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  1. You missed Lever's renegotiated contract earlier in the year. Then there was Petracca's long term deal, which you would assume would be for less money in exchange for more years. The club has been repositioning its TPP for 2022 all year.
  2. Had the place had a building permit, we'd have got a lot more from this, likely north of 30 mill. But if the club is happy, I'm happy.
  3. Further on this point, Salem plays a sweeper role, whereas Bowey can sweep, but usually uses his leg speed to break away off half back. He usually takes hand ball receives. Bowey also adds legspeed to our back 6/7 that we miss without Hunt, but provides elite ball use and decision-making. I really think Hunt could be on the outer from here onwards.
  4. Interesting and as has been wondered on this thread, I wonder who instigated this or was it potentially even mutual? The club has something up its sleeve RE Cerra and I'm not saying Melksham is it, but I'd expect a few more surprises in the coming weeks I reckon.
  5. Completely disagree with this. Providing he maintains good contested work, he's a perfect addition alongside Salem. You've got to stop both of them. Given where we've come from, having good ball users everywhere is quite an incredible defensive build. Lever, May, Petty, Salem, Bowey, Rivers and Hibberd are all reliable kicks. Such a change.
  6. Fair enough. Each to their own mate. I think Hibberd, if he goes on, will be on the fringes, as will Hunt and Smith. It may also be a horses for courses thing, but we also have to remember that we've been blessed by a distinct lack of long term injury (except for Tomlinson). So all these guys will likely be needed in the mix over 23 rounds.
  7. He might be thrown there if we're completely out of options, just as May was last year during the Freo game, but I can't see it being a long term solution. And Tomlinson will very likely play back next year, alongside May, Petty and Lever. My back 7 would be: May - Tomlinson - Lever Salem - Petty - Bowey Rivers If a lockdown player in Hibberd's role is needed, they'll be competing for Rivers' spot. Or as @rjay says below, May can play this role. Rivers on the other hand could find himself in the midfield mix next year.
  8. Tom McDonald and Harrison Petty are completely different footballers. McDonald's move forward was last chance saloon because he was doing as you say, spraying the ball all over the place. Conversely, Petty is holding down a key back position and doing a very good job in the best defence in AFL history. Apples and oranges. He won't be moving.
  9. Yep, completely agree. Petty is a natural intercept defender. He won't and shouldn't be playing forward. That constant suggestion is ridiculous.
  10. As the coaches said on 360 on Monday night, it's pretty much impossible to have closed sessions these days. So it'll be on public display. When we do get to train on Optus, we'll likely do anything we want to keep secret there.
  11. Thanks for staying loyal, Jonesy and congrats on an incredible career.
  12. RE Bailey Smith, he's all offence and no defence. Very much like most of their midfield (minus Libba). I like @Dwight Schrute's match up of Harmes to Smith. He'll negate his offensive influence and then exploit him going the other way. I think the North Smith will likely come from an unusual source. We shall see.
  13. Honesty? He did commit to us and then change his mind. Not sure he's one for honesty. Or perhaps he's feeling bad about that one...
  14. He's definitely a Richmond supporter. Has regularly said it.
  15. To me it actually looks like the horns formation. Cover offensive and defensive side of the contest and then cover the wing exit with Langdon, but leave enough space at the wing exit if we win it to run out of there. Conversely, Langdon would know to cover this dangerous space at the back of the stoppage. Certainly for a rushed kicked or slap into that space. But the horns could also signify the defensive set up across half back, because if you look at the 5 match ups there, they kind of look like horns. Haha, am I reaching?
  16. It's the set up, is it not? This is the play directly after the hand signal...
  17. I think Viney's the sort of player that can go head to head with a Libba around stoppages, but if Libba moves to half forward, one, they lose his influence around stoppages, and two, Sparrow can go to him at half back, leaving Viney as the defensive mid in the stoppage. I reckon we've got the right midfield balance at the moment to deal with them. Harmes and Sparrow as defensive mids, Oliver and Petracca as the offensive mids, and Viney covering both bases.
  18. Don't mind the Smith to Naughton move, but disagree on the Hunt for Rivers. Could see Hunt as the sub though, provided he's absolutely fit. Think they might go with Petty to Naughton though. Smith also has no defensive game as evidenced by their losses at the back end of the season. He's all offence around stoppages. Think this is a really good match up, mate. So he keeps Smith honest offensively and then stretches him on the rebound. I like it.
  19. I'd be tempted to play Smith as medi sub. Then if a forward or a back goes down he could step in. Not a great option though, I'll admit. I don't trust either of them. We may actually not need the extra tall if May goes down. Petty to Naughton, Lever on Schache or even Hibbo on Schache or Gawn in slow plays. Not ideal of course, but you roll with the punches.
  20. I just don't trust him, mate. His kicking between the arcs is still very hit and miss.
  21. This is a good point about Smith and his recent hammy, because I was thinking he'd be the best medi sub for flexibility, but maybe Hunt offers the most flexibility? You'd hate to lose May to a hammy and then sub on Smith who then tears one too, and be down man.
  22. I wonder if they'll park Max on someone like Schache so he can intercept, and also free up Lever. He basically played on Hawkins in the slow plays the other night.
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