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  1. Spot on guys. Turnovers are murder. I don't know what the stats are, but I'd be surprised if Melbourne didn't lead the competition from goals conceded from turnovers. I do agree that, at times, the player with the ball turns it over because he has no-one to kick/handball to, so has to kick/handball to someone under pressure. Of course, poor disposal - slow/looping kicks/handballs/missing targets - doesn't help. Particularly when moving forward. Freo reminded me a bit of the Demons in this regard. The forward structure was non existent at times. A Freo player would get the ball, look forward and see no-one there. Or a player outnumbered. Lake had an absolute picnic. I was at the GF yesterday. It was a very poor game/spectacle. I hate the way Freo play. FWIW I don't agree that Morton's disposal was good, or even OK. Please excuse my assorted ramblings.
  2. I'm fearful of Mitch's ability to get back on the ground. I'm far from convinced that he'll play too many more games. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  3. A real success story. I thought his foot injury would end his career (like Mitch Clarke). Thankfully I was wrong.
  4. I always find it amusing when posters suggest trading players like Strauss. He has no currency.
  5. He was the most exciting player I've seen at MFC in years. But he's done. Hopefully he makes something of his life.
  6. I met him years ago when our sons played in the same junior football team. A top bloke and a thorough gentleman. Hope he recovers.
  7. They spent the season playing like them though.
  8. Even MFC wouldn't be so stupid to take him back. No AFL club would.
  9. Tapscott has some currency? I suspect his value could be measured in Zimbabwian dollars.
  10. Spot on Tony. I've always found it amusing that posters from time to time suggest trading Sylvia/Watts/[insert any other player's name] for Ablett/Pendlebury or some other absolute gun!!! Or the suggestion that Dunn/Davey/[again, insert any other dispensable player's name, it used to be Bate] be thrown in to sweeten the deal. Reality check!! Throw in a packet of Clinkers. Now you're talking!!!
  11. Does anyone else remember the video of Voss' "bravery" outside the venue where he had an "altercation" with another "gentleman"? Voss has always been a media darling, so it didn't get any real publicity at the time.
  12. He is a sad shadow of his former self. Come to think of it, his former self wasn't even much chop.
  13. Lenny Hayes is clearly a terrific bloke and role model. But that doesn't necessarily mean he would make a good assistant coach. I don't think the Club can afford to employ any more first timers.
  14. I think the tendency of posters to use apostrophes in pronouns is far worse than the situation regarding Jack Watts.
  15. Best player I've seen = Carey. Best Demons player = Flower.
  16. Hey, LW, are you my ex wife? If not, it's the sorta stuff she'd quote!!!
  17. How many times have players stood back rather than move to the ball with hands out? Answer - quite a few.
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