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  1. Jurrah's injury becoming a concern. Just seems to get longer & longer

    Yeah it is. And for it to happen in a dull scrappy game against GC at the [censored] end of a dismal season gives it added poignancy. I remember seeing him come of in discomfort and thinking hell i hope hasn't broken his wrist. The post match reports seemed to suggest it wasn't that serious but for it still to be an issue 6 months later is a big worry.

    One positive is that he has been able to work on his aerobic capacity and i would presume his overall strength, at least in in his legs and core (obviously limited how much upper body work he can do). I don't reckon he'll take long to get his ball handling skill up to speed.

    Make no mistake he is an absolutely key player for us. In a team lacking real a graders or players with an X factor a fit, firing LJ is vital

  2. In two weeks that list will be halved, what's your point?

    Re-rookie Evans, he shown a bit. People are always trying to extrapolate something from injury lists, well guess what? This is a contact sport. Moving on..

    A bit unnecessarily narcy i would have thought.

    And by the by we'll see if that list is halved in two weeks - how often does a a 2 week injury magically blow out to a 6 week injury (see Jurrah, amongst innumerable other examples over the last few years Melbourne).

    Also how did Evans hurt his back and why is it indefinite?

  3. Which muppet put in 11?

    Just call me Kermit. My favourite time of year is pre season. We haven't lost a game, i'm always full of hope. My experience in following the dees has been the season usually provides more than its fair share of reality checks so i'm sticking with 11 wins in a row to start the year.

    P.S - how many games did Wet Coke win out of its first 11 last year?

  4. I also think that the radio coverage was unduly harsh on certain players. Watts, despite his low numbers, was actually not bad. He put a lot of tackling pressure on and presented well in the forward line.

    Couldn't agree more. I listened to SEN for the first game and watched the replay this am. Watts's intensity was fine (despite what is being said on the Jack Watts thread). I watched the second game live down the pub and again thought his intensity was good. Sure Brennan out bodied him on one occasion but thats to do with his strength not his application.

    I was a pretty big critic of Watts' intensity in 2010 and felt he really needed to step up in this area to make it as an elite player (little lone fulfil his potential). As i have written previously i thought he was terrific in this regard last season. I can't quite understand the pretty negative vibe of many comments about his game (s) last night or where he's at

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  5. Each to their own; I used to post on both forums fairly regularly but got bored of the personal vendettas that I felt sidetracked too many of the Demonology threads.

    There seems to be a fair bit of similar nonsense on this site as well unfortunately

  6. Just went to my lifeless suburban Tavern and found another Demon who didn't have Foxtel sitting up close to the flickering TV .

    We had a few ales and watched the scrappy game/s and found out we were cricket rivals in our comp .

    Anyway ,this guy ,who goes under the name of Stinga in 'ology is a fan of our site here and will join up soon .We might go to a few games together this year .

    His observation was that some of the Moderaters are immoderate and that there should be a little more freedom of expression here .I explained to him that we are not living in a democracy and that some opinions are more freely expressable than others .He lived near the Mortons in Richmond and said the Dad has some muscles .So there is hope in that dept .

    Nothing more heart warming than a blossoming love affair

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  7. Ha! This is going to be a funny year on Demonland.

    Get used to watching games like that. Everyone was so keen to get a defensive coach, but as soon as they see us playing defensively they are gobsmacked.

    We will hug the boundary, focus on stoppages and strangle the opposition. Honest players will play before silky players and we will have low possession numbers and low mark numbers because of our style.

    Get used to it.


  8. The sad fact is that Eddie has a lovely forum at TripleM where he can have his say completely unopposed with no fear that a rival club president is going to get the chance to reply. He feels free to launch into thee little rants and portray himself as a tough guy because he knows that there is no chance of being called on it on air.

    Yep. Really, who does he think he is with a quote like:

    "I'll give Melbourne a nice heads-up - keep going after my players and I'll knock off all your sponsors," he said on Triple M.

    He's also seems to think he is the puppet master when it comes to the AFL as the following quote indicates:

    "And not only that, I'll go to the AFL and say they've obviously got too much because they're paying over the odds, so stop giving them money.

    "That's the way I roll on these things."

    Give me a spell Eddy, "that's the way i roll on these things", please. I know this is just media rubbish but he needs to be put back in his box.

    They give us QB? Is it not possible for the AFL to schedule us against say the bombers or tigers with us as a home game on that day. Or even alternate the home game with one of those clubs? Stuff collingwood - the G is our home ground.

  9. The only issue I have with the penalty is the rationale for suspending him. If Sam Blease failing to attend his meeting has damaged his development, and the selection of a young player in the NAB Cup is good for development (no doubt it is), then hasn't the suspension simply compounded the negative impact Sam's non-appearance has had on his development as a footballer?

    The coaching panel's aim is to create a professional environment, but surely their ultimate goal is to win a Premiership. Any sanction that interferes with that goal - and I believe denying a player the chance to develop match-fitness and experience does interfere - is an incorrect punishment. A large financial penalty or some thoroughly unenjoyable training would be better for Sammy's development (and the development of the team, keeping in mind it's ultimate aim) than denying him and the coaches the chance to see what he can do or where he would be best suited to play.

    Sorry chook can't agree with this. Sammy, like the rest of the team, has been busting a gut all pre season and again like all his team mates would have been dying for the chance to have a proper game of footy. Denying this reward will do more for his development than 18 minutes of quasi game time

  10. Has nobody ever been late to work due to factors beyond their control? From the information we have been given, he was simply late to a morning meeting. This happens, hardly a fineable offence

    I have heard it mentioned that 'His preparation was improvised' meaning it was probably his most important meeting of the week. Understandable to miss the game for this reason, but not a fine.

    My preparation is often improvised

  11. I believe there is a strategic reason why they didn't want to post footage of our game online for the whole world to see.

    I know it wasn't a closed training session, but you still don't need every club and their dogs sniffing around, picking apart moves, tactics and game plans.

    Perhaps not but it would have been great to see some edited highlights of the game. As we move increasingly to an online, muti media future media such as dee tv will need to actually start producing some real content, not just silly interviews with our newest supporter from the US. Already clubs such as Man U, et al have 24 hour pay tv channels and whilst it is fanciful to think we would have something similar at the very least, in the next 2 -3 years, we should expect to see some serious online visual content (eg proper vision of training and practice matches, video analysis etc)

  12. I would prefer too keep Bennel and off load Morton if we trade one compo plus a player.

    It always amuses me that footy fans go ballistic at the thought of a player being a traitor and leaving their own club but won't bat an eyelid at trading out players or throwing in a couple of stalwarts into a deal mix to get a good player from another club (who of course is being traitorous to the club they are leaving).

    We hate Scully (yes more for the way he handled himself but never the less) but laud Clark for joining the dees (after telling Brisbane he really, really wanted to go home to WA). Ahh the beautiful mystery of football!

    (P.S not having a go at you JD, your post just made me think of this apparent double standard amongst footy fans)

  13. Burgan's post scratch match interview with Bale is also pretty interesting in terms of what role Bate see's himself playing, the Neeld game plan and the training "volume". In some ways the Dee TV interviews are much more revealing than the standard group media door stoppers or conferences, in part because of their length (ie stuff sometimes just pops out) but also because of the players seem to like Burgan

  14. Frawley's interview with Matt Burgan on the Melbourne FC website has to be one of the funniest I have ever seen.

    And to think some wanted the guy Captain ! Ha!

    Imagine some of the post match interviews we would get?!

    Get yourselves a pen and some paper and jot down the amount of times he uses the word 'spose.'

    It's got to be a world record of some sort.

    Certainly not the most comfortable or confident interviewee. You could add to saying s'pose heaps the amount of times he says mate. Even Burgo (mate) gets in on in the act by the end of the interview. Happy for Frawley to lead by example.

    I've really enjoyed the interview series with the LG. On the whole they seem a a pretty switched on group, quiet, considered and intelligent. Also some very interesting insights into the new regime, training program and possible match day strategies.

    Some random thoughts:

    Burgan an ok interviewer who goes extremely red - paint a blue line on his face and he'd be demon mascot. Tends to repeat questions (ie same q, slightly reworded several times in the one interview, eg "what do you see as your leadership qualities?")

    Clark very nervous but seems a pretty quiet guy.

    Jones surprisingly articulate and thoughtful.

    Garland a ripper, would be great to sit down and talk footy to (the dees should tap in to this somehow)

    Grimes oozes a quiet confidence

    Trengove is really young and will take a while to find his feet as captain (unsurprisingly)

    Bartram seems a pretty switched on bloke and likes the new coaching set up

  15. what do you mean by berate his teamates??

    Funny this was raised. I went to last years intra club game and Beamer gave a young fella (can't recall who, could have even been a Casey top up player) an all mighty spray. From my, quite close, vantage point it seemed unfair and was by any standard well out of order. During that same game he drove another young fella into the ground and was generally mouthy to all and sundry.

    Hardly positive leadership was my thinking and i reckon this trait may be one of the reasons he isn't in the LG. That and the fact he appears not to be the sharpest tool in the shed, which is in contrast to this years LG if their interviews on dee tv are any guide (which seems to indicate they are a pretty thoughtful, reflective bunch, not a bunch of pumped up yobs)

  16. If you take the view that every club is vulnerable to losing one of their better players, I'm relieved that ours has been Scully - and that we got 2 compo picks (and, in a round about way, Mitch Clark) for him.

    We also now command the moral high ground on this issue, something that wasn't totally with us immediately following season 2009.

    Not for the first time i agree with you Ron, not so much about the moral high ground, more that we've had our GWS hit and can focus on this season without what has been acknowledged by the club as a major distraction. I for one feel sorry for supporters from other clubs who might have to go thru the sort of drama we endured last season, but better them than us. To paraphrase my second favourite PM Scully was the defection we had to have

  17. his year last year was extraordinary.

    stepped up big-time when it was required, and then went forward already and showed that he could kick goals.

    i think he can become a really handy player - a true utilty who can fill any hole, even running up and down a wing as well as playing back.

    I agree. Its easy to forget how good he actually was last year. When Jamar was out he was the man. As noted by Trident his skills below his knees are first class and as he is a relative new comer to aussie rules, having only committed to it as an 18 year old, his skills will only improve. I reckon he's also got a good footy brain, that again will only improve with more games under his belt.

    Still heaps of upside for Stef and i reckon he could end up being as good as Jolly and better than Dawes, two players who contributed heaps to the Pies success in 2010.

  18. However, I would not be surprised if the team looks raw and rusty under Neeld. He has only been in charge of the side for about 5 months and its fantasy to think a team will be able to implement a new game plan/style in so short a time. I am not overly confident about MFC doing well in the pre season comp but I expect the side to improve subject to injuries etc as the season goes on reflecting the growing maturity of the young team and the understanding of Neeld's way of doing things.

    Not so sure about this. The Bombers responded pretty quickly to Hird and there are some obvious similarities. Like the dees this year the Bombers were coming off a really tumultuous previous season, again like Melbourne were given a completely new game plan to master and finally were also considered by their incoming coach and fitness staff to be unfit and were duly flogged on the training track.

    Essendon (with West Coast perhaps) were near the fittest side at the beginning of 2011 which really helped them get going early, including an impressive NAB cup campaign (during which they ran ll over the top of an unfit dees outfit). I reckon we might go all right (though i though that last year!)

  19. Cut and pasted from Demonolgy FYI (poster was Nick48, ta):

    As I expected arrived a bit late for the start of the session, twenty plus people at the session, which was not bad considering.

    When I arrived they were into match simulation again, playing with some intensity I thought, like vultures across a carcass.

    A lot of rotations during the session, some of the stops were a bit longer than usual as the coaches did there bit, a lot of instructions going on.

    Williams – short session then off.

    Ricky as have said before – good pace - looks like he could out run them all.

    Sellar – off for a bit of physio, ready to go back on, but didn’t in the end, then back to the rooms.

    Morton – some good things, much better than some previous efforts. 

    Fitzpatrick – not a force to be reckoned with yet in the ruck – but had some good tap outs and clearances, give him a chance it may work out. 

    Royal did some boundary throw-ins again Fitzpatrick was the surprise. Late in the session they broke into two groups, Royal taking a small group at one end.

    Tapscott and Jordie – bit of boundary walking and running, nothing new.

    Re-hab group down to three this morning, Jurrah, Spencer and Evans, down the back mainly doing sprints, Liam now doing laps, bit of sprint. Spencer stayed behind doing more goal work.

    Still long session, if they started at 8am – they did somewhere around a three hour session, you might say they have a couple of days off doing the community camps.

    not very long - left out the bits that are the same at most training sessions.

    looking forward to friday afternoon's intra-club, cheers.

  20. Having a look over the last few years, form in the NAB Cup actually is quite indicative of how a team may perform in the season proper, especially the first half of the season. I, and a lot of others, have just passed off some woeful pre-season performances in previous years. This year, while I won't be hysterical if we play poorly and lose, I will be expecting a much more competitive effort throughout the whole pre-season, especially considering enthusiasm surrounding the new coach etc.

    Yep, agree on both counts

  21. He said it should be the norm, not something i remember happening 4 times a season....

    This is his biggest downfall, everything else he is ontop of imo

    I don't agree with this. I was critical of Watts before the start of last season in terms of his intensity, hardness at the ball etc and felt that he really needed to focus on this area or play in the maggos until he had improved.

    To his huge credit i reckon he really improved his intensity last season and for my money, whilst prob not on a par with say MacKenzie for hardness at the ball was almost the most consistent player across the season in terms of competing, second efforts and attacking the ball.

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