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  1. Blitzkrieg football. I remember Barassi urging this on one of his teams when he was coaching in the 70s. Last night looked like Blitzkrieg football to me and wow did it look good!
  2. He was welling up last night. It was great to see.
  3. Two years in vs four. I think the coach question is getting a little more serious.
  4. I think it’s a fair question. It’s occurrd to me too — I can’t imagine a Roos led team folding like we did in the final round last year or today. I really hope I’m wrong. I want to see stability.
  5. Awful draw. Just rotten. No games for us Sydneysiders and our run at the end is horrible. Nice start with Geelong and the best three midfielders. Seriously... The only thing to say is that if we're good enough, we'll win them. But it'll be no thanks to this sh!tty draw.
  6. Sad day for me. Feel like we let down Grimes, Trengove and Watts badly. For all his flaws, I just wanted to see Melbourne and Jack finally succeed and I felt sure it would happen. Good luck to him at Port.
  7. Is there a chance this whole episode is a surreptitious rocket for Jack? He's unlikely to secure a trade just because of the way the chips have fallen so will wind up staying at Melbourne. Perhaps will shake off some of his apathy and if not then really on the block next year? He frustrates me but he's also been part of a club that went to hell and back during his time. I've always hoped Melbourne's success would come with Jack Watts part of it so both sides were validated. Just a dream I guess.
  8. I haven't felt this way since 1987. God it's good. Go you mighty Dees!
  9. Brock is as thick as two short planks. The tanking comments simply brought the crisis in the club to the fore. He would've been clueless anything he said would have an impact. Just as he's clueless now about slagging off Carlton. I didn't like him exposing tanking, but I think in the end it was good for our club for everything to be out in the open. No one will tank any more as it simply doesn't work -- Carlton another great example of that. More than anything I was annoyed they weren't dragged through the filth too. Our club has been run by incompetents for year. Right now we have a capable C
  10. I love Roos, very glad. Send Chip to Casey for the rest of the season. We only want hearts that beat true.
  11. I'll speak the words. I want us to try to win every game as hard as we can. Our competitiveness is dramatically improved and I'm enjoying watching a contest when I follow my team again. But, and just but, if we come last and jag the top two picks with Frawley gone, I'll be happy with that. I trust the decisionmakers in our club now now to stuff up good selections, and I trust them to run the season out as hard as they can. All good.
  12. +1. and to the earlier posters. Aish isn't going to be anything like a Jobe Watson build. The Aish family are highly skilled sticks!
  13. If he's the best man then let's wait. We're not about to challenge. Let's find a decade-long coach once Roos shuffles off. I read it and thought ``smart Melbourne.'' Not something I've thought much in recent years.
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