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  1. Axis do you think he didn't play team football before this year?
  2. Love your work Joeboy but I think Fritta was the cake.
  3. Many thanks Ash, hope you and your family are coping in these awful times. Exciting times for us, we have a club we can be proud of. You're welcome on the bandwagon any time you like.
  4. I read the first part of the thread to fill in some Pre GF time. I noted some of the early debate and thought I’d post it for fun. I’m not having a crack at anyone here, it’s just for fun!
  5. Gawn Salem Petracca Oliver Viney Harmes
  6. With NSW and Victoria now well past COVID zero what's the issue with people coming here from OS? They quarantine for 14 days and at worst a couple more cases get out. I've got a mate who is stuck in NSW having gone to see his daughter and granddaughter and has been for the last 6 weeks or so. It's costing him a fortune. What's the issue if he comes to Victoria and isolates for 14 days? On the other hand I've got relations who are moving to WA permanently. They've got permission to go there and leave in 3 days but a resident of Victoria can't get back in. Can someone explain that?
  7. And all of this with a massive budget surplus. It doesn't make sense.
  8. I agree completely that we shouldn't count our chickens before they've hatched, there is a very real chance that we won't win tomorrow and if we do we won't win the GF. The hype on Demonland almost seems to have assumed we'll win. But I think we have achieved a huge amount this year. First and foremost we've gained the respect of the footy world. We've finished top of the ladder which in the majority of sporting codes around the world represents the winner. We've done that with dignity, not the arrogance of the Scott's, Dangerfield's and Selwood's of the world. We've given our supporters something during a pretty ordinary year and that's worth a lot. I'm with the OP, we can be proud of our club regardless of the result this year. And whilst if we lose either of the last two games I'll be bitterly disappointed I'll still be proud of our club which in the past has not really been the case. BTW Lucifer, I know you share these sentiments, I'm just adding another layer.
  9. 2019 was a fantastic effort by our recruiting team not only that they got it right but Jackson and Kossie were gutsy calls. There were question marks over each but both have proven outstanding. And it's not only 2019, it's what JT has done in the last 4 years. Games played is from a couple of weeks ago: This has been our drafting since 2017 with picks in the top 50: 2020 Bowey P21 4 2020 Laurie P22 0 2020 Rosman P34 0 2019 Jackson P3 27 2019 Pickett P12 36 2019 Rivers P32 31 2018 Sparrow P27 20 2018 Jordon P33 21 2017 Spargo P29 56 2017 Fritsch P31 82 2017 Petty P35 27 2017 Baker P48 13 Nine of twelve picks are now regulars in the team. Two are untried and one is probably a fail. I reckon that's pretty incredible. Of that group only Spargs played against WCE in 2018 final although Fritta played in the previous two finals. That's pretty amazing.
  10. Can you PM me with the details of what Ross did?
  11. No, he was advocating him from about October before he was drafted when everyone wanted Parish.
  12. This is just absolute rot. Chris Fagan was continually asked about the disruption to the Lions losing McStay had. He said it did, they took a little while to adjust but he said it didn't cost them the game, we were just too good. And at the end he went out of his way to say what a good footy team we were. Compare that with Chris Scott's pratty presser last week where he thought Stanley beat Gawn and Geelong had the better of the game. Fagan is a terrific coach and person. Fagan wasn't making any excuses, just answering questions. Your comment is just off the mark, there wasn't an excuse to be had. And on that little twerp Mathieson. Not only should he be cited for charging Gawn he should go for wacking Pickett in the head. Nothing to commend with him, just an awful footballer and player.
  13. Oliver Gawn ANB Lever Fritta Trac
  14. In my view Maynard does not add value for money. Saying he is a replacement for Hibbo is misplaced, Hibbo isn't getting a game with both Hunt and Tomlinson out. I'm a believer that Tomlinson can fit with May, Lever and Petty. We clearly have a tight salary cap. We have Jackson, Pickett, Rivers, Sparrow, Jordon, Petty, Spargo and Bowey who were in our 23 on Saturday and are 22 or under. They will need TPP space and I don't think our oldies are on big coin. Maynard is not a priority I don't think.
  15. You need to be careful. I'm fairly sure it was Olisik that was HUGE on Oliver right from the get go. He copped a lot of criticism with people wanting Parish. That said all I'm really saying is evaluate the idea, not who delivers it.
  16. I love Joeboy's 3 word analysis, it's one of the first threads I read and rather than having a swipe at him I'm offering my opinion on his view. I don't agree on quite a lot of this comments but that's fine, it's an opinion business. But I think calling Tmac "embarrassing" is just unnecessary. Footy is a team game, some have leading roles, some don't. I wasn't embarrassed by Tmac's performance, I just thought he had an underwhelming night. I thought Viney was fantastic in his role all night, I thought ANB was involved for most of the night ( and was mentioned in Goody's presser). And on it goes. I read the review in the joy of the best win I've seen Melbourne involved in and to be making comments like "embarrassing" just seemed a very jaundice view.
  17. Unbelievable summary Joeboy Find some joy.
  18. You are such a bore with your political statements on a footy site.
  19. There's a small thing called the salary cap. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  20. I'm not advocating we get him just pointing out that he's playing the game plan the coach wants. I don't think it's his fault, I think he's doing what he is being asked to do.
  21. Be careful not to blame the player for the game plan. Do you really think Gaff is going against the coaches instructions?
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