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  1. Deestroyer - 7up. I played in Robbie Flower league last year.
  2. I guess I didn't make it to the second league, but I did autodraft in the previous league so I don't know why everyone was worried about 24 hour rule.
  3. Defending premiers ready to gain the crown again.
  4. I think I played last year, I would like to join again.
  5. 7-up is in this year, last year bold trades cost me my season. I think I ended up getting the wooden spoon.
  6. WOW this world is so horrible some times RIP Walsh
  7. Any chance I can join. I was 7-UP last year.
  8. Since no one allow to post in league page, since I am mathematically out I already have my sight towards next season I already decide to keep Bennell and Breust as my keepers, and able to trade to get Adam Treloar,everyone else in my team is available for a rookie keeper so send me your best offer cheers
  9. I've never seen that popular badge beside the post before? How many other secrets in Demonland that are yet to unraveled?
  10. Sorry for asking this question, Does AFL have a collective bargaining agreement where players get 50% of the revenue like in North American Sports ?
  11. I was swagville from last year, hopefully there are some spots available this year to join, and deevoted you should clear your inbox because i can't send you any messages.
  12. Just signed up mate looking forward to the draft
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