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  1. All vaccinations are recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register, and you can generate an Immunisation History Statement through the MyGov website or Medicare app. Looks like this...
  2. We're also trying to get tickets. Asked the MFC for some assistance as part of our player sponsorship, but they don't have any details as fresh as this morning. Just spoke to a staff member at Adelaide Oval, and she didn't even have any ticketing info available. Encouraged us to get onto the Ticketek website at 11.30am AEST on Tuesday 18 May to see what we can get. The Ticketek website doesn't seem to indicate there is a member preference period, but I can see up the thread that this seems to be the case?
  3. Melbourne’s new $6 million man Christian Petracca signs on for life Melbourne will announce Christian Petracca’s mammoth contract extension as early as Wednesday. Foxfooty.com.au has confirmed Channel 7’s report, which revealed the Demons star would shun rival clubs to pen a long-term extension. The Demons were planning on making the good news public on Wednesday. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-news-2021-christian-petracca-contract-melbourne-free-agent-new-deal-net-worth-how-much-money/news-story/916d148703bf5e714f4db9911e2666aa
  4. Huh? Received a bog-standard Copy & Paste response from the Club this morning:
  5. I know that in the grand scheme of things this is a pretty small matter, however it's one that, strangely, I feel pretty passionately about. I just sent the following to the Club.
  6. Membership has been taken up. Thanks all.
  7. I'm able to nominate a child under the age of 15 to receive a free Melbourne Football Club junior membership as part of my MFC/MCC package. Alas, I don't have any relatives or friends with kids that age, so if anyone would like a free junior membership which entitles access to all our games in Melbourne during 2014 please send me a PM. Apologies if this thread has been opened up in the wrong forum.
  8. Firstly, his name is Kevin. Secondly, "analising" the list sounds pretty painful
  9. We're certainly the hardest team to watch and the hardest team to follow passionately.
  10. Bartram has played slightly more (94) and although they weren't in yesterday's side, Bate and Dunn also illustrate my point nicely.
  11. The other games were in 2009 and he was delisted at the end of 2010.
  12. I know it doesn't sound like many, but if he's still getting first game jitters in his 4th AFL game there may be a problem.
  13. It's more about being realistic than pessimistic. I don't think you'll find anyone disappointed that we won, it's just the way we went about it was a reality check about how far off the pack we are.
  14. We also have a fair whack of players around the 60-80 game mark who are slow/poor decision makers. The players' motto during the early part of the year was "Simple Brilliance." This meant doing the simple things really, really well, including getting your kick off to an unmanned teammate if advantageous. Too many times today we witnessed experienced players wanting to take the ball back through traffic because of an apparent obsession with the corridor. In fact, once again it was the experienced players who tended to let us down. At least Blease, McDonald and McNamara looked like they were having a crack. Cale Morton on the other hand just swans around trying to make it look like he's getting involved - credit where credit's due, however, it was probably one of his better games of the last few weeks. Brian Royal mentioned today at the Before the Bounce function that Todd Viney had challenged the players to absolutely stick to the structures they want to implement - sitting directly in front of the coaches' box I don't think Viney was impressed. A number of times there were fists flying against the glass. I noticed in a video they showed of the team meeting the week before the Richmond game that when asked questions by Mark Williams about tactics or the consequences of doing or not doing something that there was hardly any response from the players. It let me to wonder whether the structures that we are trying to implement are actually understood by the playing group. It's that old teaching philosophy - make your message clear enough that even the dullest student can understand it. I just hope we're not making excuses and that we don't find that some of the players who we thought would form the core of our challenge might not be up to it after all.
  15. The thing that really annoys me is the back slapping, high-fiving and fist pumping. Seriously fellas, save it for when we are beating a half decent team.
  16. I don't think I underestimate GC, in fact that's the thing that irks me most about the whole situation - really we should be miles in front of them in terms of development. Also I'm not sure I'd say they "kicked away" in the last quarter - GC won the quarter 5 goals to 4. Just lucky, as like last week, that we seemed to have something in the Gatorade at 1/2 time.
  17. I was there and found the game incredibly boring. I couldn't even manage a yelp at some of the better goals. Got annoyed with fellow MFC supporters clapping pathetic efforts. There is something seriously stinky about this playing group at the moment, and I'm not sure a "tougher than tough" pre-season is going to turn it around. I feel flatter after that win today than after some of the 60 point smashings.
  18. My information is that Kaspersky will stay on, albeit in a diminished capacity. They have been supporting the Digital Demons programs etc. and are likely to extend their support of these initiatives beyond 2011.
  19. Didn't appear like that on Sunday at the Before the Bounce function. Was still outlining plans and strategies for the future.
  20. Not sure who the sponsor is, but can confirm that the position on the back of the jumper for a sponsor logo has been sold for $1.9m. Still searching for a sponsor for the front of the jumper. Gives the club around $1.2m more a year to spend on FD etc.
  21. They should be sacked for breach of contract.
  22. As far as I'm concerned the players have no business being disenfranchised with the CEO. It's like students complaining about a teacher they don't like. Tough shizen I'm afraid. In life you come across people you don't get along with, but you have to make it work for the sake of business/life/whatever. If that truly was a protest by the players on the weekend then every single one involved deserves to be sacked for breach of contract. It is the job of the administration to make tough decisions which might not be liked be all. If Cam is interfering in the daily operations of the FD then that must also be addressed, but for the players to kick up a stink is childish, and if Scully doesn't like it then he can rack off to GWS too. YMMV. PS - the club hasn't gone backwards this year because of Cameron Schwab. The members who don't re-sign next year, won't do so based on the absolute pathetic displays put on by two thirds of the playing group over the 22 games. I've never been as disgusted with the effort of 22 well paid, well resourced footballers as I have been over the past two weekends.
  23. This, I'm guessing, would be the same MCC in which some of the MFC's oldest, most loyal and most generous supporters sit. I don't know where you've been observing from, but the fellow Demons MEMBERS and SUPPORTERS I sit with in the MCC become nothing short of infuriated with some of the weak efforts this year, but you know what? We're there every week, unlike many many MANY other fairweather "supporters". What I find more disturbing is the amount of sycophantic MFC supporters on Twitter who after a perfomance like yesterday's proceed to write to the players that "we're all behind them and it must be so tough for them". TOUGH?? I'll gladly take hundreds of thousands of dollars to dish up garbage like that every week. In most other professions that would earn you the sack. *rant over*
  24. Beat me too it Hardtack, although I was going to suggest *shock horror* that it showed the naysayers that Tom is not the social outsider many claim him to be.
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