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  1. I'd like to see Trengove tried as a half forward if fully fit. The guy is a great mark and a reliable set shot. With Vanders out great chance to see if he could play that role.
  2. Speaking of playing shorts, did anyone notice that in the Freo Sydney match that Freo wore their purple shorts while Sydney wore their red shorts? Why not white? And if they can wear red shorts (a dark colour) as the away team then why can't we wear blue with our alternate strips?
  3. Red and Blue are also the MCC's colours (with some white)
  4. How does a fan get that close to a coach anyway? Clarkson needs to control himself but frankly the fan deserved more than he got. [censored].
  5. And when you factor in that he's been the sub or subbed in several games it's not unreasonable to argue that he could've been number 1. Phenomenal effort.
  6. Fair dinkum. These blokes are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be athletic sportsmen. The expectation is that they will eat right, excercise right and keep their bodies in optimum condition. Taking recreational drugs impacts on the condition of their bodies. No one is forcing them to play sport for a living. No one is forcing them to accept $100k+ salaries. If they want to use drugs they can do so but don't be an AFL footballer. They live a priveleged lifestyle that sets them up for life. Forgoing recreational drugs, alcohol, take out food is a sacrifice that is required in return. I can tell you that if my employer offered me a $100,000 pay rise if I stopped drinking and occasionally doing recreational drugs it'd be an easy decision. They want it all their way.
  7. Good concept but needs better execution.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. Will they follow most other clubs and use a Demon? Or base it around the MFC monogram? Any third possibilities?
  9. To be fair to Nicho, Petracca couldn't catch him on the field at the moment. But it wouldn't matter I suppose as Nicho would obligingly turn it over anyway.
  10. The cynicism in me says this won't happen. It seems that every year brings with it a new proposed home for the MFC.
  11. Really disappointed that the club hasn't managed to snare a quality midfielder this trade period. It means we're one injury away to Jones/Vince/Tyson and our midfield will be shot. Those three are by far our best mids, how Cross will hold up is anyone's guess and now there won't be a resurgent Trengove to build some depth. This means we are either relying on Viney, Salem and Toumpas to significantly step up in 2015 or continue to rely on the likes of Matt Jones, Bail etc which will result in a season similiar to 2014. Lamumba and Garlett may help with breaking the lines but we desperately needed another ready made midfielder to allow the younger kids time to develop. As it stands I'm feeling really gloomy thinking about next year when usually this is the time of year I convince myself that we're on the way up.
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