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  1. McClure just reported that he will be paid just under 800kAdelaides original offer was 300k to lever. Their last offer to him was 500-600k
  2. Jarman Impey is a player I would consider for watts
  3. Saw a couple of boys at listen out yesterday. Enjoying the off season I think
  4. Mitch Cleary has indicatied he is drawing lots of interest from Victoria teams
  5. Any interest in this guy. We do need speed and he has a lot of it.. Thoughts?
  6. What’s people’s thoughts about Harmes. Looks to improved his kicking and strength. Is he best 22?
  7. Heard that where into Cameron O'Shea from port Adelaide with saints and the blues in the hunt. Hearing what Mahoney said about our backline today not surprised where into him. Thoughts??
  8. I had this problem and just changed the shipping address and worked fine
  9. General admission $5 vfl members is free and u15 is free
  10. I hoped they played the press red for ed game against Collingwood. Can't seem to find it anywhere
  11. Gerard Healy just said that Stretch needs a shoulder operation does anyone know anything about this?
  12. reckon we should be right into him
  13. melbourne trade 3 and 10 to essendon for 4 and 5 = curnow and weideman
  14. i rekon the pies got the worst out of the trade
  15. great. they will turn him into the next franklin
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