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  1. I think Carlton are a big danger in 2023. If we look at their 2022 versus our 2017, missing at the death like that spurred us to a preliminary final in 2018. Huge pro Melbourme crowds in the first two finals clearly helped. Carlton would have a similar set up when they next make finals. If they get a good run with injury and improve their fitness, they could go all the way. I hope I'm hopelessly wide of the mark.
  2. Petracca, surely you need Trac and not Gus in your profile picture?
  3. Devo if this happens. Our greatest player by a long way IMO. Apologies to Daisy.
  4. It's funny. As soon as his name was called out and they were playing his highlights, I said to myself, that's Charlie Curnow. Shifter then came on and said he plays like the King Brothers (not something that I really see) and then Jefferson comes on and says he compares himself to Charlie Curnow. When you've got that x factor in the air, it can compensate for a lack of physicality at ground level IMO.
  5. I much prefer Fordy as a nickname for him.
  6. He plays like Charlie Curnow to me. Has the leap, strong hands, is a few centimetres taller than Curnow. If he turns out half as exciting, he'll be another JT special. Just needs to add 15-20kgs.
  7. None of them are good enough though. There's a reason we took Kozzy in the first round.
  8. I saw Cal say somewhere earlier that one of the players plays like Weightman / Papley. Does anyone know who he was talking about, please? Another small x factor forward to complement Kozzy would be very high on my list.
  9. How would that play out? No way we're able to flip two late future firsts for a top 10 pick. I like this idea of a top 5 pick and a start of second round early 20s pick for our three firsts.
  10. I love the aggressive trading and I love that we seem to have put out there a net of at least 5 or 6 players "Melbourne are really interested in" to keep everyone guessing.
  11. Actually teared up when we won. What a brilliant effort. And great that Daisy probably fair wells with a flag, ala Crawford. The way the board have run elections the last two years has soured my view of them considerably. However, we've now ticked off flags for both men and women's teams on that red and blue print released 2 years ago. 70,000 members is the next goal and we need the base sorted by 2024. They'll ultimately be judged by whether they deliver the whole package. Let's see how they go. Go redlegs! ❤
  12. Agreed, although I do like Liam Neeson.
  13. Speaking of head scratchers, they really didn't need to remake The Naked Gun franchise, and with Liam Neeson. I'm guessing you're like me and very suspect of the move?
  14. There's something weirdly toxic about thet photo, but maybe it's just that Moloney always seemed like a muppet to me and it's clouding my judgement.
  15. Were the shorter terms not put forward by Deemocracy in the first place? The idea that it might take a new board member a few terms to get things running is a pathetic excuse and wouldn't wash in the public or private sector. You keep saying this. It's painfully obvious you have an agenda here though. I don't like that it's gone to court, but what's the solution? From Deemocracy's position, do nothing and waste an opportunity to update the constitution? I couldn't give a stuff about the constitution tbh, although I would like our club to be exploring best practice solutions, which they're clearly not. But I also don't like being told who to vote for in board elections, and this board has done that twice now. It reeks. I want board stability, but I also dread the maintenance of status quo for status quos sake. Stability doesn't necessarily mean keeping the same people on the board. We surely want the best people for the composition of the board. Keeping a closed shop with an unwillingness to let democratic process play out (vis a vis board elections) doesn't sit right with me.
  16. Let me rephrase that. Some attributes are valued more highly than others.
  17. You sound like a libertarian. The type of person that is paranoid about everything. It's not your bank account, it's your email address. Get a grip.
  18. You're either good enough or you're not.
  19. Utterly bizarre why some are getting their knickers in a knot. You're not that important. Just delete the email or throw the letter out. It's really not a big deal. But some like to complain just to complain. Just delete the email, hero.
  20. Yep, kitchen sink dramas. One of my favourite films, Short Cuts, is based on a collection of Carver's short stories. The Australian film Jindabyne by Ray Lawrence, also a good film, is based on one of the same short stories used in Short Cuts. I love Carver. What's he got to do with Brett Ratten Sacked by the Saints?
  21. Life membership is one thing. This is a thread about rings mate. Given how you used to bang on about Schwab, surely you see the parallels?
  22. Completely agree with your OP @old55. If true, this is a ridiculous, potentially culture-undermining move that evokes the bad old days of Cameron Schwab and those nuffy blazers, except it has the additional factor of splitting the playing group. I wonder what Goody and co in the FD think of this. You've got one part of the footy club trying to create a team first, all of us approach and culture, and then you've allegedly got a nuffy board handing out rings. Maybe the board should be kicked in the ring?
  23. A productivity deficit maybe mate? Not sure Sophie Lee would see government spending outstrip taxation. Strange metaphor, but I like it!
  24. Is that a Dutch chef?
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