. I have no problem with the mail that @Dr evil provided. It was the method by which that mail kept arriving. He was completely smug in his protestations that Smith would 100% be a Demon. He didn't endear himself with me and it seems many others on here with his assertions that ultimately proved 100% wrong. You cannot be half pregnant. He may have good mail and good contacts and I would not have minded if he got this one wrong, as things can definitely change very quickly at this time of the year, if he hadn't been so arrogant with his declarations.
  2. Criticism of Dr Evil is rightly deserved. It is the silly season and whispers and inside information is certainly appreciated but this guy continually doubled down and categorically stated that Smith would 100% be a Demon. Things most certainly are fluid at this time of the year but It will be almost impossible to take anything Dr Evil says seriously ever again.
  3. Honestly, we're in dreamland if we think Tmac & Preuss are worth a first rounder. It does not matter how many second, third or fourth round picks are thrown in. Sure GWS might have a need for a ruck and perhaps a forward or defender but neither would go for a second round pick on their own Preuss might get 3rd round. Neither player could barely get a game this year. If by some chance GWS fell for this we'd definitely be paying for Tom's salary.
  4. If the President thinks we are a top 4 list then I really worry about his Footy IQ. Luckily he is not running the footy department but then again he greenlit Goody's extension and is backing him. Failure in 2021 will be devastating to the club in a variety of ways. We'll lose players and you can forget about being a destination club. From a business perspective sponsorship in a difficult climate will be hard to attract.
  5. I'm very worried about TMac and his salary biting us. Did we get ahead of ourselves after 2018 trying to lock in a dream team that not only stagnated but went backwards?
  6. That is true but I doubt it will be TMac's choice if the Dees want to offload and trade him. My big concern in regards to offloading Tom is that that we might be stuck footing the bill for a good chunk of his salary. I would hate for this to bite us in terms of landing other trade targets.
  7. Saints have Butler, Kent and Hill (yeah not technically a forward). Leave some small forwards for the rest of us.
  8. This surely hurts our chances of offloading Tommy McDonald. Are any clubs a serious chance to take Tom and who will be paying his salary? GWS played the long con to finally land Hogan. Well played GWS. Well played.
  9. That's some serious doubling down right there. I assume things can still change now that Geelong's season is over. Unless he has already physically signed on with the Demons surely nothing is set in stone.
  10. On a serious note who are our main competitors for his signature? Essendon? North?
  11. Take 2 first Draft picks or a wad of cash out of the equation and we’re just not an attractive club for a player or another club to deal with.
  12. Move him into a cheerleader role and get a real coach into the coaches box.
  13. Goodwin was outcoached by a first year coach. Players only showed fight in the last 12 minutes. There is rot throughout this whole club. Not many tickers either.
  14. He needs to go too. I'd rather keep Goodwin than Richardson take over.
  15. Goodwin outcoached by a first year coach. Bartlett has to stick up for the supporters and sack Goodwin.
  16. Terrible coaching from Goody & Richo in the first half. Hopefully Bartlett puts his money where is mouth is and turfs both of them at seasons end. Perfectly placed with a decent run home and they blow it.
  17. Goodwin & Richardson have no idea how to stem the flow. The sooner these jokers are gone the better. Few players are past their used by date too. Looking at Jones.
  18. Bartlett must read Demonland. He knows that the natives are restless. Is this a board election year?
  19. Let Pickett take a shot. Pickett and Jackson look to handball every single time.
  20. Why is May kicking out? Couldn’t hit the side of a barn at the moment.
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