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  1. After trawling through a few pages and noticing it regularly… PSA: His name is Caleb Daniel.
  2. Great news for Tommy. Really pleased for him and the club. Spells the end for Weid though, doesn’t it?
  3. 6 - Clayton ‘Chas’ Oliver 5 - Christian Petracca 4 - Max ‘AA Captain’ Gawn 3 - Alex Neal-Bullen 2 - Bayley Fritsch 1 - Jake Lever
  4. 6 Oliver 5 Gawn 4 Lever 3 Pickett 2 May 1 Salem
  5. 6 - Petracca 5 - McDonald 4 - Petty 3 - Salem 2 - Oliver 1 - Pickett
  6. 6 - Lever 5 - May 4 - Gawn 3 - Petracca 2 - Oliver 1 - Salem
  7. OUT: Fritsch (susp), Tomlinson (inj), Baker, Jones IN: Weideman, Petty, Sparrow, Harmes
  8. 6. Salem 5. Petracca 4. Oliver 3. Gawn 2. Lever 1. McDonald
  9. OUT: M Brown, Melksham, Petty IN: Weid, Fritsch, May Next week B Brown comes in for Jones unless he plays a blinder in his 300th.
  10. He only had 56% TOG so it looks as though the club is consciously not running him into the ground. Instead of resting him they’re just lowering his minutes. His pressure and link up play is very handy for our structures.
  11. Petty for May. Prefer Sparrow to Melksham but Goodwin loves the milkshake so he likely stays. Hibberd next in line but can't see anybody in the current 22 that deserves being replaced for him. Goodwin has stated that neither Brown nor Weid will play Seniors this week.
  12. 6. Petracca 5. Gawn 4. Oliver 3. Lever 2. Viney 1. Fritsch
  13. 6. Gawn 5. Pickett 4. Langdon 3. Hunt 2. Lever 1. Viney
  14. I bet you’re fun at parties.
  15. 6: May 5: Lever 4: Oliver 3: McDonald 2: Petracca 1: Tomlinson
  16. So excited I can’t sleep. Cannot wait to sit down in the MCC with my Dad and two brothers for the first time since 2019. Just quietly, really looking forward to a few frothies while seated in the stands too. Let’s go Dees!
  17. Steven May with footy in hand is the best sight to see out of all those pics.
  18. For those who have been attending the training sessions this off-season, has Clarry been regularly training away from the main group or was it just a lighter session today?
  19. People posting as though they have any idea about how this kid plays based on some highlights, his weight and height. Welcome to the MFC, Jake.
  20. So the nine are Trac, Viney, Oliver, Lever, Baker, ANB, Spargo, Jordan and ???
  21. Yep, also surprised the Egg was dropped. Guess there was no room for him with Short, Houli, Vlastuin, Baker and even Stack when he’s not tucking into kebabs. He’s my favourite delisted free agent so far.
  22. 30 years old at the start of next season. Reckon you’d want to be taking a fairly special player at 30 years of age, which he is not.
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