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  1. I'm glad Rivers is finding some form at the right time of the season. In time, I'd like to see him tried in the midfield, which will enable Bowey to take his spot in defence.
  2. Again, I'm with #PositiveBinners on this one. Fatigue is playing a factor in our ability to contest in the air and on the ground, so the question becomes do you change your system to combat fatigue? Or, do you try to do what Geelong always tries to do mid season and get as many wins as you can at sub optimal performance, to ensure you're in a strong position in the finals race? The difference between us and them is whether their brand stacks up come finals time. This is what Geelong haven't been able to grapple with thus far. Their brand gets them top 4 every year, but then gets them nowhere in finals. Richmond were similar to us in this respect. Its high intensity saw them flip flop a bit during the H&A season, but they blew away teams come the pointy end. Just as we did last year. Our brand is built for finals and is most effective when we're as fit as possible (see Rounds 1-10). So the plan would be to get as many early wins on the board as possible and then load up for optimal performance in the last 2-3 weeks of the year (finals). We've got ourselves in a good position that in some years would already have guaranteed us top 4, but due to the closeness of the top 6, we're on a knife's edge between top 4 and finishing outside. We beat Brisbane and all of a sudden these comments around predictability seem ridiculous. Equally, if we lose, people will hold it up as the reason for missing top 4. If we miss top 4, it will be due to the difficulty of the draw and our inability to run out games, which has cost us at least 3 or 4 wins.
  3. The question then becomes when would you like this change? I'd prefer we don't show our hand until an elimination or qualifying final. Not saying we will change things up, but if we did, there's not a whole lot of use trying it in Round 23.
  4. Might be more gettable if Clarkson doesn't go to North too, but it'd cost us. Larkey would be my number one target, outside of Ben King.
  5. This was a terrific thread early on, but it seems to have descended into people complaining about our predictability. I don't really care whether you find it frustrating or too predictable. As @binman said on the podcast on Monday, these are percentage plays. As a result of this predictability, we're third. Our players need to win contests. That's what our game is based on. The predictability puts the onus on our players to get the job done.
  6. Odd mate because Viney seems to connect with far less players than Max. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same vis a vis Lever.
  7. Nah, sorry, you can't put it out there (like Collingwood allegedly have) that they'd be willing to pay a significant chunk of Grundy's salary moving forward, up to $300k pa, and then expect to have a leverage position at all. That's out the window. It's a salary cap dump.
  8. IMV we need another natural crumber to compliment Kozzy. Is Bruest that player though? He's certainly crafty.
  9. Our next captain. By quite a way IMO.
  10. I think Gus needs to play to his limitations a little bit more to be more damaging. I thought his game was one of the most ineffectual 38 possession 10+ clearance games you'll see, because most of the time he won clearances, he would try a dinky little pass ahead of the ball. I'd much prefer him go long from clearance and get it deep quickly. He is a penetrating kick on either side of his body, but he's an ordinary kick between 15-35m IMO. This is where he usually turns it over. He's a smart player and courageous, so he needs to go long quickly from clearance and it'll give our forwards a better chance and he'll have far more impact on the game.
  11. What a glowing reception this thread has received. And rightly so.
  12. He had much better depth on his kicking (either foot) that year too. I think we need to continue to play him closer to goal, because he struggles when it's further out than 35m-40m these days, which is a shame, because he was a beautiful set shot in 2018.
  13. To be fair to Benny Brown, his arms are chopped at almost every contest and it's never/very rarely paid.
  14. IMO with two minutes to go our season was over and then we pulled it out of the fire. We went from 6th to 2nd in two minutes. I haven't watched Goody's presser yet, but it should fascinating.
  15. I think May won a single contest for the night. We look vulnerable in the air and on the ground defensively. I wonder if the way we're asking the likes of Max and BB to play is finally taking its toll on their bodies. To sit under balls in big contests 5-10 times a quarter. Our mids gambled too often and were done out the back. Our forwards and mids didn't put enough pressure on to rush Carlton and bring interceptors into play. The first half was better, but then we weren't clean when we went forward. We got out of jail which is wonderful, but we look cooked to me.
  16. Naughton is a star and would suit our system perfectly. I hope it's more than a mere pipe dream.
  17. I disagree that we don't switch. We do look to switch, but if it's not on, we go long down the line.
  18. When you say 3 or 4 mate, who is the 4th we're referring to? North, Bulldogs, St Kilda and?
  19. Gil is a Saints man isn't he? Doubt he wants his club to go to Tassie.
  20. Pittonet kills Max as a rule.
  21. I'm sure some will laugh, I actually think we left a few tricks off the table the other night in preparation for the finals and should have won either way. Playing the zone deeper from kick outs is one and allowing them to chip the ball around in D50. We wouldn't allow that in a final.
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